Tomorrow is bicep day

>Tomorrow is bicep day

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>tomorrow is rest (leg) day

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>Tomorrow is left earlobe day

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>tomorrow is leg day

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good thread op

>plantaris day tomorrow

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tomorrow is leg day

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>Bicep day

you got a problem with a dedicated bicep day, champ?

>How banks could voluntarily lose customers and make less money

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>tomorrow is infraspinatus day

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Guys a serious question: should I actually isolate my biceps? Never done that in my life and I start feeling my triceps are huge compared to my biceps, and a lot of people have big biceps compared to their triceps

Don't have a separate day for them but do you really not do any curls?

>tomorrow is everything day

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Tomorrow is the day I finally talk to her

Tomorrow is suicide day

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Tomorrow is chest shoulders and arms day again

>He doesn't do biceps every day for that nice pump
Never going to make it

Oh my god that's hilarious

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>tomorrow is already today

I do biceps on chest day and tomorrow is shoulder day

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>tomorrow is calf day
gonna be great!

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>tfw forearm day tomorrow

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