What is your kryptonite, Veeky Forums?

What is your kryptonite, Veeky Forums?

Me? Pumpkin pie.

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Pizza. Nothing better than crushing an entire pizza for dinner, been a while.

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Every 2 weeks I crush an entire dinner box from Pizza Hut. That is probably like 4,000-5,000 calories.

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Carrot cake, no frosting, with walnuts, almonds, and raisins. Normally I avoid sweets, but I will decimate obscene amounts of carrot cake. Which is exactly why I rarely have it.

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these sound and look fuckn disgusting

can't leave my bed and end up wasting the day not consuming calories

Use that as a training day. Those salt and carbs are gonna fuel you like diesel oil!

Fucking nigger don't dare you talk shit about carrot cake.

Man, I remember this. I had it in all my birthday parties when I was a kid.

wtf is wrong with you. Post your krypto

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Light and fluffy or dense? Spicy or no?

same. I notice I get the same enjoyment of eating carrot cake as I do eating female ass

I am cutting because I am overweight from a lifetime of bad choices and I would kill for a plate of these.

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Fried chicken. I dusted this on Sunday as the first cheat meal in two weeks, then walked to a pie shop next door and got half a pecan pie. Which was also consumed by the end of the day. Must have been a good 5000cals that day.

75% regrets.

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>pecan pie
Good cheating choice at least. Fucking delicious.

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Pic related


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I have never tasted pumpkin pie.

>tfw not american

What do pumpins even taste like? Oranges?

This. Dominos pizza is always my go to.

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Umm maybe imagine sweetened pureed sweet potato.

Fatty wants some sugar

depression, and the poor eating choices that go with it.

The texture is something like a potato, so the pie custard feels a little thick and a little grainy like if you added mashed potatoes to an egg custard. The taste of a pumpkin pie though, is usually more similar to what you'd associate with richer and spicier desserts because you usually add things like nutmeg, cloves, ginger, allspice, mace and cinnamon to it.

The only thing I could compare the taste of pumpkin itself to would be to squash (because it is a squash).

>all these retards who do cheat meals
just do IIFYM like a non-retard and you can enjoy your fav foods in moderation

just eat fucking HEALTHY good stuff, like banana pancakes, fruitbowls etc. its not fucking rocket science. if u want something good,make it. it can be healthy and good too

>TL:DR learn how to make delicious and healthy food

Dense is pretty dope, but I can get around light and fluffy.


Stopped reading there

>what is a social life
People go out to eat. A weekly cheat meal is often a means to go out, socialize, and have a bit of a mental break that is not equatable to simply making something at home.


banana pancakes are made of literally ONLY EGGS and bananas.

u dumbfuck.

yeah, and eating shit-tier quality food.
i'd rather invite someone over for dinner or hangout after i've eaten,then eating the shit crap they call "food" at restaurants.

Ketchup. I’ve always been skinny, but around 3 years ago I sort of went cold turkey and candy and sweet stuff. I’m objectively very good about not eating much very sugary processed food at all. In my case it was originally because of acne, but now it’s because I want to gain weight and need room for greasy protein and carbs and fat. Also I just feel better without the sugar. I’ve certainly lost my tolerance for it, to the point where I have one brownie or something and I feel a little lightheaded. But I fucking love French fries n burgers n shit, and I douse all those motherfuckers in ketchup. Might try to cut back a bit but I will always eat this stuff.

I fucking LOVE lemon squares. Good thing they're out of the way and not something I can order in bed on a whim or else I'd have to throw all my gains out the window.

My liver hurts looking at this but God damn.
Cutting is hell.

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Just stick to a strict as fuck diet and every couple weeks eat some trash food. Then get back on it. You don't have to avoid this shit cold turkey as long as you're staying on top of your workouts and eating clean everywhere else.

no. that will make you crave it more and more.
cut it out entirely to make cravings go away. make or buy alternative and better healthier food.

save gains, money and health.

Nah, I get carried away and end up consuming 5,000 calories of pure food and fasting for 48 hours.
Can't wait for September...

Pic related. Also, pizza.

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