Fordyce spots

How common are fordyce spots on your shaft? Would you consider them gross or normal?

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i got a few near the bottom, closer to where i grow hair. no one has ever commented on it. i imagine if it's not all the way up to your dickhole no one would ever notice.

No girl ever minded. I have a lot of them too. They were always more intrigued by my uncircumcision/ natty dick, never brought up the spots.

I got em. Some on the edges of my lips as well (but those arnt noticeable)

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They're for her pleasure

I think you just have herpes

I've never kissed a girl (or boy), so nah

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You probably got it by kissing your mom or dad

I used to think I had a problem before I Googled them, they're quite common on my sack though, more than my shaft, but there's some on my birch wood shaft

Ribbed for her pleasure

I have them and nobody has ever noticed.

Thanks OP, now i know what the fuck is this thing on my dick

I have this on my balls and the base of my shaft. It's always been in those areas. I thought I had herpes when I was 12.

I had some of them around the ages of 13-15. Somewhere around there. I began to notice them one day and became curious, so I did research. From what I could find it seems to be a normal thing. It isn't harmful, it's not an STI/STD of sorts, and from what I gathered most women don't care or don't even notice. If this is a personal question, my answer would be to not worry about them. As for mine, I don't see them anymore, I think they typically fade for men, but some retain them.

I had one long term gf who noticed them but after I showed her my std check she didn't care. No other girl I've been with had mentioned them. Sidenote, do they ever get as little bit inflamed for anyone else?

occasionally yeah. i usually pop them and scrub hard in the shower and they go down

I have them on my balls and at the base of my dick. No one has ever commented on it.

How can I make my dick more aesthetic? It's veiny as fuck, dark, has uneven coloring, and is dry as fuck. Is it possible to exfoliate/tan your dick?

>fordyce spots
I never knew thats what they were called. I got some on my nutz.

Holy shit. For so long i have been curious and looking to find out wtf is wrong with my dick. I have these exact same spots, so thank you OP! Problem is I’m black, and these white spots make it look like i have an STD. Only fucked 5 girls but I use rubber. Never got a bj ;_;

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Really? I've tried popping them because I'm not sure if it's one of them, a pimple or an ingrown hair, but never have because of pain.

Got a bunch of those fuckers, but the girls I've been with have never seemed to mind it.

Hair grows out of them you simpleton goddamn it's FINE

Why would they appear on the penis then tho?

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Thats normal, lip bumps bro. It's just overactive oil glands. Nobody will ever notice because they'll never really look that hard at your lips so no worries. You may slowly get more of them as you get older.


lol i just checked mine and noticed i had some. can't believe some of you autists are intently staring at your dick and balls.

why the fuck are you talking about my dick faggot? you gay or something??
it's ok if you are

I asked a dermatologist. He told me it was normal

Holy shit I thought I was the only one.
I have a shitload of fordyce spots, I was convinced between the ages of 11 and 13 that I had herpes.
It wasn't until I saw someone post about them online that I realized they were harmless.

if you have a hoodie and if you can only see them when you pull the foreskin back they're pearly penile papules and it's due too to much test.

I had one that calcified or some shit into a hard lump from 13-19. That stopped me from fucking any girls until I was 22. This shit needs to be made more well aware of.

Do you autistis fuck with the lights on or something?

I have them all over my dick and it's embarrassing as hell.
>too much testosterone
Are you sure?

I got them too, only prob is mine tend to clump up so they kinda look like a std. No biggie though girls don't even notice and if they were too I would just tell them there not contagious

>nit asjing the penis inspector for a detailed report
If your gonna pay taxrs for it you might as well get something out of it

Pussy. Just pop them.

you having a stroke user?

My foreskin is covered in them
Also have a lot of hair on the shaft

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How to get rid of them if they're on the foreskin from the inside, visible when I pull it back, looks pretty bad.

You could cut off your dick, that could help.

No but seriously, get used to them.

Thanks for this thread OP, always wanted to know that those things were. Thought I might have some STD when I was younger. Got most around the base of my dick and on my balls. They aren't very noticeable if you don't try to look for them.

the cause is unknown but it's one of the most prominent theories (test imbalance)

I had one swell up like a pimple once

I think teenagers notice them more since they are swollen most of the time, I dont even notice ever now. then again I dont look at my dick as much

technically you are still a virgin

I've had a big one that gets solid when I get hard for the last months. How do I get rid of it?
The little ones don't bother me but this fucker is annoying.

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My whole dick is covered in them, my gf never mentioned it and has no problem eating my dick so no worries

even though 80% of my shaft has no hair, i still have the spots ;(

>shown my dick to 3 girls
>not a single one has ever commented on or noticed these
>sometimes forget i have them unless im daydreaming in the bathroom and staring at my dick

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Pretty much everyone has them. No biggie. Only way to reduce them is by laser therapy i think but thats expensive af, so why waste money on smth chicks dont even mind

is that soulja boy?

that's an aesthetic forearm

Coconut oil after every shower.

