What is this ? It tastes so awful but my Veeky Forums uncle said I need to take it

What is this ? It tastes so awful but my Veeky Forums uncle said I need to take it.

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Ausfag here, have it on toast in small amounts. Its pretty good.

American who has spent a lot of time embedded in the RAAF here.

It’s great - you need to start eating it “straight away” as they say.

>let butter melt fully
>spread layer thin. This takes skill
>angle knife in a manner that allows for a “scraping” motion, rather than a spreading motion.

It gives you massive amounts of vitality. It’s “deadly” delicious once you get a taste for it.

i need to use some honey on my toast with it or I cant stand the taste. But thanks user. I'll try to get used to it.

Anyway is it dangerous if I eat it too much ? I spread it all over my toast with it

It's Vegemite you soft cunt
>Thin layer of butter
>Thin layer of Vegemite

Eat vegemite and wheatbix to become 001% chad as the standard Australian.

I live in the 3rd world country so probably not doing so much routine with toast. But I'll get myself used to it.

Nutritional info.

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I’m Australian but vegimite is fucking disgusting, and kraft isn’t even australian

What's even so good nutritionally

What's wrong with you cunts I can eat it by the spoonful

26% protein by weight. Same as lean beef. I guess that is the attraction. I have never tried it it myself, desu. I have never trusted Austrailians.

It used to be one of the only good ways to supplement b-vitamins.

It's owned by Bega, amerimutt

It's an Australian practical joke they play on vacationers.

Lmao but if you use 1g of it per day then who gives a fuck if it's %100 protein

Americans are fucking retarded when they try it. They either try it straight off the spoon, or smear shit tonnes on their toast. It's not like peanut butter.

Using thin layer is key.

>thin layer of butter

Fucking poofcunt

Straight on the toast op

Come on bro, without the butter its kinda dry unless you add avocado, eggs, tomato and make a real sandwich.

If you don't like vegemite you're a foreigner who needs reporting.

I bet that isn't the only thing he convinced you to take you fucking fairy

>tfw your toast is perfectly browned and you spread it so evenly and thin that toasted crumbs start dislodging and getting mixed in with the vegemite
>tfw you end up with a perfect mixture of breadcrumbs and vegemite spread that has a delicious roughness to it, while also being smooth
breakfast kino

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> putting butter on before
> Telling cunts to spread very thin
It's time to get out m8

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food of the gods tbqh, not sure if it has any health benefits per se but it's definitely not bad for you

only soy fags use butter

Ausfag here. In my experience ausfag dudes are one of the few nationalities who will give it to you straight 100% of the time (melbfag degenerates notwithstanding)

Use margarine instead of butter

The sodium


>thin layer
no butter and the layer should be at least 1/4 the thickness of the bread

hummus vegemite and fresh seedy bread

Who peanutbutter and marmite/vegemite here?

Marmite is dogshit compared to vegemite
Don’t ever lump them together again faggot

just deal with it. put vegemite on your raw onions when you eat them.

Ausfag here, got pretty used to it growing up and now eat it pretty thick, maybe 1-2Tbsp per slice of toast. No butter, just add extra VegemiteTM instead. Sometimes have a spoonful or two on it's own and find it pretty mild.
Or spread it between two weetbix. Yes this is a thing.

Also if you're feeling like a fancy cunt
>Toast with avocado
>Toast with PB
>Toast with avocado, egg and cheese
Or cooking
>Add to stews, gravy etc. but not too much

Its a australian cousin of british marmite, both are anglo and both are disgusting and retarded

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cant find the pushup thread so ...*roll

use cum instead of butter

meh, that's pretty lame nutritionally. has a ton of sodium

i have 4 vegemite crackers and 2 vegemite sandwiches a day