All I wear

All I wear
>Brioni bespoke black cashmere sweater
>Brioni bespoke wool trousers
>Brioni bespoke black ribbed cashmere socks
>Calvin Klein boxer briefs
>Gucci horsebit loafers
>Creed Aventus cologne
>Rayban sunglasses

All I eat
>grass fed beef
>organic poultry
>organic veggies
>fiji water

All I do
>trade stocks and crypto
>occult research

All I fuck
>brown girls
>ebony girls
>latina girls

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Being this branded
>Niggertype new money detected

Nigga all you do is poorly roleplay on Veeky Forums.

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>spending all the money and effort to eat well
>still ruining health and disrupting hormones with cologne and Fiji

but aside from that, good job

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>literally who
Nigger I'm not gay, how do you expect me to know those brands?

>all these expensive clothing items
>somewhat cheap calvin klein underwear
larping faggot, at least go all out

all that effort and still can't fuck a white girl lmao

Brioni makes the suits for James bond, I think it's a meme but it's expensive so it must be nice! Lol

>Creed Aventus cologne
its shit, or you are atleast 60 years old, no one under the age of 40 should even come near creed

But are your almonds activated?

fiji water is a mineral water you retard

All I wear
>Yo' bitches puzzy on muh dick

All I eat
>Yo' bitches pussy

All I do
>Fuckin' on yo' bitch, she a thot

All I fuck
>Yo' bitch.

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>he larps as Chad on a Laotian synchronised swimming enthusiasts forum

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>>brown girls
>>ebony girls
What's the distinction?

>brown girls
indian, muslims, persians, meds, north africans

>ebony girls
mixed girls, black girls, aussies

Buying expensive clothes does not give you value. Value only exists- subjectivities like fashion are falsehoods in disguise. There is only the biological imperative

>Just look at this ebony goddess

Nigga what kind of blade runner shithole do you live where you have access to indian, muslims, persians, meds, north africans, mixed girls and why did you count black girls twice

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it's artesian, you retard, and it is processed and bottled in plastics

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I can't imagine how sad it would be for someone who actually lived like this to brag about it on a Korean basketweaving forum

dont ever reply to me again

My business partner here is asking the right questions


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>almonds aren't even activated
>poorfag confirmed

Is this nigga fuckin abos?

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>Aboriginals in london


Stupid niggers larping

Brown girls are the best when they're actually hot. They get my colonialist instincts jiving. Personality wise, they're kind of bitchy though.