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Manlet takeover soon.

>cope in stadistics

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buncha beaners and gooks flocking in
>t. white mexican

Most likely due to Hispanic and Asian immigration

Right around when America opened their doors to third-worlders... hmmm

shut up goyim and drink your soy

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>Adding white

Nice try Rodriguez

>post this pic on /pol/ on a new thread for the bantz
>2 weeks later huffington post makes an article about it


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>Stop adding whites
>Start adding tens of millions of Mesoamericans.
>Never look up Mexico's average height
White Americans aren't shrinking.


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I wonder (((why)))?

Come to think of it, I've never met a spic who was of normal height.

This. The stats are skewed by the increasing ratio of nonwhites to whites

I knew something was up

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All of the tall people in America are liberal disgraces, that's why.

in this pic I only recognize james bond and james franco

That's a travesty.

Letting spics pour in freely does that to the country.

God help you if you try to point that out.


Get off the board and get your shit together Canelo

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Data skewed by Guatemalan goblinos

literally the influx of midget third worlders

Pick one and only one, Pedro

Pretty convincing evidence that milk is bad for you. Clearly we've just grown a tolerance for that specific badness.


>shitskin damage control

I heard growth hormone for young boys was much more easily accessible back in the 60's.

How brainwashed do you have to be to say """American"""" men knowing that it means black somalians all the way to korean chinks? This is the problem with having no actual defining race or culture. The word American means absolutely nothing.

>muh muh race

how cucked is it to claim the accomplishments of people who had nothing to do with you? american is a way of life and a state of mind, races belong in the dustbin of history

Just like that pic, Jews


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put yourself in the dustbin of history, commie

probably has something to do with 56%

Why are you posting these?

You don't want foreigners to rape America? That makes you a liberty hating cuck!

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Is it possible to fix this? The wrong people are afraid of being called racist.

>your ancestors have nothing to do with you
Yeah my family built America for non-Americans right?

Of course alot of gooks and spics are messing this up, but i think """"white""" Americans" are getting shorter aswell, maybe.

Half of the second row are lying

Simon Pegg is particularly touchy about is bogus claim.


t. Dane


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>i-it's the mexican!
>i-it's the asians!
If whites are so superior then why can't you crying pricks reproduce? It's because white women don't want you?

alright jamie, I pulled it up for you through celebheight, which is more or less reliable:
>Seth Rogen: 5'11" legit
>James Franco: 5'10.5", slightly off
>Jonah Hill: 5'6.25" starting to fraud
>Paul Rudd: 5'9", 1" fraud
>Steve Carell: 5'9", legit
>Michael Cera: 5'8.75", legit
>Simon Pegg: 5'8.75", 1.25" FRAUD
>Danny McBride: 5'10.5", actually taller than listed
so it's a bit less than half
would have been funnier with e.g. zac efron, who is 5'8" and claimed 5'10" at some point


Mexicans skewing the data

Cope harder.

Milk makes you tall, Dutch people have known this for ages. Statistics go down because non-westerners invade the Netherlands. The OG Dutch are getting taller and taller still. Whenever I go to parties I´m amazed by the tallness of the new generations (16-30). I´m 28/190cm.

In my 10 people boxing class 2 guys are taller than me (195 and 199)

In my MMA class (16 people) theres 4 taller than me. (192, 195 195ish 195ish)

TL;DR Dutch Aryan Masterrace


I agree with you
>180 cm master race
>half Dutch

oh boy I wonder why

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Same as the mystical puzzle of why IQ is decreasing.

Vegan btfo

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how many of the 70 million mexicans/hispanics has he deported during his presidency?

>tfw soylent ads are getting through my adblocker on YouTube mobile
Are (((they))) onto me bros?

Yeah, like 12 have been reported. Le Based Trump fixed everything

>The average Mexican man weighs 165 pounds and stands 5 feet 4 1/2 inches tall, while the median figures for Mexican women are 151 pounds and 5 feet 2 inches, according to a study released by a group representing Mexico's clothing industry.

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shit that's italy not mexico

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shitskin vegan

Is James Bond even in there?

No. None of them are


My favorite "black" tv show is "The Sopranos"

>mexican in America
t. real mexican

Australia is mostly white but they're manlet tier as well. Just face it it's anglo genetics.

Merkel would approve

obviously it’s because of degrading evolution between 1-2 generations you idiot racists

This, America is no longer evolving, when the immigration law switched in 65 it began devolving due to all the third worlders. Thanks lbj

My pleasure homie

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Probably our worst president ever, doomed this country

Yes I'm sure you know what you're talking about


It's hard to compete with catholic subhumans who just fuck on instinct. Smart(white) people would rather focus on their careers and use contraceptives until they're ready for children.

Waiting until your 30s to reproduce and shitting out an autism son who won't reproduce. Good plan, goy.

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Immigrants with shorter stock

>tfw 1.75m in the Netherlands
I don't think I'm gonna make it as a manlet bro's

Wtf why is Iceland blue?

Lol where did you get this bullshit? I'm from the southern cone and everyone around here drinks milk.

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cock milk doesn't count you giant flaming faggot

>tfw 185 in Sweden
feels good

>Tfw Indian but no lactose intolerance
I fucking love milk/dairy
Also I'm not sure why Iceland is blue on that pic

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either that they don't have any data, or that they originate from an old nordic people, that actually werent lactose tolerant

>live in
>ancestry is Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Belgian
why did my 183cm dad have to mate with my 158cm mother?

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Dad fell for the womenlet meme, just dont do the same

my gf is 164cm is she a womenlet?

>180 cm
>master race

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mijn neger
My whole extended family are or came from dairy farmers. When I go to a family gathering nowadays I get mogged by my 16y/o cousins while being 194cm/6'4"

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> falling for the womanlet meme

If you didnt know a lot of white mexican tend to reproduce with other white mexicans thats why the northners tend to be whiter and in places like in the south like puebla they tend to be less mixed and a lot more indigenous looking and super dark skinned