Weights vs reps

do you really have to increase weight through time in order to gain muscle mass? Or can you keep the same weight but more reps until you physically cant do anymore (fatigue) Is there a difference, and if there is, what is the science behind it.


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Yes over time you will have to moderately increase the amount of weight.
But that's well after you've completely stopped growing from a relatively heavy weight or have progressed to the point where you're lifting that weight for up to 15 reps.

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When you are pushing your hardest and grinding a rep your brain is using as many muscle fibers as it possibly can. It adapts and lets you use more muscle for the future

When you do lots of reps you are using the glycogen stores of your muscle, your body adapts by allowing more liquid to be stored, giving you the appearance of bigger muscle

Both result in actual muscle fiber growth through the process of micro tearing and repairing

If you want to look good focus on strength first (1/2/3/4), then switch to a hypertrophy routine for best results. 225x10 is going to do a lot more than 125x10

dude what is this 1/2/3/4 shit i keep seeing? 225x10? 125x10? please help

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1 plate over head press (135 lbs)
2 plate bench press (225 lbs)
3 plate squat (315 lbs)
4 plate deadlift (405 lbs)
Tbh squatting and deadlifting that much seems more conducive to long term problems than long term health so I usually do more reps of a lighter weight but I don't really know shit so don't take my word


This. Most doctors say to avoid these because they're horrible long term


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yes, eventually very high reps low weight will just train metabolic fitness not muscle fibre size

look up myofibrillar hypertrophy and sarcoplasmic hypertrophy

High weight and high reps.

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aim for 8-12 reps, as you are moving up weight do 8, as you get more comfortable do 10(spend most time here) then 12 when you have a solid base then move up weight to 8 reps again

bodyweight on OHP bench squat deadlift IIRC

Doctors advice is for normie shits who want to maintain the bare minimum level of strength to function as a human.

Doctors don’t know shit about training.

or nutrition for that matter

You need sufficient time under tension to get adaptation, muscle growth. Basicly when you get strong enough after increasing the reps the tension part lessens and you need to increase weight to get sufficient tension again.

Or you could just work on your mobility?

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>in order to gain muscle mass
To gain muscle mass? Yes. To gain it, you need to break them down so your body makes them stronger so you won't break them down again.

Do remember that your body only fixes you so it doesn't feel that pain of getting absolutely fucked ever again. So while you go about lifting that weight it knows it can cope with it'll be 100% okay with that and even insist you do that forever. As long as you are not clogging arteries and nothing is broken your body really does not give a shit about how it looks or feels.