How big and muscular do i have to be to get a girl like her? Paratrooper and knows how to fuck someone up...

How big and muscular do i have to be to get a girl like her? Paratrooper and knows how to fuck someone up, better then those bitches that think they are tough because they lift some weights.

My dick.

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>implying thats a girl

user do you not notice the penis?

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So fucking what? you cuck. Traps are superior to women. shemale and other trannies back in the day were gross I'll give you that but we now are getting the effeminate ones on hormones young so beautiful feminine traps are not only a possibility but a reality


my dick

>i'm gonna turn into a girl
>and i'm gonna be a fucking skank
damn this dude really figured life out

It has a benis

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Its just further proof that women really have it much fucking easier.

>tfw no passable trap gf
Why is life so cruel anons?

You truly have a mental illness. We really need a plauge, a crusade, a genocide. Something. Anything. We need to cleanse this world of deranged filth and improve as a species. We have reached critical mass and soon we will begin regressing, if we haven't already. God help us all

I have a gf but I swer I would bery my dick in that thing so deep and cum so much it'll need an enema to ever shit again.


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More proof of the laughably low standards of the US Army.

This is why the Marines will always be superior.

could pass for mikalia petereson to be honest

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>This is why the Marines will always be superior.

marines are just as bad...

The only thing this is proof of is that the social experiments that our politicians force on our armed forces to win brownie points is fucking dumb and should not be allowed.

WTF I hate Drumpf now!

marines attract the the dumbest people by advertising themselves as some sort of elite forces when they're not.

>whore who had at least 100 different dicks inside her

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SAS > Femrines

Saved before this 404s

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My sides.

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Can somebody explain how it's beta to fuck this trap? You're literally dominating somebody that was born male but now succumbs to your testosterone and your cock.

no one thinks it's beta, they think it's gay.

It's literally the only respectable branch. All others are full of fat, lazy, undisciplined shit bags who cope with t-they're just dumb jocks like the Yugioh playing needs in High School who still got shit grades.

user, I...

what's your favorite type of crayon?
I'm partial to Crayola, myself

Because real vagina feels better than some faggots shithole

Don't worry. Based arabs will save us all


I agree. Thats why you indulge in both

Its fine to like submissive white women and some faggoted trap who likes being penetrated simultaneously.

Its really not, its a fetish for a reason and male homos are walking petri dishes but that wouldn't stop me from slaying OP's pic with my +6.5 Flail of the Order of Richard Lionhard

user, you're fucked in the head. You are almost as fucked in the head as the trap. Almost.

This, except I'm talking about Americans.

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Sure. Just the army.

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This but unironically

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Well, if she's into bbw you should gain fat instead

>us soldiers can use phones when training to take selfies

wtf you guys are weak

You need to be big and muscular for jesus
Arabs fucking love traps. Look at Iran.

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US military is horribly demoralized. Technologically they are #1 but the quality of people in it are utter shit.
Top tier traps though


Was amazed to find out that this was in fact not a trap

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>Air Force
Checks out

You're an Homosexual.
And if you walk this road, you'll have to confront the pain in your father's eyes when he realizes what you are.

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The longer you look at it, the more masculine it becomes. The lower right pic sort of looks like my uncle. He was a few years older than me and lived with us for a bit. No he didn't diddly my bunghole, and no he wasn't gay. He loved hot dogs though. The free loader always had me treat him to hotdogs when we went out. Hated that guy.


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literally no one cares

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Literally ruined
No one likes traps for their butchered pseudo-ginas like you'd be inferior to a woman in every way.

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>plays space wolves

this is in no way surprising

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Wow an elite special force is superior to a basic infantry unit

Next you'll be telling me that CAG is better than FORECON??

>performing that much mental gymnastics so you don't think your gay when you are attracted to a man with a penis that dresses like a girl

You are everything a Veeky Forumsizen should disgust. Kill yourself you omega faggot.

objectively false

>on Veeky Forums
>gets scandalized by traps

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It's like transexuality actually is a mental illness

Why are there so many trannies in the military?

>We really need a plague, a crusade, a genocide. Something. Anything.
Let's be honest here, I doubt most people on Veeky Forums including yourself will survive those kinds of events. You should probably wish for better things

What's the point of getting a "girl" if they can't use their cock? If it's going to sit there and be a limp thing no matter the stimulation you might as well go with a bagina.

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Another thread full of homosexuals on Veeky Forums.

This, there needs to be a cleansing.

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>+6.5 Flail of the Order of Richard Lionhard
Pathetic. I for one is using a +7 Pollaxe of Cockfrey of Bouillon. The obviously superior weapon

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>be sandnigger in cave
>get blown to pieces by a tranny

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