Arms look DYEL as fuck and wont grow

>arms look DYEL as fuck and wont grow.
>forearms lacking hard even though i do a lot of compound lifts and DL / bench / OHP etc... a lot

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>He thought compound lifts would give him an aesthetic physique

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you need to train them in isolation..

I cant trust anything Veeky Forums says, i still have skinny bitch arms at 150kg DL.

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Isolate the muscles that lag behind you dummy
Wrist curls are GOAT

How tall are you?

>deadlifts grow arms

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You're supposed to do accessories with the compounds dummy.

That's not a good deadlift unless you weigh like 50 kg and they aren't supposed to make your arms grow
Do some curls and pushdowns after your sessions, they aren't the devil


Henry Cavill is 6'1 and pulled 435 to play Superman, and his forearms are still small. You need to do isolation exercises. Whats your farmer's walk at?

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>Whats your farmer's walk at?

i dont do them

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do them

holy fuck i never noticed his forearms. mine are larger and i've never isolated them.

How heavy should i start? and i workout at home. What can i use?

>plays superman
>only pulled 435lbs
Ffs that weak bitch is unfit for the part.

You should be able to carry 40kg dumbells and use those to failure. See how your forearms feel after that, and add some curls in, I guess.

His figures training for the movie:

His Deadlift went from under 300 pounds (starting) to 435 pounds

Cavill’s Push Press hit 245 pounds

His Back Squat got up to 365 pounds

Cavill Front Squatted a brutal 10 sets of 10 reps with 225 pounds

and his “Heavy” Front Squat day was 4 sets of 4 reps with 305 pounds

>benching a lot with small arms
Unless you mean 2pl8 as a lot lol

My diddy is 75 lbs higher than his.
My back squat is 80 lbs higher than his.
Don't train push press or front squat though so I guess I'll give him that.
However I'm 5' 8" so that kinda makes him a lil bitch.

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Could just be a bad angle.

start by taking some 50~lb dumbbells and see how it feels, it will probably be really fucking easy so just keep moving up. I get really good doms on my forearms if i compromise my grip (thumbless, less finger pads holding) at a lighter than max weight. Also try out rockclimbing/bouldering

try 21s everyday for two weeks and come back

I weigh 35kg and dl 210kg for 12 reps in 6 sets

21s give you a pump but aren't good for much else. Straight barbell curls. Nothing fancy. Go heavy.

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