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I want to upgrade my gym bag from my backpack to something a big more convenient and user friendly. I go to the gym in the morning and will have to shower and change for work there.

any recommendations? Thanks I really appreciate it.

Here is a fancy but maybe impractical bag to start things off with.

your avg Veeky Forumsizen

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a more normal bag

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A more suitable bag for you

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Herschel makes garbage.

so many bags lol

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get one of those sewn together ikea duffle bags

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Am I weird for using an old backpack?

all have the mentality of women who want to show over their fashion sense instead of lift.

>a Nike sports duffle
>literally made for going to the gym
Are you retarded?

Literally don't have enough space in a backpack for all my shit, dyel

>running shoes
>foam roller

Army navy store, pick up a plain ass black or green duffel for 12 bucks

post a picture
water fountain/hands
>running shoes
lol cardio
>foam roller
foam rolling at the gym is just as bad as doing body weight exercises at the gym
crutch equip for ego lifters.
Strengthen you grip, pussy
You don't need to bring your fucking closet with you.

Didn't mean to include you in that post. You're fine.

Oh good a purse thread.

Yeah, you definitely lift less than 1/2/3/4, not worth the energy for an actual response. Kill yourself, ugly fuck

unless you're >15mins from gym, just do band warmups and foam roll at home my dude

Side pocket
>running shoes
Main pocket
>foam roller
Other side pocket
Main compartment
Main compartment
Main compartment

What tiny ass backpack do you have that this won’t all fit?

>Yeah, you definitely lift less than 1/2/3/4, not worth the energy for an actual response. Kill yourself, ugly fuck
Project this hard. Don't worry you'll get 1/2/3/4 one day, user. It could just be the color of your handbag holding you back.

>side pocket

It's .5 gallons. Gonna stop you right there. I can look like a 15 year old who is too shy/socially awkwardto bring a gym bag, or be an adult and not shove all my shit in a backpack/my pockets

Also size 13 shoes so they alone barely fit. I totally understand if you're a 17 year old whose been lifting for 3 months and goes to the gym doing SS for 40 minutes 3 times a week and drinks 3 sips of water a workout, but please don't act like everybody else does

>It's .5 gallons.
Taking half a gallon of water to the gym

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the virgin .5 gallon sip vs the chad chug

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>projecting this hard
I can fit my belt, chalk, wraps, shoes, clothes, preworkout and shaker in a backpack with no issue. Maybe don’t take a half gallon like an autist for a start.

thats what I use now but my work cloths take up so much room and my towl and this and that and the variety of other things I carry around with me has made it undesirable