What are the best dumbbell exercises?

What are the best dumbbell exercises?

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all of them.



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push ups

Bench press

Leg presses

This now a QTDDTOT Thread

all the exercises that need dumbbells

Seriously though: Incline dumb bell press

Thats garbage


Dumbbell clean and press is great.
I did them with a pair of 40s lying around my parents house and I was shooting for 50 reps in 20 minutes and the next day everything was sore. Everything. It made sense only after the fact, though - you have to do a neutral grip clean from the floor (so basically a deadlift/squat+cheat curl) then press it then lower it (eccentric hammer curl with probably more than you can strict curl)
Bill Starr has written about the lift several times.
Very fun. If you can maintain proper form, the lift is very rewarding. Also fun to run the rack and max out with. I personally only use a neutral grip on them because using any other hand position makes it really awkward and borderline unsafe.


reverse grip bench press

Only dumbell exercises I do are lateral raises and reverse flyes. Occasionally some sort of curl.

one arm DB rows are GOAT



Incline bicep curl, where the stopping point is behind your body and your arm is completely stretched
Concentration curls
Hammer curls
Lateral flyes
Incline chest flyes

dumb bell

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Why are they useless? Honest question