That 30 year old that goes to the gym

>that 30 year old that goes to the gym

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I don't "go to the gym".

I have a home gym, in my 5 bedroom 7500sq ft home.

You know, pretty standard for 30 year olds who aren't complete failures in life.

>that 30 year old that LARPS to 17 year old kids on an anime imageboard

Don't you have old people stuff to do, gramps?

Nope. My home is paid off and I have passive income that easily covers everything else I need money for.

Ok. Post timestamped proof, I know you won't.

Can you post a pic of your home.

I don't care what you think about it, I'm not giving up on improving.

Stupid nigger, go to eat some watermelon, you’re bad at larpingw

>being indebted to the zionist overlords for 30 years of your prime years

lol. have fun with that.

lul how many times you gotta post this get a life loser

On Veeky Forums, everybody has a 20000sq ft, 10 bedroom mansion, with a home gym and brothel.

Is this not believable to you guys? Id like to know what you guys do for a living.

I am on $260k at 32 as an executive creative director in Australia. Own a really huge property about 120km out from a major city, no mortgage.

Are you guys all NEETs or spend all your money on drugs? Getting a decent job and saving money and buying property isn't hard.

stop arguing with amerimutts they're basically 3rd world.

Do you have a degree? I feel like I’m never going to make more than $15 an hour, even if I finish my business degree, probably because I’m an autistic brainlet

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instead of a brothel I went with a daycare center, same purpose

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How many times am I going to have to see this same fucking wojacks face a day?

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> he didnt stop going to the gym forever at 29

Implying at 32 both your girlfriend and Mom wouldn't fuck me

op got mogged so hard by some 30 year old sick kunt that he made this thread two days in a row

What do you expect us to do? Is this based on your own future plans? When you yourself hit 30 will you stop going to the gym and become a fatty dadbod? Don't make me laugh.

sorry im a bit a newfag of fit but whats the deal with being 30 and going to the gym?

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>lmao haha
>t 28yo

>tfw 29
>look incredibly young and fit, ID always controlled when buying alcohol
>going out in town, literally swimming in 18 yo pussy
>have money, social skills and status that most young guys simply don't have unless rich parents
This is how life was always meant to be

OP prolly got mogged by some older guy who took his oneitis

Yes, it is extremely unbelievable and I'm very jealous. In my country it's hard to get any job. I have a master's degree and have none (ok I do translations from time to time for the average pay of $25...).
And even if you get a job the average annual wage is like $12k.
Existence such as yours at 32 is something that I cannot even imagine.

whats a creative director?
desu i dont believe really successful people bother writing on Veeky Forums :¬) what is your problem?

Nobody like that would be on here.

It is believable for rich people to exist, yes. But I highly doubt they would go on a Japanese-inspired imageboard and type
>I have a home gym, in my 5 bedroom 7500sq ft home.
in a random thread like an insecure faggot. Stop being a little bitch and sort your life out

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how much would it cost to put a brothel in your house? asking for a friend