Tfw lookism made your self-esteem take a nosedive

>tfw lookism made your self-esteem take a nosedive
>tfw everyday not having an 8/10 face, non-receding hairline and being over 6 feet is killing me
>tfw seriously considering killing myself, can't find a reason to live when all I'm doing is just being a reference point so Chad can be considered attractive and me ugly until I die and the superior genetics pass on
How I get over this Veeky Forums? It's fucking ingrained in my head. I can't keep going on like this. Everytime I go lifting I feel good then realize I'm just coping because I'm a subhuman ugly manlet, and that the only reason a woman could geniunely want me is my money.
Is it just over for me? I don't even want to be one of those "confident alpha manlets", I just want to wake up with an 8/10 face and be happy that at least I'm not ugly.

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say what now?

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guy has money/is lucky
all I want is getting laid consistently, that guy probably got laid like once am onth

I'm a virgin and I'm having confidence problems due to my dick size, I've been getting mired but I'm afraid that girls will say something about my dick, it's 5.5 inches.

also probably has a good face anyways
FACE > bodyfat
a good looking guy will look good even if he's fat

Just be the best version of yourself you can be user
What else can anyone do?

get off fit you absolute spastic. it's doing your head in.

what's the point though? I'm already the "best" version of myself. I can't change my face. Social skills and all that shit is pure cope, you can literally get away with anything if you're 8+/10

Do what you can with what you have.

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Pop off James

I honestly would rather kill myself. I don't even want to have kids, something that would keep me alive, because I don't want to pass on my shitty genes and fuck my son up forever too. Not to mention you also pass on mental issues, fuck that shit. Nobody deserves that.

>social skills are cope
T zero social skills

Why is being 8/10 so important

>just have good social skills bruh!!!!
Not to mention it's already impossible to achieve social skill themselves when nobody wants to talk to you when you're ugly. CHAD didn't even need to practice social skills, people just came to him and the social skills came naturallly.

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Become Catholic.

Why the fuck would I believe in a """benevolent""" God that made an effort to make me a subhuman ugly motherfucker? Are you fucking serious? The last thing I want is to worship the guy that made me ugly. Fuck that shit.

just be first theory

Lookism made me do something about my hairloss and it brutally blackedpilled me on aging. After 5 years on Veeky Forums I swore I would never ever inject but now when I realized how over it is for me I'm starting testosterone in 1,5 months. T-thanks RealRob


I'm blackpilled as fuck as well OP. It's tough. But it is consistent with my life. I've never had any attention from women ever.

Everybody has a cross they carry. You can pick yours up and join your brothers and sisters in Christ, get a loving traditional wife and eventually adopt if you're so adamant about not passing your genes on, or you can commit suicide and
>harm everybody around you
>spend the rest of time in hell
>be a weak pathetic fuck on top of being a subhuman ugly motherfucker
>be without your honour and virtue

keep coping buddy boyo

God loves you.

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nice projection retard

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You know what you have to do. Quit lookism and quit Veeky Forums if you need. At least take a pause, reflect on how manipulable you are and get a little aloof

I could quit lookism but I will remain blackpilled so what's the point? The only way out is fixing my shitty life so that I won't even have time to visit those sites because I will be busy doing other things. Need to fix my brain first tho...

>buddy boyo

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What is fucking wrong with you. You sound like a little bitxh. Stop fucking moaning about everything.

>I don't want to spread muh inferior genes
If you faggot think like this, you can't drop any more lower mentally. Spreading your genes is your greatest inner primal purpose. You are degrading yourself, holding yourself in some lookism bubble. What the fuck like I can't comprehend my nigga. Be a fucking man, be proud of your genes, even if they are average or even piss poor. That's when you own it, not when you're being manipulated by som lookism fags, which most of them are worse incels than you

Some time passes by and you will feel better, believe me. Some hard blackpills are trully carved into your brain, but their seriousness. And you giving a shit about them will fade away.

>Everybody has a cross they carry.
LMAO, I'm sure CHAD carries a cross.
>get a loving traditional wife
Literally a needle in a haystack, and that's being generous.
>eventually adopt
>literally being a cuck

regarding the rest
>>harm everybody around you
Only one I agree with, and the only reason I haven't done it yet.
>>spend the rest of time in hell
>hell exists
>>be a weak pathetic fuck on top of being a subhuman ugly motherfucker
I'll be dead so it doesn't matter.
>>be without your honour and virtue
What the fuck is this, the middle age?

what looks/nt/lifemaxxes have you tried?

None other than lifting. And even then I rarely lift anymore because all I care about is my face anyways, height second (another thing that lifting won't change)
Also surgery rarely makes you look better unless you're deformed, nothing can fix an actually UGLY bone structure. Not deformed, UGLY. Simply inferior.

Roids+neck pill can make a difference on your face. You should try that before you kys. Not like you have anything to lose anyway

Been in the same boat but I'm actually ugly like 4/10 face, I just stopped trying with women like I talk to them but never in order to hook up, concentrate in my career, health & fitness, if I go to a bar with friends I just have a laugh and drink and so on.

get off 4 chan. meditate. improve

honestly dude your fucked, i feel literally the exact same way
its pretty much like says but without positive reinforcement, accept you are a failure and wallow in it or change your attitude, doesn't really matter because if you believe your "condition" to be an objective truth then there isnt shit u can do about it

Post face, you might be delusional.

OP, your bitching in this thread is absolutely pathetic. Your forebears battled freezing winters, wars, disease and the uncertainty of conquering new lands so that you could stand here on this Earth today, and you're going to quit just because you don't look like a model?

Imagine, centuries ago, beyond the point where your lineage can be traced, a man fought and died defending his homeland from invaders. His final thought as his blood seeped away into the cold earth was to defend his home and his family, so that his sons may carry on in his stead.

Imagine if that man could see you today, the product of his noble sacrifice, whining and complaining about his face, his height, whatever other useless excuses you conjure up.

Get in the fucking gym, Veeky Forums, and lift. If you have a 4/10 face, lift. If you're 5ft6, lift. To die without reaching your potential as a man on this earth is to spit in the faces of those who toiled before you.

Get in the gym, Veeky Forums. They're watching.

Take some time from your selfishness to realize ur a male it 1000x worse for female's.

End yourself coward. We were brought here to suffer

>not be fat
Literally all females have to do, doesn't even fucking matter if they're ugly because someone somewhere will love them

That's completely untrue. There's tons of chubby chasers out there that would still love a fat chick.

Maybe OP should develop a BBW fetish instead of being such a colossal faggot

>waaaaaaa i dont look like a male model!!

kys pussy

I kind of want to post my face to see how it compare to yours.
Mine is also chad-face but pimples and a lack of social awareness make it difficult.

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