How the fuck do I eat this?

After fasting, I have finally got rid of the Jew chemicals and now I'm able to enjoy all vegetables and carbs and meat, but I still can't stand tuna.

What should I add to them so I can eat them?

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Just make a based carbonara with tuna

Bread and honey mustard are what I use

Add mustard, salt, and pepper. You can add a little mayo to if you want it a little sweeter

Pasta with tuna is good. Onion, tomatoes and tuna for the sauce, season with black pepper, oregano.

Canned tuna is fucking nasty m8. Only way to eat tuna is fresh.

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Is this your biggest problem in life, faggot?

if u dont like it dont eat it
eat sardines or salmon or something

i like to make it into a korean style soup. kimchi + seaweed + tomato + chilli.

this tbch

onion,green and red tabasco,mayonassie,

hot sauce

Tuna Patties. Basically just breadcrumbs, mayo and spices tossed on a pan. You could also replace the mayo with egg

Mix is with a Can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup (don't add the water, just use it as a gravy), and then dump it over a bowl of rice.

Rinse down every bite with a swig of water. Been doing it for 2 years, now.

Mix it with mayo (drain the water first) and let it sit in the fridge for about 10-15 mins, to really let the flavors mix. You now have edible tuna

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Mix in a fad dollop of Mayo and make a sandwich you dope

Oh yeah, heat it up of course. It's also good to crack an egg over the hot rice to semi-cook it, then add the cream of mushroom/tuna mixture.

Here OP

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put lemon juice in it

>What should I add

A fork.

If you don't like it, don't eat it. There are other sources of protein.

>I have finally got rid of the Jew chemicals
Why are people this gay.
Consider learn cooking.

Cream cheese and greek yogurt

Stir fry it real quick, warm canned tuna is much better. And then you can sprinkle some shoyu or yorkshire or hotsauce on it.


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Mix in bowl with mayo and mustard, add relish too.
Put on 2 pieces of bread

Mix 3 small cans with 2 eggs and 3 tablespoons of flour. Mix well till it's a pink paste. Fry in olive oil to your taste.

eat canned chicken instead

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>gets rid of the "jew chemicals"
>proceeds to eat some mercury fish that's been sitting in a tin can full of heavy metals for years
Ayy lmao, you're worst then faggot ass vegeterians/vegans who fast and then go back to their shitty food with no enzymes reboot their system.

try canned chicken

>"jew chemicals"

this board is literally more pathetic than pol

just had to check mine to make sure I was in the clear

back on topic, I just drain it and eat it out of the can, it tastes like chicken

i ate cold tuna out of can and drank the tuna water. Tasted great


skip the garbage canned tuna and get salmon instead

>drain tuna
>salt and pepper
>hard boiled egg
>dill weed
>onion or dried onion
>celery or celery seed
>lemon juice

the stuff you people here post is disgusting. you all cook like shit.

Did this and it was pretty good tbqhwy.

tuna + tomato soup

If you're triggered by the use of jew as a derogatory phrase, you're probably a jew and therefore no one cares

>calling other people disgusting
I can't imagine someone this retarded actually existing. Hopefully I'm being trolled.

Tuna mayo is great, especially in a sandwich

Either a little bit of mayo and cavenders or just put some lemon pepper in it.

Only buy it with Oil added. Extra macros my dude.

Hey little man I heard you were hungry?

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Mix a good tablespoon of mayo into it. Grab two slices of bread, put tuna on bread. Add salt, pepper, thinly sliced red onion and any type of green. Rejoice at how fucking good your sandwich is.

>literally every person ITT saying mayo
>anyone who makes tuna salad uses mayo, including all restaurants

but yeah, ill believe what the autist on fit says

I only eat tuna when I'm bulking, since tuna in brine is one of the most disgusting things ever for me.
I only like tuna in oil, which isn't a good idea during a cut

Learn how to cook for yourself instead of eating canned garbage you disgusting NEET

have fun with your heavy metal poisoning
at least it's not soy though

Almost anything, theres a reason its called the chicken of the sea.

i can't help myself but as soon as i even smell this shit, i choke and am about to vomit

just thinking about this disgusting shit as i type this makes me want to throw up

Mercury and heavy metals are metalloestrogens.

>mayo is fine, goy. everyone uses it.
Thanks, Shekelstein. You really showed me the light.

Tuna salad sandwich
Two cans tuna, drained
One celery stalk, diced
Pinch of salt and pepper
Table spoon or two of real mayonnaise
Toasted bread
Add tomatoe slices to the sandwich

Canned tuna, the ones in oil make really good bread spread with mayo. I haven't really tried doing it with the ones in water.

I throw a can of tuna in with my kale salad and eat them on rice cakes
It’s filling and not too bad
If not I really like making tuna melts occasionally
(Raw onion pickle tuna mayo on bread/rice cake with cheese melted on top in the oven)

i eat tuna straight and love it

Just eat it, what the fuck? I eat it with white rice and broccoli. You don't need to cook it.

Olive oil

add some pepper. that's what i do and it makes it so much easier

Mmmm I could go for some tuna right now

Get canned salmon instead...
they sell a skinless/boneless/inwater one at costco, although its expensive compared to just a big ass can of it.

What sort of weak ass fast did you do? Two days? I've been fasting for 43 days now and I feel like I could eat literally any food on the planet after my digestive system becomes ready for it.

I eat this quite often. Basically any canned fish works

You don't want to be eating tuna, it's high in mercury and low in omega 3

If you're gonna eat fish eat sardines, herring or crab for example

masterrace answer coming through.

mayo+avocado+dijon mustard. you need to get the ratios right too. now kys

Fuck off retard, 1 can a week wont hurt you. If you do eat them like every day then you can get some nasty chest burns for starters, and poisoning if you continue doing that shit.

Just get a work and some bread, and done. Perfect tuna meal.

Add salt and vingear, mash it all up and eat. Tastes 100 times better.

Put it in salad with homemade dressing

>high in mercury
This is a bullshit concern, look it up.

>carbonara with tuna
americans should stop cooking


Eat sardines instead, or mix the tuna with a bit of mayo and some mustard, salt, pepper, and any other dry spices you might like.

a mate of mine drinks the foking juice that u get in ur tuna cans

I usually just put lemon juice and onion, then put it over some bread and butter. Its important to buy good tuna, some of them tastes like shit.

>Jew Chemicals
I think they're still in you, better fast some more.

make tuna salad

>chopped red onion
>fat-free or low-fat mayo
>hardboiled egg whites
>zero-sugar relish
>white vinegar

serve on romaine

Mayo + sliced pickels + onions (if you like)
Mix everything then put it in a blender
You can put the mix on a slice of bread or inside a half-cumcumber


if he's eating tuna, he's probably cutting and therefore can't afford to be a carbslut

substitute with flat-out

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Chop up red onion, bit of jalapeno and mix with tuna, then add some red wine vinegar. Put between toasted bread. You could probably add some evoo to the bread or mixture if you choose.

>fish soup
oh god

Drain. Mix with serving of low fat cottage cheese. Dip Veggies in it.

I mix it into a pot of rice
Fry two or 3 cloves of garlic and some crushed red pepper in a healthy amount of butter
Pour over the rice and tuna
Add a little salt, pepper, and lemon

Oh Yeah mince the garlic


Mix a can of tuna with a cup of Greek yoghurt, some lemon juice, salt, pepper. Spread on toast on whatever you choose. Enjoy

Mix it with some olive oil, tomato puree and chili powder.

Trust me. Shits the bomb. In Scotland you can buy it like that in the can... but if you can't where you live then just add it yourself.


eat it with banana and toothpaste