1/2/3/4 progress thread

Am currently

Is that normal?

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bench and squat were easiest for me.

Yeah it's normal. I had similar stats.

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4 months

hungry skelly here, 140 at 5'11"



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What is 1/2/3/4

Yeah this is pretty normal.
Some people are not that good at the deadlift when you start out because of noob form and you have underdeveloped
Your deadlift should speed up as you begin to do more accessories aimed at your weakness.

All for 5 minimum however, I don't do 1RM.

Press was the easiest, it's also one of the the most fun exercises. I think most people reach it first.
I kinda plateaued at the DL now however. I tried pulling 3,5 the other day and didnt even get it off the ground ;_;

Not working on deadlift now doing good mornings instead until I get a 4pl8 squat.
That shit works.

Why does squat and deadlift improve so easily but squat is hard as shit

Maybe give lower rep ranges a try then senpai. I can't remember the last time i went over 5 reps on a deadlift. And my deadlift is pretty alright.

You're probably making the mistake of actually doing squats with proper form. Never gonna make it like that.


Press is a meme


normally I do a pyramid scheme, start with low weight, build up to my 5 rep max, then go down to low weight again, mostly 5x5 or 5x6.

Sometimes I feel like it I don't do enough. There's this guy at the gym who literally did only deadlifts (up to 4pl8) during the entire time my complete workout lasted

not taking into account the bar. Lifiting 6 months 5'7
guess im behind on Diddly

do you guys count the bar?

I mean my squat and deadlift improve with 3 and 2 sets per week.
My bench doesn't improve unless I do 15 sets of bench with a shit tonne accessories.

No you stupid fuck its the plates on the side.


Only if I am using lmao2bar


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Just hit 1.5/3/4.5/5.5 after 2 years of lifting. Currently 185. Feels good brah.

Sorry 3 years, pulling an all nighter to study for a midterm

Pretty close on everything except for squats. Never even done 2pl. I don't even skip leg day, I just hate squats, and work out alone in a gym without safety bars so I won't try to push limits.

Yes you count the bar, don’t listen to these troglodytes


Squat should not be higher than your dead. Check your form on both to prevent imbalance and injury.

I've had my form checked on both and I'm doing them properly, squats are just easier than deadlifts

65 kg OHP
99 kg bench
135 kg squat
175 kg diddly

Almost there.

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Almost exactly the same pham expect 5lb extra fat

Some people have shitty deadlift leverages, my squat and deadlift are pretty much the same both ~200kg

It doesn't matter if you have "shitty deadlift leverages" you shouldn't be squatting more than you deadlift as a beginner.

Just shy of 2/3.25/5.5/6.25 (or so I hope they'll be after my meet in a week and a half.


0.5/0.75/1/2 (3 months)
I hate squats and i don't have a spot for bench

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>99kg bench
How many plates is that? Or do you just put on 2pl8 and then add a balloon to either side?

blue is squat, green is deadlift

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you're obviously not a very experienced lifter based upon the rate at which your strength has gone up, "noob gains" and such. Who did you have check your form? If it's not someone reputable I would assume that there's something off still.

a guy at the gym, he's actually in good shape and does compound lifts a lot and asked if he wouldn't mine form checking me. he did and gave me a few tips, but besides that said I was good. that was about a month ago

Depends on body which you will reach first, currently stretching pecs/back so i can actually rest bar for squats

I would say post your form here, not in the thread, maybe in /plg/. Not only do you have no idea as to this normies level of expertise (saying he looks good doesn't mean shit) there may be other things he hadn't noticed. In regards to your squat being higher than your deadlift because of leverages, read the article below


Boris Sheiko is one of the most highly regarded strength coaches in the world so take that into consideration.
>TD;DR you should be deadlifting more than you squat unless you're a fat fuck

This is Phrak's GSLP
I don't track what I eat
No protein shakes
I sleep less than 8 hours per day
Drink alcohol regularly on weekends

How am I doing?

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For fuck's sake what is wrong with my body, why can't I progress? Getting to 1p8 bench took me 5 months. Fucking hell

Took me about the same amount of time, my numbers are here I would go heavy on bench then absolutely destroy myself with chest accessories. I added in an arm day to strengthen my triceps and started hitting OHP weekly. My bench shot up, I also transitioned between dumbells and barbell bench with like 4 months between switching

Finally hit 2pl8 bench last month and a week later was doing 235 with a full competition pause. Feels weird trying to work up the motivation up to chase 2/3/4/5 when I'm so far away from it.
I might just try to chase 1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5 first. 185/275/365/455 seems reasonable since I already have the diddly


0.8/1.25/1.2/3 how fucked am I

well I can't exactly hire a professional to form check me can I? I'll read the article, but I'm not having any problems besides one lift being higher than another, which for me isn't an issue

My work volume is 1:1 and I still have virtually the same numbers for both squat and diddly, which is lmao3pl8.

1,5 / 2,5 / 3 / 4

Training on and off for like 7 years :^)

You probably can DL more than that. get someone to check your form. And just try harder next time you max out

Depends on your genetics if your a lanklet maybe. I had 1/2/3/4 in 2 or 3 months of lifting.

Do you go to a gym? Don't be afraid to ask.

Seems normal. I hit squat first, then press, then bench. Deadlifted 345 yesterday (personal best so far), so I have a ways to go yet, but yeah... More or less in line with what you're seeing.

1/2/3/4 for reps
still look like shit
not even fucking fat or anything maybe 12% bf
>180cm 79kg


Been lifting since november

I'm 163lbs at 6'1

going on my third week of lifting, i hate doing squats

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Calculators. I can 1x5 85 kg.