To bulk just eat a lot of food!

>to bulk just eat a lot of food!
>eat nuts! they're good, eating 10 every day will make you gain weight on top of your current 3000 calories diet!
>they're expensive as fuck
>still eat 10 a day
>no fucking taste
>need to drink water to pass it because it's dry as hell
>check out nutrition facts
>all this shit was for less than 200 calories and 4gr of protein

Is clean bulking literally impossible unless you are Brad Pitt and you pay 3000 million dollars for food, a chef and a coach?

Do people really enjoy this? They enjoy chewing it or what? Because this is quite LITERALLY 404 flavor not food and technically also no calories or protein

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Is this a joke?
They are cheap and tasty. WTF.
If you don't like them, eat something else.

No dude you gotta get the good salted nuts or honey roasted nuts or beer nuts or even DEEZ NUTZ HAHA GOT EMMMMM

why bother "clean" bulking when you're aiming to gain weight? As long as you're not eating fried garbage just take your normal 1-3 meals a day make it 2-4 and double the portions.

>Buy box of mixed nuts for $11.99
>40 Servings
>160 Calories per serving
>6400 Calories of some of the most nutritious food on the planet
>Literally a seed which can grow into a plant with just water alone

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not in south america, you don't get these prices

>~400 walnuts for 12 usd

you first worlders are spoiled

Idk why I keked so bad

Are you fucking retarded? Chickrn drumsticks are 4 dollars a kilo. 6 drummies is 140ish grams of protein. Eat 6 potatoes and 6 drummies per day + a pb sandwich for brekkie and cottage cheese on toast with 2 eggs for dinner and its 180 grams for like 9 dollars a day you poor fuck

Add a lean protein shake and you'll gain like a motherfucker on that diet


Not everyone is from america or whatever the fuck you are. Chicken and peanut butter is expensive here. And I'm middle class.

This board is a predominantly American board. Kys europoor lmak

Just add nuts to whatever food you already eat. Having pats? Throw 40g of walnuts in. Having chicken and rice? Throw some sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.

>"clean bulking is hard"
Assuming you are otherwise eating at maintenance, congrats! You just hit clean-bulk calories for maybe a dollar's worth of food, and you can eat it in 30s if you try.

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>4 tablespoons of peanut butter every day
How many fucking peanut butter jars do you buy every week?

do you know how cheap peanut butter is

Jar is a kilogramme. 4 tbsp is 60g. On this sample diet (I only eat two tbsp per day, but I'm also cutting rn) that'd be one jar every 16 days.

>Bulking on a 670cal sure
Lmao hf getting fat as fatfuk

just buy some fuckin unsalted peanuts from the bulk barn you idiot

>there are people on Veeky Forums right now who unironically dont grow there own food and raise/kill their own chickens

can you please legitimately just kill yourself already instead of making these faggy threads?

Fuck off Uzeeh

wew lad I wish
>$7 - $9 per kilo for chicken breasts
>average monthly salary is $1000
j u s t

Bitch go to your local market, I'm a beaner and can get 500gm of natural peeled nuts for led than 10 USD, they get cheaper if you buy roasted(since they use the older ones on these batches)

That explains why the average Veeky Forumsizen is a retarded DYEL, but it's not relevant to this thread