You could lift every day for the rest of your life and you would never get a hundredth of the ass this man has gotten

>you could lift every day for the rest of your life and you would never get a hundredth of the ass this man has gotten

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You mean feet

IS this what you youngsters call “bloatmaxing”?

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

yeah but what's his legacy? garbage kids shows.

What's his name again?

Who even is this


Nigger, Drake and Josh was unironically a great show.

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Don't care, I'm not giving up on improving

>We share a board with people who are young enough to have nostalgia over horrid kids programming like drake and josh

god help us

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Josh also made it

The goal of my lifting isn't to get as much ass as I can. Hell, none of my goals are to get as much ass as I can. Because that's a shitty fucking goal.

It was a childrens sitcom you manchild. Take off your rose colored glasses.

Drake & Josh was great you fucking faggot.

Victorious was also a smart commentary on Hollywood and their artist.

This might actually be the stupidest post on Veeky Forums right now. Good work!

Nigga this show was airing like 10+ years ago. 30 year olds gtfo

Seeing him reminds me how frasiered drake from drake and Josh got. Sad really

Welcome to Veeky Forums, newfag.

Josh is Jewish and still continuing, Drake is a gentile and got perma blacklisted for coming out against gay marriage. Really makes you think.

Beer Can Dan

aka Dan "Preteen Pussy Destroying Machine" Schneider

I went back and watched a couple episodes and it's not how you remember it, it's pretty dire

SPHERICAL is still unironically funny and makes the whole show worth it though

They don't call him "Beer Can" Dan for nothing

>none of my goals are to get as much ass as I can

Hm, pretty much everything I do has the end goal of getting as much ass as I can. I wouldn't even show up for work if I thought I'd get laid living in a cardboard box.

The goal for something should never be to be the best or get the most, because there will always be someone who's better or who has more. The goal should be to be YOUR best or get YOUR most, because you're not fruitlessly comparing yourself to others, but comparing yourself to your past, and nobody can take away the improvements you made.

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Fuck I am 24 and even I felt too old to watch Drake and Josh when it was on the air

yea cause you need rest days

somehow you've made this post about a fat pedophile into an inspiring message

Is that Dan "The Man With The Underaged Plan" Schneider?

you was a very weird kid

Dan "you want a role in nick, get down on this dick" Schneider

Dan 'Get in the Van' Schneider

It's Dan 'the man with a plan to lick her clam, tie her up and slap her with your ham, start with two fingers and then your whole hand, no reporting and no bans, fondle her clit then her cans, rip off her clothes and throw her in the van, not a one, not a two, but a six-man gangbang, into her mouth and right inside her, make that pussy wider and wider, soft smooth skin better is the whiter, pound her so hard they call him the Hymen Collider, give him a viagra and it'll be an all-nighter, don't go soft, got to be a hard rider, hold her tighter, she's a fighter, he won't kill you if you stay quieter and grip that dick tighter' Schneider.

Or just 'Dan' for short.

He became a chad

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Yeah, but you're wromg. Otherwise I'd jack off three times today instead off twice.

> this
> chad

sort yourself out

at least he isnt drake bell

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Going to get less prison dick in my ass too.

diff user nah he is just smarter than you pleb

he looks like shit, who is he?

you mean "what's his name?"

If I could be anyone for a day, it'd be him

Now that's a Chad

Nothing against the ass this guy got.

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he's aesthetic and has a good body but is a mantel with a subpar face

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If you go to a /fit tnes board and are offended by 20 year olds you should kys.

There are people today who have not seen the 1900s at all and are going to college.
>my son is one of those

Dan "the big dick at Nick" Schneider

someone post the bit with ICarly feet

But I would still have a soul.


Didn't yall post about this Guy some years Ago in Veeky Forums? Zzzz this be old news