No fap

What are the serious benefits to no fap?

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Nobody has ever done it so, nobody really knows.

Just do NoPorn. Same benefits without the unnecessary torture.

After doing nofap for 1 week then jacking off my testes hurt right after ejaculating. Is this bad?

Feeling more horny in public looking at some tits and asses
Feels better than masturbating

Being able to tell a bunch of idiots online how long it's been since you busted a nut and having something to actually talk about for once in your boring, miserable life.

Yes but you have to go at least 1 week before the super powers start showing up

This. No high test guy can successfully do it without raping someone


I've done it for a week or so at a time and all saw was it prevented me from entering the depressing loneliness that follows masturbation. I also was horny very often and had to resist the urge.

...this whole forum is dedicated to weaving baskets to bring the victims back in, its very possible

Feeling hornier, more intense orgasms, bigger loads. Doing it for more than a week is just stupid
t. Someone who has tried doing NoFap for different periods of time
Now I just do it every 2-3 days. Oh, and don’t watch porn. Wether NoFap is a meme or not is debatable, but porn is actually bad for you no questions asked

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this, fapping seriously keeps your mind straight, like doing it before a big decision. porn is the thing that fucks you up.
also, i did no fap november last year, first time back watching porn i was on the straight and narrow, all softcore shit. couple days later and you fall back into the rut you came out from.

>every 2-3 days
>not every 10 days for the test gains
Never gonna make it

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It's a meme. If you want to fap to porn or pictures of hot girls (guys) you download from a turkmene desert horse taming board go ahead.
People say that (((they))) want you to fap because it decreases your power level and keeps you blind.
People say it will give you prostate cancer if you do nofap
People say it will increase your test if you do nofap. It will make you hornier and give you bigger loads.
People say it will "reset" your mind, especially NoPorn.

Especially with the latter I have no idea how this is beneficial, since I don't talk to girls anyway. And while I am on nofap I don't see the benefits of shooting bigger loads and having better orgasms.

Idk man, I guess NoPorn is definitely legit. Not so sure with nofap though. Sometimes I just don't feel like fapping, even for a couple of months.
Decide for yourself. Asking questions like this on here is just begging for retarded answers

You get to cream your pants when you wake up every 2 weeks

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You can hfo and experience multiple orgasms

this picture is ruined by my belief that she doesn't really enjoy the game she's playing
rather, she's just posing for a photo

lie to me user, tell me you know her, and that she was happy - and that you took this photo capturing authentic engagement

I'm interested, can you expand on that?

this desu

Can't stop staring at girls during NoPorn.

Been fapping ever day since I broke no Fap day 12.

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also my dick is on standby mode.
It's pretty annoying. Walking around with a 30% boner dick

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None. Nofap is a meme

after nofap for like 3 hours my balls hurt and blood came out instead of cum. Is this bad?

Why is Pepe raising chickens?

Clean socks

No proven ones

Dunno, just doing for a week to test my willpower (day 5 now, thought the urges got really bad last night but it turned out I just needed to piss)

Not true. I don't remember what the study was called, but someone found a 40-50% increase in test 7 days after nofap. It decreased to normal levels the day after.
this is useful for competitions.

Pure porn/prolactin addict cope

Do you smile for every moment of gaming you do? Assuming she isn't just posing, she could be very focused on the game.

This is pretty much my experience as well. Just cut the porn and only rub one out every other day or third day at most. You could go a week at a time for that slight test boost at the end, but I've never really bothered.

Cutting the porn's definitely the most important part, but cutting down or 100% out fapping is a good idea too. Fapping objectively messes with your brain chemistry in a bad way and the brain knows that it's different from sex.

I'd only suggest cutting fapping entirely if you can realistically get the real thing. Otherwise you're just gonna kill your libido eventually.

>alpha as fuck around people, get bitches, mog guys
>feeling bitter af @ home, edging for hours straight and on the binge of depression

its great until you got some time for yourself at home, then its pure torture
though i suspect its because of an addiction and not the act of not fapping itself

this is true
you will put your body into sexual hibernation after a few weeks

It's because you associate fapping with being something to do when you're bored. Your body then searches for that dopamine release desperately.

how 2 fix association?
just grind until my brains lays new pathways?
fake it till i make it?

nice projection faggot

You pretty much need to stop giving your brain the dopamine release from it for a while, then make a habit of doing something else (preferably a constructive or creative hobby) in that time. It's difficult, and you will still get the itch to beat your meat like it owes you money sometimes, but keep fighting it. I remember reading somewhere that it takes about 2 months of doing something to develop into a hard to break habit, and likewise it takes about the same to break one. So cut dopamine release during that time completely for about a week, then throw something else in it's place as a new pastime until it becomes your new addiction, which is largely why I suggest you make it a worthwhile endeavor.

>No fap for a week
>Get boner around family
>Get boners on bus
>Get boner at dentist
Fuck this shit, I'm jacking off tonight.

>fap atleast once a day since beginning of highschool
>took a two week break from it when I got my first gf recently
>now I fap around every 2-3 days and have sex atleast once a week

Doing it everyday seems super draining. I do remember trying to see how many times I could go in one day just out of sheer boredom

Kek, I'm on day 14 and just had a wet dream. Was gonna ask if that counts as breaking the streak

Nah. Same thing with sex. It only counts if you actually jerk off.

Idk what the fuck it is but I just feel more confident when on a streak. Probably because I haven't cybercucked myself the night before

Also some kind of animal urge to fuck kicks in.

Good to know. Thanks

If you can control this urge, you can redirect it into amazing things. That's a lot of raw, alpha energy, but it is tough to control

NoPorn works best for me. What I want to achieve is being able to get off without additional visual stimuli and resetting my standards to realistic "normal" levels. As long as you only masturbate a few times per week using your imagination, you will still get all the same benefits as if you completely abstained. Meditation also helps improve your imagination, made both masturbation and sex a lot better for me.

Is doing NoPorn and just using my imagination okay?

Can I fap to pictures?

Only anime lewds allowed.

Getting a gf.

I'm day 42 right now, messaged loads of grills on social media to deal with me sexual frustration, got a dozen numbers, which turned into about 6 dates. 2 ghosted me, one said she wasn't interested, one made out with me after dinner then ghosted me, I banged one who was a fat whore so I stopped seeing her, and finally one stuck around and is coming to stay the night tonight and really likes me. This all happened since starting nofap on February 14th.

Do it lads, were all gonna make it and get gfs.

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Pictures are fine as long as the girl in the photo isn't getting drilled. Just don't be that guy to creep on girls from high school every morning or something.

Attaboy. Gonna get a girl's number in the next week myself. The chemistry was off the charts, I just didn't think to ask for her number while I was there

Remember though: chemistry > looks