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“user what do you besides going to the gym?”

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I collect guns and discuss fitness memes on Veeky Forums

music (listening and playing) is my main hobby
I also like reading. I'm into history and linguistics too so I sometimes binge stuff related to that

really though music is a really easy thing to get into so if anyone out there wants a new hobby or pastime music is a good choice

Riding motorbikes
Going camping

I draw and go to the beach to surf/lay on the sand

woah i bet u shred ass on dat ding

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Hobbies are for brainlets

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Yeap. My jackson js32r is my favorite, yet it's my 2nd most inexpensive guitar.

>"Talk to pretty women"

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I like cooking, and tabletop roleplaying games, including their design.

I read
I need more hobbies Veeky Forums

Build a twin turbo 383. Fuck off thot.

Dirt bikes
Mountain biking
Weekend trips on motorcycle
Go see local bands


Bass/guitar/piano and guns, I also volunteer at church

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I drive

guitar, homebrewing, working on cars, reading, programming, sewing, and cooking
but i guess none of that is as interesting as chipotle and netflix huh

I garden and tend my orchards.
I build and play the banjo.
I enjoy meme camping in my MSS bivy, or in a doubled up sleeping bag with my gf.

I like hiking, but I've done every area in like 50 miles and so its lost the adventurous feeling. Now i only go hiking with friends.

Seems like a lot of people play the guitar. Actually just started learning yesterday, bretty fun.

>or in a doubled up sleeping bag with my gf

DELET THIS NOW! If you have a gf you have no business here!

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>I garden and tend my orchards.
I really wanna start doing some gardening
Just some simple flowers and like peppers, how do I go about this?

>I garden


>and tend my orchards.

An odd way of spelling "Bulls"

>buy soil
>plant seeds
>watch them grow

People did this 2000 years ago without needing advice from a kyrgyz falconry training advice board

>Mountain biking
My nigger.

I like to longboard around town and people watch.

I don't know if there's any special shit about the dirt or something nigger fuck you

Read Teaming with Microbes


Why is it that some of these bikes are so incredibly loud when you don't pedal? Is there a legit reason to it, or is it like the equivalent of the exhaust on some douchebags car?

I BTFO anonymous users on an internet picture board

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>ywn be as chad as Pete
feels bad man...

Video games, anime, books, and cooking. Yes, I am degenerate, but it's so worth it.

It's the sprocket hub making the noise, and really just a personal preference like exhaust

counting calories

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Y-you... hehe just kidding

some rear hubs are inherently loud because of their internal design, i know some people prefer them for showing off and some use that obnoxious sound as a signal for other riders on trail

I'm a cellist, aspiring comic book writer and I am about to start gardening this weekend.
Once the cucumbers are ready they're gonna be pickled.

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Go to /out/s gardening general. They are peper growing gods

I play video games

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Fuck you bugman, agriculture is chad as fuck.
Get back to work office nigger.
Those people were planting native wild seed. Planting a domesticated non native plant like a peper takes skill and knowledge.

programming and making hacking tutorials on youtube

oh also hiking

Fuck sluts in sports bras.

I practice medicine for a living and enjoy cooking and photographing mountain landscapes on my weekend camping trips.

Fellow tough guy here. That's my hobby too


Shitpost on a Pakistani snake charming forum while playing video games and watching Japanese cartoons

no chance lad, I'm using it to build my resume so it's in my real name with a picture of me, don't want to link to it anywhere other than my resume

How do you cook a mountain landscape, I have always wanted to try but I cannot decide on the seasoning so i never attempt it

board games

I play WoW

I have an epiphone les paul and a fender tele. I want a jackson. They are nice.

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Right now, I dont have much time between work and class. When I do have time, I enjoy cooking and playing music/singing. I like to crochet too, and Ive been thinking about picking up blacksmithing. My dad has some forge equipment I could take. If my friends are free we might go out and drink or play D&D some weekends. What about you? Im always looking for new stuff to try

Sports. Reading. Caring for animals. Used to do music, but gave it up a few years ago. Might get back into it now that lifting has helped me regain confidence and discipline.

Electronic music production and DJing.
Although it's not a hobby.

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hiking, mountain biking, small scale landscaping (also part of my job), always been interested in camping but only been a couple of times, this year I'm going to get into it more, used to go fishing as a kid with my dad and I'm wanting to start going again. basically anything outdoors.

>only six strings

“Really user, with those singles? I don’t think so...”

i like to ride my motorcycle and i like to climb mountains

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Hiking, judo, rugby and guitar

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i watch anime and play fingerstyle guitar

Checkd and kekd

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I like hiking, photography and music; I play the piano and guitar. But most of the time I end up shitposting online and playing video games because addiction.

I go to work, at the gym and then workout at the gym lol I have no life. The only thing keeping me from going over the edge is a monthly acid trip and a lot of l dopa and cocaine binges on the weekends

Wrench on cars

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>collect guns
>play video games

gotta admit I don't think many women would enjoy the 20+ guns I have in my apartment. especially since I live in the PNW.

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Hi fellow /k/ommando

I like to fap to guro-porn.


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... and riding bikes.

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god bless /k/ friend

Reading, vydia (less and less fulfilling recently), anime, travelling and hiking. Keep trying to get into music but give up after failing basic shit on the guitar for 3-4 weeks. Will be trading gyms and going back to swimming too after my current gym contract ends. Want to get into bikes and blacksmithing after i finish my degree

I also like collecting beer stamps i guess, have about 200 different ones atm

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Read classic literature. Hopefully someday it pays off and I find a qt waifu who respects braingains

>what do you mean "besides"?

my lovely machine

praise be to st. columbon

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If anyone here is English, Irish, or Welsh, and wants to take part in an ancient activity which is both free and constitutes light exercise, try church bell ringing.
Find your nearest tower(s) here:

Scotland doesn't have many church towers with bells in them. Dour conservative Presbyterians spent all their money building garden sheds and doing science instead of wasting perfectly good metal building loud clangers.

I read and travel.

I’m American but 23/78th Irish I might give this a try.

Reading doesn’t make you smarter because you’re doing it for the weong reasons. You can read a million books and still accomplish nothing, especially classic literature.

This. Reading classic literature for "braingains" are for brainlets or underaged retards still in high school.

You’re fucking retarded

I sing and cry a lot

>Brazilian Jiujitsu
>Tabletop Strategy Games

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>brainlets who can't into critical thinking


I'm now producing rap beats, I write poetry, songs, besides lifting and running. I play video games but can I really count that?

I mostly dance I suppose

Building electronic shit
History and anthropology
Retro video games
Reading stuff

Picture of my dining table, where I present friends and family with delicious food

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Inject steroids and drink protein shakes duh

Are you me five years in the future?
Should I plug in my ASIC?


>inb4 "I'm gonna go find one, bye."

Any hobbies out there where it's hard NOT to make friends?

Money is not a limiting factor.

Bonus points if not only a friend, but a GF will result.