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I was doing really well last week. I managed to eat at a deficit every day and I stayed away from booze and weed. Then I went to a party on Saturday and have been on a non-stop bender of junk food, weed, stims, and alcohol since. Damnit me


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Be me.
Do 1.2 hrs cardio. Burn 1100 cals

Waste it by eating donair.

Just kill me now.


>qts starting to compliment my weight loss

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Sounds familia

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I've given up for months now and have been at 250lbs for like 5 months straight

Get to 248lbs and in a week or so, hit back up to 250-252lbs

Just passed from obese bmi to overweight bmi in the last week or so and yesterday my mom told me to stop losing weight because I'm too skinny and am looking unhealthy.

It's no fucking wonder I've been fat my whole life with retarded parents like this

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cardio is for heart gains user. it wasnt wasted. eating too much was a mistake though.

Been a good boy for 6 weeks while my parents were away in an empty house where I controlled what food came in. Now my parents are back and the real fight for self control will begin.

I will constantly be offered alcohol, sweets and extra food and made fun of for not partaking. There will also be a full fridge and bread cupboard. Wish me luck anons. I really don't want to undo my progress and it will be difficult.

congrats user. you should be proud that you're no longer obese. that said, your arms are like twigs user you should lift

I don't want to be big, I want to be small...

Gorillas aren't welcome on this board

Where did you get 1100 cals from? Pretty much anything tracking calories automatically is going to be a shot in the dark. Unless you somehow managed to ran like 11 miles in an hour you didn't burn 1100 calories.

The rule of thumb is about 100 calories per mile, maybe 150 if you're still a fat fuck.

losing weight when you live and eat with a fatass can be super hard. my roommate recently came back in town and its been "you wanna get dinner at Panda? you wanna order pizza? I'm going to jack in the box, you want anything?" and if I want to say no I have to think of something for him to eat too because we almost always eat together. I need to be more willing to make myself food while he goes out or make food I know he wont be intrested in.

I know KFC is actually poison but I'm hungry.
I ate 3800 calories in fast food yesterday easily.

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Ever since Christmas I've been slacking on my diet and ate like crap whenever I would hang out with my friends. I got set back a bit but I'm still on track. All because I listened my inner fatty that said it will be okay to binge since you made so much progress

I'm actually going to make it guys, I'm going to be a healthy weight with a nice body while most of the population becomes even more obese. I can't wait.

its a good feeling. we're gonna make it brahs


I don't understand, what was confusing about my statement?

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>Morbidly Obese

IM DONE. How fast can my fatass actually lose weight? I hate it AHHHHHHHHHH

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ate an entire bag of sour patch kids while high last night and now my mouth is fucked up

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6'3 230 lbs. Is it possible for me to get down to 200 by july? Ive been eating 1200-1500 cals a day for a 2 weeks and hit the gym 4 days a week.


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you could do it by june

ya u can do 30 in 2 months from that weight if u go down to ~600 kcal/day and take EC stack

source: i did that last year

I'm a brainlet, I meant to type 2800. It's still terrible, though.

Good feeling, it's funny going out in public and seeing all the fat people.

>tfw weight more because I increased my lifts
It's an abstract kind of feel.

I fucked up my diet big time this weekend at my parents'
Too many snacks, candies and fattening food.
I also went to sleep yesterday 5 am and missed my gym schedule and college class today.

At least im trying to fix it. I went to the gym during the evening, and besides my usual routine, i also did almost 2 hours of LISS.
I was also tasked to buy some easter chocolate for family and friends. I spend an hour at a fine chocolates store and bought nothing to myself.

weighing 210 lbs @ 5'11"
>inb4 manlet, I get it

should I reduce my weight before starting calisthenics, to avoid injuring my joints?

Went from a year abroad to go back home to Scandinavia. When I was shopping yesterday, I realized that my usual diet is like twice as expensive here as it was in Australia. Fucking insane.

Make the cardio a habit, and the donair an occastion and boom, prolem solved.

Fatties burn more calories with exercise, its the truth. 100 cal per mile is for someone 180... lots of people are twice that, or close.

