How long does it take to rep 5×5 135 on bench

I just started lifting and I'm repping 5×5 95

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3-5 years

Keep training and find out


Don't worry about numbers, 135 isn't even a lot. Just focus on progressive overload and if your chest is being used.


2-3 months

3-6 months

You should be repping 135 after 6 weeks of lifting

Depends on how fat you are to begin with. Generally a few months should be enough.


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One minute, just arch your back and plant your feet

I'm assuming that you're talking about kg and not lbs? If you have a decent foundation to start with, 3pl8 for reps can be achieved in a year.

Depends on your rep speed

This has to be bait. Are you implying this guy is lifting over lmao1pl8 when he just started??

I was benching 1pl8 for 5x5 my first week

You have to be 18 to be on this website. Reported.

He's not wrong, i've known people who could bench 2pl8 the first time they went into a gym. They were already rugby players though that didn't lift.

Veeky Forums is just full of a bunch of skeles

2-5 months depending on how often you lift, and how well you take care of yourself outside of the gym. 135 is arbitrary, just keep at it and you'll be fine.

I started lifting freshman year of uni and I thought 135 was a huge milestone as well because I saw tons of fuckboy / frat types benching a plate. Truth is, it's really not all that much and if you're dedicated you will soar straight past 135 in no time.

Your first month

If you're eating a decent amount of calories and getting some protein, you should be able to increase weight lifted for your bench by 5 lbs per workout. So from 95 to 135 is 8 workouts.

Of course that assumes a couple things and there will always be variation, so to add a shit ton of leeway, let's say 10-12 workouts where you bench press. If you bench twice a week, then ~5-6 weeks which is less than a month and a half. Bench once a week and you're looking at 2-3 months.

If you can't or haven't done it after 3 months, you're either holding yourself back by being scared to increase the weight, aren't eating enough, or using improper form. Of course 3 months isn't a hard deadline, but it's one that can be difficult to miss if you're actually lifting.

Thanks for sharing

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I went from 60kg to 80kg in 6 weeks.

I started at 85 5x5 in December, now at 140 5x5.

Took me four months. Started fat and could do 40pushups before lifting.

Like a couple of months... If you eat and have enough volume

I can rep 135 for 3, been lifting for 7 or so months.
I was a 105lb skelly when I started lifting and I never eat enough, so it should be easy to hit 5x5 for someone who is actually dedicated.