If you aren't eating tuna in milk are you even trying to make it?

I've been eating 2 cans of tuna in a bowl with milk everyday for the past 3 months. The taste isn't the best but it's a good source of protein.

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ITT when you take things too far

Pro tip: Just eat it like cereal

Superstition has it that people develop skin spots while consuming dairy and fish at once theres supposed to be a gap. Probably not true who knows

I just eat tuna and drink the milk? It looks more normal.

Wow OP great thread! This is vintage 4channing right here! Tuna milk?!?!?!?!? Wow! Now that’s strange! See you boys on r/All

I usually eat a can of tuna with a bowl of rice and a little bit of peanut butter mixed for flavoring.

Gold star for your exceptional virtue signalling, my fellow alien XD

Looks like how much mayo I put in my Tuna. OP is probably just trolling and its mayo.

who did this

Now put five scoops of whey in.

inb4 die from mercury poisoning

with cumin

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Actually try it in milk. It isn't half bad. All the fucking manlets use mayo or make them into patties. Be a real man for once and eat some tuna milk.

Enjoy your mercury and lead.
Pic related is the patrician choice.

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>not blending your tuna and milk together into a tuna shake

Op here, have you tried sardines with milk?

I eat tuna on toasted rye 28th ranch onion and tabasco


Enjoy your estrogenic BPA bitch tits and obesity

Way too complex and not enough milk

Tuna + cream cheese is better.
If you want less fats try tuna + cream cheese + Greek yogurt (reducing cream and adding greek yogurt).

If you're going to do that, just go all the way. Throw in some broccoli too.

Enjoy your mercury.
Tuna are too large and accumulate too much mercury. Any fish over 3 lbs is peasant tier. Anchovies, sardines and capers are ideal.

Holy shit you fucking morons, tuna + cottage cheese game set match

There are better solutions

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enjoy your mercury and salt overdose