500 cal daily deficit, 1lb per week
1000 cal daily deficit, 2lb per week.

eat less

>fat guy in class drinking diet coke
>fat girl eating a sandwich with sugary drink
>she gets a bag of chips an hour and a half later
>cute but kind of chubby girl gets 2 bags of chips
>milktruck drinking sugary drink with chips
Now I see what people mean by "health nuts." I can't stop thinking about the calories they must be consuming.

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Same here. Eating like shit for the holidays spilled right through to St. Patty's Day. The other day I went through my diary on MFP and discovered I've only been following my healthy diet ~50% of the time for the past few months. The last time I weighed in was the middle of February, and I somehow managed to hit an all time low of 238. I've been too nervous to weigh in lately due to eating like shit half the time. I'm gonna stay 100% on track for the next month, then weigh in. Hopefully less than before. Spring is coming as well, so I'll be able to get back into my daily bike ride. I notice a major increase in weightloss when I do regular cardio

i fasted for 4 days and lost 13 pounds then i broke it with a bagel. im fucking pissed at myself

I can clear 4000 in a single sitting easily with a large pizza and container of ice cream. I've been on the weightloss wagon for a year and lost over 100lbs so far. But the fatty within is alive and well.

>spring and summer are just around the corner
Got a new bike and can't fucking wait. Gonna give my heart the treatment it deserves

>a large pizza and container of ice cream
>4000 kcal
Maybe your local large pizza is different from mine, and ice cream has many container sizes, but for me that's a 6k-8k kcal meal, not a 4k one

I gained over 100lbs in 3 months..
Didn't know that was even possible

Currently on a 2500cal a day diet and losing 2lbs a week. I do 0 cardio and sit at a desk all day.

This is going too slow for me. Should I drop my cals further or start going on easy hikes? (its the only kind of cardio i like)

yes go for hikes but 2lbs per week is respectable and I wouldn't shoot for significantly more.

I'm 25 carbs over today from drinking ovultine. I had two cheat days in the past week, one because my dad came into town, one because my aunt's birthday.

You can do better. My personal record of loss is 1.5 to 2 kg week, which is a bit more than 3-4 lbs per week
You can definitely do less than 2500kcal
Try intermittent fasting and OMAD if you wish
You should DEFINITELY try to add exercises in your routine.

Been feeling like shit, Just watched vid related. Feeling pumped to workout tomorrow.

I've been ignoring weights
I've been mostly doing cardio this year (lost 35lbs) but most people here tell me to stop it and just start lifting. The thing is I don't even know if the lifting is working at all. Every time I deadlift, bench press, row, etc, it just feels like a waste of time. I get tired way too quickly doing those kinds of things. I last longer running and it makes my heart beat faster.
How can I tell if weight lifting is working and how long do I need to do it a day to get results? I lifted for a month and got no gains.

Is it possible to lose 10lbs a month? Is it safe or should I aim to lose a little less? some places online says it isnt safe or some shit


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Yes, especially since you're a fuck fat.However, you might end up with more loose skin if you go fast.
t.lost 41 pounds since mid december

Quite possible if you are fat enough and motivated enough.
Pic was from aiming for 15k steps per day and 1200 to 1500 calories per day.
Haven't been doing well since about Christmas but still losing :)

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Cool rug, but where are you in this pic?

user how are your kidneys?
you could only gain that weight in fluid, go to the doctor user you could have kidney failure.

Damn dude well done. Im ~240lbs at 6'2 trying to get to 180 end of year.

What was your starting weight? I fear the getting loose skin as well.

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You can lift and do cardio together, you know. Even on the same days if you are a fatass and still have results. Dont fall for the cardio kill gains meme, it only really happen at peak muscle levels (because just like fat, it's easier to lose muscle when you have too much of it). 90% of fit could donsome extra cardio without problem.

Dont your gym has some trainer? Ask him your questions. Ask him a routine.

