What workout will cure my Autism

What workout will cure my Autism

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Autism is a spectrum.
Describe your autism, or this is just one of the many useless threads redditors post on here to disuage people from visiting this site

My autism gf is improving noticeably since she started working as a cashier


Why would redditors care about people not visiting a Zimbabwean soup carving hotline?

the Chad Lunges

I am a board certified behavior analyst and get paid to help people with ASD communicate and live happy, healthy lives. AMA

How do I learn to socalize with people, specifically how to start and keep a conversation going in a 1 to 1 situation.

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Starting Social
>3x5 chatting with cashiers and waiters
An easier starting point that striking up conversation with random people, so practice with this until you don’t sperg out, then you can move onto intermediate and advanced programs

>move onto intermediate and advanced programs

>tfw cant socialise because of autism

Losing Your Virginity 101
An advanced class

Pua 5x5

Sex and LSD.

Not being a faggot for starters. They're called social skills. SKILLS. You can easily acquire social skills if you just be yourself bro.

how do i socialize? with who? no one wants to talk to an autist that can't have a conversation

After a conversation, how do I follow up on the person? ie asking a phone number?

Shrooms and camping.

This, you might start out at 0 or 1 charisma but you can grind to an easy 6 or 7

Start with exchanging basic pleasantries with a grocery clerk. When they ask how you're doing, give them answer and ask how they are. Not everybody's gonna be open to continuing the conversation, but do it if you can.

It made me more autistic
>Go to uni early to work and shit
>No booths available, have to use on of the armchairs instead
>Laptop on my knees, I’m mega fucking drained from last night’s workout
>put on Netflix and up the brightness so it looks like I’m doing something
>put one hand on my cheek and begin to doze off
>Start dreaming about getting a gf, all the cute things we would do together
>Dreaming about fucking my gf, squeezing her tits and tongue down her throat
>I was only half asleep
>I wasn’t doing these actions in my head but instead in person
>I was literally half awake in an armchair airfucking nobody
>mfw some Stacey was watching the entire time
>As soon as I came to I packed up my shit and dashed

It’s not fair bros, I just want to feel a woman

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jesus christ, this is the reason why i love fit

Dead Hang until failure, gives you time to think and everyone will wonder why you’re on the bars for 30min+