Even a good chad gets rejected

>even a good chad gets rejected
How am I supposed to make it?

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Everyone gets rejected. The guys who get the most puss take the most rejections. Sack up boi

It must suck to be a 10/10 Chad and then get mogged by a turbo 12/10 Chad that is even taller and richer

Just proves looks are only good for bringing women in. You have to not be a boring cunt and engage her in a meaningful way.

The only people who never get rejected are people who never try to ask out girls

Wait is that a fucking nose ring

>a 3/10 poo rejects a 8/10 in bong land

Top zozzle m8 how cucked can you get

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They say even the men who are fantastic at picking up women only hook up with 8 out of every 100 that they go up to. Shit odds but that's how it is.

He is a soyboy masquerading as a chad.

Reminder that Chad is not only for looks but an attitude as well


This is worse, guy is handsome, nice and accepting of her condition and she rejects him at the end (it's not shown).

Yeah but he pulls it off well. Makes a good juxtaposition to his excessively masculine facial features

>You have to not be a boring cunt and engage her in a meaningful way.
how was the guy boring?


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No he doesn't, no one ever could, it's ridiculous

>engage her in a meaningful way.
Lol in a "meaningful" way, as if most women are interested in deriving meaning out of anything. Nah dude you just have to be lucky enough to have the right mixture of mannerisms and personality traits that rubs her up the right way. Women are extremely emotional, we all know that, they want you to come into their life like their definition of a knight in shining armour who says everything and does everything in a "cool" way, who defines what's cool? She does, the definition varies from woman to woman. One woman might find his personality extremely attractive, another might find him cringy and repulsive for completely emotional, arbitrary reasons.

You're essentially right in that looks only bring them in, but it's down to what kind of person she likes after that. That's why sometimes you'll wonder why a good looking girl is even with the guy she's with. It's because he meets her particular standards of a cool attractive guy. There's no objective standard for what a cool guy is in the minds of women but if you're physically attractive it'll help you cast a fucking huge net, the more physically attractive the wider the net, so you can have a greater chance of finding the kind of girl who likes the kind of guy you are but obviously if you're a completely dry, humorless robotic autist then yeah you're probably never gonna have much success with good looking women.

retarded laugh 0:51

she just came on the show hoping he would say "hell no" so she could be the victim.

chad looks, beta personality. both matter.

> squinty dopey pseudoginger moron

> omg wow even HE can be rejected?

stop fucking idolising every guy with a big jaw

despite what you incels think, women are CLAPPED in the head and scared if any form of commitment

Channel 4 are the biggest purveyors of white hate shit and part of that is constant disabled people spam. Everything about her on the episode was set up to reveal her baldness, she will have gone on purely for the virtue and bravery points.


pick 1

His voice wasnt up to Chad standard.

>that indian orc
>rejecting a tall white Chad
Hypergamy has gone too far

What did he do that was beta?

Agreed. C4 is absolute leftie dogshit. They're practically cumming every time they mention Russia on the news.

This. I've seen 5/10 Manlets who have fucked upwards of 50's because he didn't care about rejection. Just went up to any girl who thought was cute. He was ginger and chubby too. Don't believe fits lies. Most of these guys have never asked out many girls if any. They approach dating like women, "If I'm pretty enough, she'll come to me... right?"

a negative times a positive is still a negative

Nicely done, user. This is one of the best posts I’ve seen on Veeky Forums in a while. The autist robots on this board always try to quantify everything and alter themselves to fit a certain image rather than just accepting this is the way things work.

I had sex with a girl most of my friends considered “out of my league” because I was spilling spaghetti and she thought my autism was “cute”

She was autistic herself too though

First dates is the most infuriating show. I knew women were shallow but fuck.

This is pretty good, at least based on my own experience and watching a variety of my friends interact with women.


>can't get over her last bf
Chad dodged a bullet