I started at 274 at 6'2 and I'm not at the point where loose skin is noticeable, but when I touch certain parts of my stomach and legs some skin is baggy but feels empty. My biggest was 285 which is nothing compared to some people in this thread, so hopefully the loose skin isn't too bad.

that's big dude, overweight->normal bmi will come super quick if you keep at it

fine i think..i dont go to the doctor but i dont drink or anything

Most places take 68kg "fat" girls as standard. Losing lots and lots of fat when you are a fatass is perfectly possible and very healthy.
Anyone over 240lb should be able to lose almost 20 lbs per month.

I know I can do both but I just hate the pain I get from lifting with zero rewards. I don't know what I'm doing wrong because before every work out I would study proper form for everything I planned on doing. I've been lifting on and off for two years. I still can only bench press like 100lbs.
I go to a small gym (anytime fitness) and I never see the employees ever.

Ive been eating shit the past week, feel like shit, crashed my car and cant get to the gym, and cant get back in the groove of things.

I don't want to scare you, but i agree with the other user.
If you weren't exaggerating, 100lbs in 3 months is way way way too much.
Unless your diet for those 3 months consisted ENTIRELY of binging ice cream, chocolate and fast food, that weight increase is unlikely without a kidney or liver problem.

Now, im not the most reliable source, but i also went to the gym for almost 2 years when i was young, i don't think i ever broke past 100-110lbs either.
I think that you need to be bulking to get gains past that, and given that i started as a fatass, i was in perma cutting. I never quite got to my desired weight.

Then i got lazy, stopped going and gained 100lbs over 5 years.
Moral of the story: dont stop, even if you think its not helping, lest you end up like me.

>was craving KFC earlier
>now craving Oreos
When will it end?

Bought two bags of chips and have been too lazy to do anything other than push ups. Weight is down 1-2kg but I feel like it's just luck.

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>5 foot 7
>308 pounds

I decided the other day I'm gonna make it, bros.

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congrats man, start slow if you have to, one day at a time. once you're on a roll it'll be easy going

best decision you'll ever make

You guys should reward yourselves for trying to lose weight. Go get a snack. I bet you want some cookies you fat fucks

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This been happening to me too.

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if I lose 100 lbs am I gonna have gross loose skin? Is there any way to fix that once i happens?


is it safe to go beyond this? Like can I do 2000 cal deficit and lose 4 lbs?

I'm stuck at the 190 range, for some reason I can't get lower than. I already increased my workout routine and even started becoming a bit more active in my general life.

Will going full vegan for a while help me get pass this? I don't want to lose muscle mass but I'm thinking about during pure cardio to loss weight faster.

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Any advice for a tall boi on avoiding leg pains the day after squats and deadlifts, my thighs have been hurting so fuckin bad the last 2 days after i started back at the gym for first time in a month.

I’m fasting from an hour ago until Easter lunch.


This. Idk why I'm suddenly paying so much attention at what other people eat and getting so judgemental. I see random fat people walking on the street with snacks or a pepsi and I feel like punching them in the face

I do as well. I read the Reddit Fat Logic forum, Voat FPH forum, and FPH every day here to help me to stay motivated.

I’m still a fat fuck at 6’ 230 lbs but I’ve lost almost fifty lbs in a little less than three months. My goal is 180 by Christmas.

I noice fat people constantly now and judge them. What they eat and drink. What they are wearing. Etc.

I work for a non profit and was doing fund raising at a Wal Mart the other day. I noticed fat fun scooty puffs all day long. Rarely saw a truly disabled person on one. Judged the fuck out of those people. I think I may have a problem.

You won't know until you get there. But take your gelatin to get yourself some collagen.

After at least a week of struggling and overeating I finally successfully stayed under my calorie limit today while still feeling satisfied the whole day. Morning fasting was mildly difficult but not bad.

Here's what I ate:
Lunch (391 cal)
Asparagus, 10 spears, cooked in 1 tbsp olive oil
Turkey Breast, 5 oz

Dinner (365 cal)
Turkey Breast, 3 oz
Small romaine lettuce salad with less than 1.0 tbsp feta dressing, 2 tbsp sliced almonds, 1 slice havarti cheese

Smoothie snack (412 cal)
1 Banana, 8 oz
half an avocado
1 tbsp skippy peanut butter
1/4th cup flax milk

For a total of 1,169 calories.

