Any way a guy can gain an inch in height before his 19th/20th birthday?

Any way a guy can gain an inch in height before his 19th/20th birthday?

A-asking for a friend.

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You might if you start injecting HGH

Hang upside down like Kyle MacLachlan in Twin Peaks


Whisper "grow grow grow" when you're in bed at night

Been hearing about this for a couple years. Where the fuck can I get it? What are the dangers?

drinks lot and lots of milk and pray your growth plates aren't closed yet. Potential they can be open until you are 25

Read the /fraud/ OP

Guys gain most of their height before their 19th birthday, user.

it's a good thing I'm not 19 yet. Just turned 18 last month. Is there hope?

Not rich enough for HGH, I don't think it's an option.

Bigger shoes. That'll be $300 for nutritional consulting.

I stopped growing at 15 and my brother at 17 so I doubt it.

Good news! Everybody gains all of their height before the 19th or 20th birthdays

How much do you want that inch?

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Anyone know how to lose an inch? I'm 6'3 and am worried that I'll get rejected from being an astronaut because I'm too tall. (Height limit is 6'3", but thats cutting it close)

another reason 6'2 is master race

Incredibly high chance you're not gonna grow anymore. Just focus on posture, can gain an easy 1-2 inches from it

You can get leg xrays. If the xrays show that your epiphyseal plates haven't ossified yet you can do HGH.

Just wanted to say I know someone personally who grew when they were 30+ years.
went from 6'0 to 6'1 from jogging
so you never know

Hold up, 6'2" is King of Manlets. 6'3" is GOAT. Any taller and you're a lanklet and any shorter a manlet. I can still make it into the program at 6'3", so I guess its whatever you coping manlet


cant my dude. do heavy lfits before you go for inspection is best bet