My dick is thicker than my wrist
I dont't know if should be sad or proud

You got heavily jewed, brah.

Accept your slave markings.

What did you do with the lump? I’ve got one I’m considering doing amateur surgery on.

>when you pull the foreskin back they're pearly penile papules and it's due too to much test.
I have pearly penile papules and I wish I didn't. At least I maybe have high test...

I've got a full package, fordyce all on half my shaft and balls, penile papules around the head. They appeared around the age of 12-13, was scared as fuck that something is wrong with my dick but did some research and calmed down.

Have them all over my nuts.
Girls still play with my nuts and even give me rimjobs.
I'm not turning gay right? If they're using their tongue to just play outside and not put anything in that doesn't make me gay right? Right /fit?
6 girls just for this year only, 3 gave me rim jobs.

Did some insta thot or whatever make a post or someabout rimjobs? Last year not a single one did this to me.
Even my regular fuck buddies started doing it all of a sudden.

Yeah that's what I did, just don't slip

This shit has ruined my life. It's the reason I am a virgin. I'm so self conscious about my dick I've rejected multiple women.

Also mines really obvious too

Same bro

People need to be more aware of this shit. Why don't they teach this in sex-ed or something? I thought I had herpes for years.

jesus i had the same thing if you stop touching it might go away

Have you ever thought 'Hmm maybe I should google herpes to see what it looks like?'

Like, holy shit man.

I have tons at the base of my dick and a few dozen all the way up to the tip, with 1" long hairs growing out of them.
I used to pluck them all the time, but now that I'm on a 1.5 year dryspell I don't even bother.

I'm 19 and have had so many chances to lose my virginity but avoided it or made an excuse every time. I get shit for it from my friends all the time and it's all because of my anxiety over these lumps, I feel like girls will just freak out and tell there friends and my life here will be fucked. Every time I've gotten close to a girl I've ended up distancing myself to avoid getting to the point where she sees. Girl went to suck me off and I told her not to and she started calling me a little bitch

they grow back bigger if you pop them, also increases risk of infection

same bro I'm not even bad looking, I can get girls pretty easy but I never fuck them because I pussy out incase they see them

Huh, I never had a problem with my pearly dick but I guess I should actually be proud of my pearls too

Define losing virginity then
How could vaginal sex not be losing virginity
t. Different user who only did oral so far

I have tons of them on the bottom of my dick only, gf never commented on them
Then again, a) we're both each other's first and only sexual partners, and b) she's in med school so she probably knows more than me about my dick's anatomy

Post wrists

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U can remove them

This video is kino af btw

I have pretty much all over the bottom part.
Only 1 girl noticed and asked about it, was not freaked or anything.
I'm 32 btw

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I had this. Eventually i squeezed and popped it out, it never came back.

That was painful and satisfying at the same time
What did they do at the end? Cutting the excess skin?

Why the fuck wouldn't they shave this guy's disgusting pubes before essentially performing surgery on his ballbag?

Yup its like they squeezed out all the sebum and shit from the spots which leaves an empty skin sac

My Dude, dotted natty here too *high five*

I have some on my balls. They're all connected to a hair follicle so i wonder if repeated aggressive waxing could reduce their appearance?

I have them, it is of no consequence.

I sure do. I like to see her lips wrapping around my dick, and I love the way their faces scrunch up when they're trying to keep quiet.

What the fuck? This is common? I guess I'm lucky not to have bumps all over my dick, but damn.

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More common than you think. There's probably a good chance you have some. Maybe they're too small, or you have a couple.

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>niggers tongue your anus
I diagnose yuo with hte ghey lmoa

I have them as much as your OP pic and nobody has ever brought them up. The people you are fucking will generally have their own insecurities to worry about bro.

I was a little kid and I did and the symptoms looked so similar I didn't know what the fuck to think.

>Never got a bj
Man just tell the girl to give you one it's not hard.

>*clapping dicks*

How do you ask for it?

Eat her out, she'll reciprocate with a bj
At least that worked for me

>they grow back bigger if you pop them
No they don't, retard.

I got those fukkers ever since i can remember, i dont even know whats inside them its not even filled with pus or anything like that. They are weird but normal

i have a lot of them but nobody ever cared

I have them all over my dick and balls but they're not really visible unless I really stretch my skin. I think it's perfectly normal.

Btw why would anyone even want these tiny glands on my dick to wear his lastname, if i discovered these things i would name them after my ex or highschool Bully or smthing like this

Lol same I was too embarrassed to talk to a dermatologist about it now i have more confidence