Trying hard to measure out and actually weigh things so I can understand portion size better. Tomorrow I have a lot of broccoli I can cook up.

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My friend, don't you at least want some definition?

I'm fucking myself over. 1200 calories over the week and I end up binging on weekends. Somehow I manage to lose weight but I know this will bite me in the ass in the long run. Working out Monday through Friday doesn't justify it either. Help me plz.

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Drink lots of water to fill stomach at all times.

Eat more. Im 200 lbs and losing weight on a 2,000 calorie diet. I don't feel the need to binge because I eat enough for it to be sustainable.

Just give up, it's clearly not worth it.

This is possibly the best fatjack I've ever seen.

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Your diet is probably shit, isn't it? The 180-190 range is where I got stuck. Lifts continued to increase slightly but my fat stayed about where it was at. I also never did any cardio.

Start doing both. I just barely started diet and cardio a few weeks ago and I feel like my lifts are actually going up. Stomach fat noticeably smaller, but probably water weight. Have been eating chicken salads every day, chicken and rice at night, with veggies, oats, eggs, and cottage cheese as snacks, and only drinking water/protein shakes. I feel like I have a lot more energy than when I was eating pizza and hotdogs and shit on the excuse that I was bulking.

Also, cardio is huge. I started biking every day and my lifts have been going up. I notice I can workout with a way higher intensity. I didn't realize how fucking shit my endurance was and lifting doesn't increase it much. Since I have more energy I feel like I can do a lot more heavy sets back to back and every workout has just felt amazing since I started. Only down to around 182, immediately lost like 5 lbs of waterweight and and slowly losing a bit per day with a caloric deficit. I also have been still consuming ~1g protein/lb.

I cut out all fast food, and all sodas. And I'm trying to eat 3 times a day. I went for so long eating one quick fast food meal every day because of my busy schedule, so I don't eat a lot I just eat shit and my body takes it all in because that's what I gave it.

I've been getting chicken caesar salads for lunch at Costco and eating half there, half for a snack later. Everything else costco sells is complete trash. Hotdogs, Pizza, Chicken bakes, greasy turkey and provolone delicious sandwiches, churros, icecream, etc.

I just go in, get my salad, get a bottle of water. Chow down and people watch. So far I've only seen one other dude eating a salad in the few weeks I've been doing this.

I get so much inner pleasure out of judgmentally watching everyone else with their pizza and hotdogs and icecream. Not sure why, but it feels good. The moral superiority in itself is motivating.

Maybe I'm just an asshole who likes to feel better than people though.

My BMR is 1,571 and I can't easily do most workouts because of a shitty back injury.

yeah bro how tall are you and what do you weigh? Unless you're a midget you should be eating way more than that. You're on like a starvation diet and will lose muscle mass. If you wanna be extreme do like a 500 calorie deficit to maintain your gainz

accidentally 3613 of kcal

humiliate me
taking orders
mache alles

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then u di


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Whats wrong with around 1200? Im not that guy but I eat pretty similar to that guy. Im pretty overweight as fuck though. I mean I figure im so fat its not like im going to die.

>scale showed 208lbs three weeks ago
>scale showed 204lbs two weeks ago but this was after the battery died and I replaced it so figured there was something off about it
>scale showed 207lbs last week, confirming the above
>check now, just four days later
>scale showed 202lb
Fucking electric scales.

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>tfw will never be attractive
>fucked myself for life by becoming obese
>even if I work out and lose the weight I'll still have excess skin flabbing about and look ugly shirtless
>won't look good until I'm probably 26 or so, at which I'm too old to date attractive women

is my life over? Is it even worth losing all the weight? Why am I so fucking stupid?

shave your body hair off, put on japanese schoolgirl cosplay (xxxxxl) and do 200 push ups on can for me. then flash your butt and penis in a feminine way.

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Yes once you hit 26 your life is over. kys.