Extroverts favor stimulants

Extroverts favor stimulants
Introverts favor depressants

How true is this? I find my extroverted friends really enjoy a cigarette or a bump of cocaine.
While I’m an introverted guy and I find most of my enjoyment coming from drinking alcohol or smoking weed

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Seems like anecdotal bullshit to be honest. But, that said, my experiences are like yours. I'm introverted (but not antisocial like much of this board seems to be) and much prefer weed or the occasional beer. I wish beer wasn't so anti-gains though.

Extrovert and love stimulants, function and feel so much better on 400mg caffeine


Extroverts have a dopamine release during fight or flight scenarios

I'm introvert used to shoot h and coke at the same time and I going to make it

>tfw so introvert i need stimulants to function

>extrovert favor stimulants

Im an introvert (self proclaimed desu) and I fucking love and all stimulants cause they make me able to get in with the normies and conversation well.

Not true. Totally depends on the person and what kind of high they want. Introverted or extraverted just changes where they do their drugs. I'm more introverted and I love to vape cannabis oil and enjoy the occasional LSD trip (or other hallucinogen like mushrooms or DMT) either alone or with a few close friends.

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All drug users should be shot

Also check em

not true at all friend

I'm ENTP and I do like depressants.
>all those feely feels and thoughts when drunk.

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One of my friends is the opposite of you. Opiates and alcohol make him very talkative while stims (including psychedelics) make him want to listen and think instead of talk.

>>extrovert favor stimulants

I'm so introverted that I have no friends and consider my life pretty comfortable
I like coffee and I hate Benadryl and that also sums up most of my experience with drugs

INTJ python dev, Ephedrine and Preworkout.

So no.

No, I'm intorverted and I love cocaine

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I'm an introvert who loves stimulants FWIW

Introvert and I don't take any drugs.

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i like all drugs

I can believe it. I'm introverted and become Chad with a couple of shots. Extrovert friend becomes Chad when he snorts a line

I'm very introverted and I love stimulants. Especially adderall. Weed makes me feel retarded, stopped smoking years ago

Extrovert when im out with friends
Introverts when im out alone

Never done drugs in my life

holy shit ENTP here, I know exactly what you're talking about

I’m intovered and I prefer depressants(like painkillers), mainly because they feel better and have no crash if you don’t do them every day.

this. I'm an introvert but as soon as I'm out with friends and take a stimulant like MDMA or coke I'm an extrovert. I still prefer stuff with just a few friends like LSD or weed. or on my own

LSD is the tits.

MDMA is too but it's such a good drug it's hard not to go overboard.

I'm pretty introverted, even among introverts and I find that depressants >>>> stimulants, with some exceptions. I'm actually talkative and somewhat social when I get shitfaced, while caffeine and whatnot make me want to be even more alone. Helps me think.

Introvert here. teetotaler. nofap. Sometimes I sit in the dark and do nothing.

Not true

Im introverted and i literally never understood what's good in smoking. I smoke one cigarette once in a while and it tastes like shit. Friends tell me you have to smoke for a consecutive month to get into smoking, but why the fuck would someone get himself addicted to shit he doesn't like? This is retarded as fuck.

It is retarded as it looks don't do it never start

Introverted here.
It's all about set and setting. I hardly do MDMA cuz the effect is too long for me. I like cocaine more because it's easier to administrate since the effect is almost instantaneous and it lasts minutes instead of hours. Doesn't mean molly isn't the shit, but the artificial depression afterwards can be pretty shitty, specially if you already have depression. Also, you build tolerance extremely fast.
LSD is great and I've experienced beautiful things under the effect but I've had too many shitty experiences with other people who can't control themselves so I tend to build up anxiety when I take it. Taking it solo or with your best friend is ideal for me.
Alcohol is alcohol. I take 5 shots of mezcal in 1 hour and then I just turn the autopilot. Once I finished a whole bottle by myself and I ended up fucking my ex gf's step sister at my ex's birthday party lmao
CBD is amazing and weird and flashy and trippy. Cool for festivals if you don't want to take lsd or molly. Or both, Candyflipping can be great although I recommend to take the acid first, wait an hour and then take the molly.
DMT is fucking crazy and it really is a life changing experience. You need to be cautious with it. Trips can be so intense that you can get stuck in the hyperspace for centuries before you come back (DMT lasts 15 minutes and doesn't build tolerance)
Don't fucking take salvia. It's not worth it. Strongest trip of my life. You know how it feels to be a door? I do, and it feels pretty fucking cold.
Oh and of course, weed after workout for dat dere munchies and muscle relaxation.
I'm missing tons of drugs that I've tried but I don't want to post a wall of text.

I'm an introvert and MDMA is by far my favourite drug. I'm pretty sure it actually fixes the things that make me so fucked up. I'm probably an introvert from my fucked up childhood, as I used to be extroverted. I've only taken it twice though, both at house parties. It was good for talking to strangers.

Weed makes me feel a bit weird. I'm not a fan. The biggest stoners I know are actually super extroverted.

Pro-tip: introversion is a form of narcissism and it happens exactly as you describe. People in fucked up childhoods exclude themselves from society because they can't believe others will understand them.
There's a reason why most introverts are nerds and geeks and why there's a very small number of introverted females.

is this board really that fucking stupid that they don't know what stimulants and depressants are?

fuck, this board doesn't lift either
why am I still here

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I can buy that. I'm definitely quite narcissistic. I don't really like most people, and definitely see myself intellectually above them (despite not really being that intelligent). Thankfully I'm learning to tap into my narcissism for personal gain, by trying to feign being extroverted.

Me too nigs

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>Pokemon creatures

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I am an introvert and stims make me feel like a normal human because I can finally talk to people and am open and walk proud about who I am.

The only depressant that makes me more talkative is alcohol, but I always combine with a stimulant because I actually don't like the depressant effects like slurring, dizzyness, can't see