Those who are 6’4+ and 200lbs+ (fit, no fatfucks), please tell me how the fuck do you do it? Tell me your diets...

Those who are 6’4+ and 200lbs+ (fit, no fatfucks), please tell me how the fuck do you do it? Tell me your diets. I was stuck at 180 for 6 months, then I started eating 3 pb&j sandwiches and 3 egg sandwiches (2eggs+2pieces of bread) a day, and in 1 month I gained about 10 pounds. My lifts went up too. Now, my weight stabilized, and I don’t know what else to eat to keep increasing my weight. Am I going to be able to keep increasing my lifts, and is that enough to get me more muscle mass? Also, I’m 19 and will turn 20 in a month, is it true that my metabolism will slow down and I will gain weight even if I keep my caloric intake the same? Pic related is 1 month ago on the left, today on the right.
>Inb4 there is no difference
I know but the scale doesn’t lie, there is a 10 pound difference. Sorry for the blogpost, just looking for some tips. Cheers

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Eat more.

''mom buys my underwears'', the picture

Fpbp. Just eat more if you're struggling to put on weight, lanklet.

I get it, I just need to know what else to eat, should I eat even more pb&j sandwiches? Wouldn’t that make me bloated? Should I keep eating what I’m eating and increase portion size? It already takes me half an hour to eat a meal and it makes me want to kms

eat more man, its not a super complicated thing

Pizza and whole milk. Once you get tall enough it becomes impossible to eat clean, and put on weight at the same time.

Just eat a cocktail can of peanuts a day. Just constantly snack.

fucking EAT MORE you brainlet
what the fuck is wrong with you

Force yourself to eat a pizza or a liter+ of milk extra a day ontop of your usual.

Yeah, I think that’s the harsh truth I don’t want to accept

Sounds like an interesting option. I’m worried about too much fat/cholesterol though

t. 5’9 160lbs bitch who thinks he is swole

I also made chocolate and peanut butter milkshakes with protein powder mixed in.

Snack on trail mix. I fucking hate eating also, but I'm always snacking on it.

You have wide hips man, just like me. Not the obvious hourglass type but the lower, is-it-my-hips-or-my-quads-but-it-still-look-like-shit type. Probably long legs as well. Gotta hit those shoulders/lats/pecs extra hard

6'4" 240lbs here
Don't fall for the bulking meme or you'll end up trying to lose your jelly belly like me.

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I’m doing
Mon: Chest+Tri+Shoulder
Tues: Back+Biceps
Wed: Legs
Thurs: =Mon
Friday: =Tuesd
Sat: = Wed

Can you tell me your diet and how old you are? I just want to know if you’re eating a lot more [calories] than me

This. I break my 16 hour fast with piZza and then eat a 2000-3000 calorie plate of food. Then later half a litre of whole milk and ice cream.
Getting lean is super easy I find being this tall, but gaining strength on lifts is a bitch once you’ve built a strength foundation - you will have to be a surplus to make sweet progress. Take your diet serious bro and you’ll make it

you see eating enough as a chore, guys who are that big love to eat just as much as they love to lift.

I'm 24, when I was trying to gain weight I'd drink 2 extra protein shakes a day, most days trying to reach 3500-4000 calories. I'd make several peanut butter sandwiches to eat throughout the day, for regular meals it was usually just anything I had in my apartment, meat, chicken, sweet potatoes,eggs, whole milk, oatmeal pancakes etc

I took it too far and thought as long as I got stronger it was ok, so I got to 260. I wised up and started to lose weight a few months ago. You get used to eating a lot once you do it for a while

Yeah I’m trying

Interesting. For how long have you been trying to lose weight? Are you finding it difficult?

Since January, I've gone from 260 to 240 which is probably slow but it hasn't been too hard. I stopping eating out and try to just eat at my apartment so that's helped too. How many calories are you eating now?

I don’t know to be honest. MyFitnesspal says 5000 but I don’t know how accurate that is. I really wish someone would tell me if “fast” and “slow metabolism” is a meme or if it’s real

It's not a meme, plenty of people have to eat shit tons. I would say I put weight on fairly easily

Shit. I’m on the very opposite side of the spectrum apparently

Jesus christ this thread
Im 6'7 and gaining is hard.
Just eat a lot and lift a lot

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For how long have you been lifting? How old are you? What’s your diet and caloric intake? I’m mirin’. I’d be happy if I ever look like you

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6'2" 290lbs fattie here. Not much problem putting on weight here haha

Congrats you got fat.

I will never understand dyels that are so obsessred with adding tons of weight to the scale quickly. You should gain around 3 pounds a month max.

Fucked around for over a year. 4 years total but could have reached this in 3. Im 24. 2 bulk/cut cycles. But i eat 500gr of greek yoghurt before i go to sleep every day. I cleanbulked at 4000 this year last year i dirty bulked at 5500 but got fat.
You will but it takes a lot of effort

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Let me know when you find out.
Ive eaten nothing but chicken and protein and i look like ive barely put on any muscle at all while i gained 40 lbs.
I do a 3 hour workout every other day including the big 3.
I think bulking is a meme

>500gr of greek youghurt everyday
What the FUCK, you sure that’s healthy? Also, how much do you spend on it? Kek

Well I’m no expert but I think you’re doing it wrong. You need lots of fat and carbs. And doing the big 3 on the same workout is not a good idea either.

