Is Sara Sigmundsdottir Natty?

She's a CrossFit champion surely she'd be caught if she was juicing but fucking hell look at her physique

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Whatever the number right before zero is.

That's her chance of being natural.

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How can they get away with it though? I thought drug testing was pretty rigorous in CrossFit.

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>the "we test our athletes" crossfit games

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Why do you care? And how does it affect your life?

It's a sham, obviously.

the testing they do in crossfit is a joke

How long before or after the contest?

Well she can look like this so I don't see how it's stupid to ask

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Sara? That you?

She cute

You know it

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Just like everything nowadays, it's an elaborate beauracracy that says one thing but bends the rules to do another. It's probably all buried in the fine print somewhere about what chemicals and PEs are what and what's tested for when. They give people a heads up and fudge the numbers to let them pass. Just like the WWE and virtually all professional sports. It's all a sham. They cant realky enforce it or else the games wouldn't be as exciting. Follow the money. It's also likely that the PEs are constantly tweaked to barely not trigger a 'positive'.

I bet she could swing me around with her kegel grip

why does a crossfitter need to be on gear?

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If you placed all sports on USADA a lot of people will be popped within the first few months. The higher profile athletes will probably be warned by the league they are in so they will probably be safe, but the lower guys will fail. The physique of the majority of athletes will diminish, just look at the ufc

The whole point of crossfit is dipping as deep as you can into diminishing returns by working way past exhaustion. Roids help quite a bit with that.

>surely she'd be caught if she was juicing

exactly. she is natty just like pic related.

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The higher profile guys being warned hasn't been true in ufc though. Only 4 guys have popped twice during usada, two of which are goat candidates jon jones and anderson silva

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Hell no
That guy is on estrogen.

If that's a dude, low chances of being natty.

Now if that's a "woman", well...

The UFC isnt that big compared to the the NBA or NFL. By big profile I meant guys who would actually impact the league. Everyone knew that fighters were juicing, but not everyone knows that the top athletes in other sports juiced. If Lebron James popped which he would if he entered USADA that would make world wide news, but if a fighter pops it will be nothing.

I also referenced the UFC on how the athletes physiques will diminish. Think Ubereem, TRT vitor, and pig rig

Can someone give me a very detailed, in depth explanation about how athletes are allowed to get away with steroid use and abuse, yet these same organizations love to tout about how strict they are about their drug testing procedures and keeping the sports clean?

True, though ubereem popped and subsequently deflated before usada. Other post-usada bodies gone bad include thiago alves, the 155 guy who khabib had a hard time getting down who's name I can't think of, dennis siver, erick silva and robbie lawler to some extent

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literally no professional athlete is natty.

>with the possible exception of darts

none. zero. zilch. nenne. nien. o-positive

as simple as it is, the more manly features a woman has the higher chance she is on something. her jaw, her arms and especially her broad shoulders. shes on something

they lie.

Perhaps not the number one cause, but something to think about is most popular sports are team sports in which the players associations have quite a lot of authority. (E.g. in NHL, NBA, NFL.) I remember reading of NHL wanting to increase testing a few years back, but the NHLPA wanted nothing to do with it so it got shut down. Iirc there's "random testing" in these leagues where the players are informed of the upcoming "random" test a few weeks beforehand. Even still some players get caught since they use compounds which leave detectable metabolites in the bloodstream for a significant time.

Im the same guy, to add to this even if there's minimal doping control a league can advertise that their athletes are proved clean due to rigorous PED testing. Most fans don't have a clue about biology and doping so they assume the athletes are clean, because "it's a doping tested league hurr durr."

"random testing" in the NFL is literally 6 weeks advance notice and/or the scheduled testing ahead of game season. You have to be a retard to fail.

>rigorous with anything

Surely this post is satire.

Because the public is retarded

They want to see superhuman performances and they also make stupid moral judgements about the chemical assistance needed to do so
So the leagues pretend to be tough on drugs, the athletes pretend to be natty and the public swallows it happily

It's like the guy who cheats on his wife with hookers and justifies it because it makes his marriage happier and she'll never find out

very beautiful woman

Why do you post a thread is you know so little about fitness?

It is. Veeky Forums is just salty about functional strength

imagine the smell of her farts

this user gets it
Pro sports is still getting bigger/stronger/faster but somehow we got rid of performance enhancing drugs? kek

I also heard the overeem had radioactive
Particles in the blood sample that he tested dirty for.

I heard it was Gamma radiation that's also found in the hulk

this. I've met a few pro athletes from very different sports like tennis, football (not handegg), swimming, cycling... they all say the same thing: if you go beyond a very amateur level, all competitors are on drugs, literally all of them. There is no way that people that compete for a living are natty, forget about it.

I've met more than just a few pro athletes and they've told me that I'm handsome and also most of their colleagues aren't on drugs.