Are calisthenics really a pointless meme? Everyone here says they wont do anythinv for you, why is that...

Are calisthenics really a pointless meme? Everyone here says they wont do anythinv for you, why is that? Wont doing 3 sets of as many pushups as possible make you super cut?

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Eating less and getting lean will make you cut. Doing bodyweight exercises will make you better at doing bodyweight exercises, which isn't necessarily a bad thing if you don't care about getting bigger or stronger faster

Well being cut is about losing weight so you might aswell do hiit instead.

thats bullshit, if all you did was eat less and stop being fat, you would just be skelly after losing weight. youre telling me pushups wont make you nonskelly?

Pushups by themselves won't do it. I'm not saying you can't ever be cut doing bodyweight, just look at Bruce Lee, but diet is more important than what exercise you do.

>Are calisthenics really a pointless meme?
Depends what you're trying to achieve, depends how you do them.

Im trying to get super fit so I can do whatever I want athletically
I really j7st want to get strong and increase my core strength and jumo height

really just trying to train for snowboarding, but I also wouldnt mind having the ideal male body desu imo

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Calisthenics are fun but they will not give you an impressive physique

impressive meaning what? what about if you are doing calisthenics while heavy, say 6'1 209, and you continue to do them until you are ideal weight. wont the extra weight add some mass while youre cutting weight?

>wont the extra weight add some mass while youre cutting weight?

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> this much body dysmorphia on Veeky Forums

If you do 200 pushups, 350 situps, as many handstand pushups and as many pullups of each variety a day you will get pretty built in less than a year with a medium/low bodyfat. Nothing that would win competitions with, or impress very many weightlifters but you will achieve ideal male body standard for males in the eyes of females.

Push ups and other bodyweight exercises will get you only enough muscle required to break out of skelly mode.

If 20 push ups is hard for you, you're very weak and doing more will make you stronger. But only to a certain, vague point beyond which youre just doing endurance work. The issue with many body weight exercises is that some don't rewuire you to exhert much force and get big and strong. Its mostly endurance.

By themselves, calisthenics will not make you look impressive. You can get lean and you can put on just enough mass to not look like a literal skeleton.

>wont the extra weight add some mass while youre cutting weight?

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why is Veeky Forums so illogical about this
you don't just do pullups and pushups to failure every day, when you reach 10-12 reps you adjust to a position with less leverage/mechanical advantage or use a belt and add more weight
not even trying to sway people on doing them or how effectively you get built, but it's retarded to say that calisthenics can't build muscle because they become cardio after a certain point, no one is that stupid

Where do you think we are?

People either reject new stuff or just troll. They act like the only reason to train is to look like Ronnie Coleman. Spoiler alert, most of you won’t. But anyway, I have a 30” waist, 15.5” arms and 42” chest done only with calisthenics. It’s nothing to brag about in terms of size, but I did it with a minimal investment and learned a lot along the way. For me it’s much more interesting to learn a new progression than to simply add a few pounds to the bar. And now that spring is finally here I’m planning to add strongman events a few times a week.

Dude what

Possibly the dumbest post I've seen on this website

yes and yes.
I've been doing bodyweight shit for 5 months now. Started wearing a weighted vest and have progressed with how much weight I wear to 50 lbs. I can only crank out reps of 15-12-12 on pushups. 8-7-7 on pullups. I look better now than I ever have. I'm certainly not jacked, but you can def tell I work out, and that's all I'm looking for.
So depending on what you are trying to achieve, bodyweight shit can be good if done right. I'm in dam good shape, very fit, and that's all I'm looking for