Never had any downside. Also its 45 grams of protein for 68 cent. Same as a 2 scoop shake and it helps me go to sleep with a full stomach

500g for 68 cents? What kind of yoghurt are you eating? I pay CAD8 (~6USD) per 800. It’s grassfed, but I think even the shittiest there is wouldn’t be that cheap

im barely eating 2600-3000, weight gain around +1kg/month, im also very sedentary
4k is a lot, how don't u bloat up at all? very active lifestyle?
I used to chug down greek yoghurts mixed with whey aswell, but i ballooned up big time ~130g fats total back then

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Just the brand of my supermarket
They call it quarck as well

I work as a chef 36hr/w
6 workouts
And i ended ny bulk at 107kg

Hmmmm, any clue how much sugar there is in it?

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I eat a lot of fat, only carbs i get is from the milk for my protein tho

This is 500gr

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Terrible idea. Eat sweet potatoes, pasta, rice and bread

Yeah it’s not that bad. Thanks

watch a movie or something while eating so it doesnt feel like a waste of time

user I am 6'5 and struggled with the some problem as you. I tried to eat everything I could including Gomad and Egg sandwiches + Greek Yoghurt etc etc.

The thing that really worked for me is a mass gainer. Its actually quite cheap, at least its cheaper then buying all those eggs+yoghurt and stuff and it saves you a lot of hassle and time. Drink 2 shakes of this shit a day with milk and you'll pass that 200 lbs. Were all gonna make it!

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I have the impression that would make me fat, not muscular

>get a rice cooker and cook 2kcal of white rice every day and inhale that shit alongside your other food. But sweet and sour sauce. Then stock up on loads of spinach and brocoli and green beans. I eat about 5kg of rice a week (uncooked so more like 12kg), 7 brocolis, 7 packs of beans and 600g of sinach, 12 bananas and 2kg of meat. You just gotta eat 4 big meals a day and you are sorted. Eat lots of nuts and avocados and dont be afraid to be geneourous with olive oil when roasting veggies. Also dont neglect cardio, Im not talking running but GPP stuff like intervals,and bodyweight power cuircits. Like clap push ups and pulls ups and jumps ect 2x a week for 20-35 min. 3x a week lifting isnt enough you gotta be like an athlete and really build up you bodys ability to cope with volume

Also dont eat powdered shit, this is a meme, do you see brian shaw putting that shit in his mouth? stick to inhaling bulk made meals. Cook batches of loads of fresh food and stick it in large tuppawares and eat the same shit for like 3 meals.

Fuck... I’m really trying to avoid eating the same shit all the time. Thanks though

>those nips
6'4 gyno fag here, mirin hard

En hij is Nederlands! Lekkkeeeer hoooor.

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It’s the same faggot from the /cbt/

When i was at eating at 4000ckals i used to makes shakes of milk, oats, frozen fruits/berries, peanut butter and protein powder and the total ammount of calories was 1000ckals each shake.

I'm 6' 235lbs pretty consistently, haven't lifted in like 6 months but I've got some bigass legs, I think they're definitely above average, especially my calves. My upper body carries the fat decently but I'm def overweight. Have been doing sets of 20 push ups when my sciatica allows though

Step one: eat big (clean or dirty)
Step two: consistently increase both weight and reps when lifting
Step three: eat bigger
Step four: lift bigger
Step five: repeat steps 3 & 4 until you meet rich and zyzz in the plan beyond mortal existence

6'4 started at 185 now at 210

Get a rice cooker and eat a silly amount of rice with every meal and stay away from cardio. Eat every three hours and never let yourself be hungry.


I have the worst forward head posture from years of being a fuck

Heres me first thing in the morning at 205, I just eat and eat and eat some more everyday. just lift heavy and eat some more

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200 lbs @ 14%

Whole milk (duh)
Peanut butter in shakes
Olive oil in shakes
Olive oil/coconut oil added to all hot meals
Eating till near vomiting
Eating metric tonnes of drief fruit (prunes and dates are best imo)

Gained 14 lbs in 1 month

big bowl of cereal for brekky, whatever leftovers are in the fridge or make 8 jumbo eggs with toast for lunch, then eat a fuckton of mums dinner.
oh and a bowl of cereal before bed too

Not all of us are 5'6" like you. I'm 6'1" and I look like I came out of Auschwitz. Food goes right through me, it's so tedious and frustrating to deal with. Currently, I'm not even struggling to get swole, I'm struggling to get out of the "underweight" zone so I don't die. The fuck is wrong with me?

Have you tried doing any exercises/stretches to help with your anterior pelvic tilt? Hip flexor stretches, planks, glutes bridges. I personally had an issue with this and it was quite bad but those exercises helped aton and I saw results within 2 weeks.

I'm 6'5 200 lbs which is pretty low for me. I'm around 225-230 when I'm lifting and typically around 210 when I'm not lifting.
Keep eating a little bit more at each meal until your stomach becomes used to more food

The past year has been a big self improvement year, I unfortunately has completely flat feet and really bad knees. Im going to physio soon to work out some of my issues. I will look into those exercises and stretches !

>anterior pelvic tilt
sad thing is this is all from leaning forward when playing video games

you're the biggest brainlet I've ever seen here lmfao

start by getting your calories by whatever means, even if you're munching junk food, and when you move out of your parents' basement, focus on hitting your macros with real food