Minimalist Running

Thoughts on barefoot and or minimalist running? I want to get into it with spring coming around, but it's a pain in the ass buying some shoes that don't fall apart after two weeks

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Looks gay af
Will fuck up your joints good time

i would wear that but they look weak as fuck.

good way to get bone/heel spurs and ruin your knees and hips

Run barefoot in the grass if you must. Don't use those shoes though. Those are worse than actual shoes. You'd be better off running in dress shoes.

what about just a basic running shoe but with no padded heel or arch?

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That's better. nothing is quite like running barefoot though.

I used to use those freerunning shoes during a hike and sprained my ankle even with strong achilles tendons.

Just get regular running shoes

Barefoot running is the future the Nike jews have been outed. I've been doing it for 2 months and all my lower back/calf pain has disappeared. Watch this vid for best cliffs.
oh and minimalist shoes are a meme if you need foot protection just get some $6 shoes from kmart and rip the soles out.

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Minimalist shoes on concrete/asphalt is just stupid. Running on natural surfaces like compacted earth, grass, gravel, dirt tracks, sand barefoot or with minimalist shoes is amazing and fine but on asphalt and concrete you need some cushioning because you're not made for running on perfectly hard surfaces.

wrong shoe shill

I would seriously consider punching the man who I saw wearing these retarded ""shoes""

Anyone I see wearing these I automatically assume they're a fucking tool, and 100% of the time they are. Kys for even contemplating getting these

Because the hunters of 2000 years ago were known for thier fucked up joints......


They didn't run on asphalt or pavements.

Just get some barefoot running sandals and quit being gay

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One of my Xc coaches in high school was a doctor and said the majority of people with foot and joint issues ran barefoot or used those shitty five fingers shoes.

So take it as you will.


I've seen plenty of reports saying wear from throwing spears, from working stone tools and hoeing feilds.

Seen plenty of modern days too with reports of knee back and hip issues from heel striking due to poor propiception from normal running shoes.

Never seen a report of bad joints from excessive bare foot running, in modern or ancient people.

Providing the modern runners have a fore or midfoot strike

A meme. One that will hurt you. Use normal shoes.

You don't need minimal shoes for fore-foot striking - just keep your normal shoes and aim to strike with the front. It's really not that hard.

I used to run 10 miles on the beach every week barefoot. I had to stop though because my feet grew big nasty purple blisters. Never had any problems besides that though. Also I was running in the shallow part of the water after the waves crashed for extra cushion.

I've also wondered if there was a way I could keep doing this without fucking up my feet. Running on the beach is the best but I hate wearing sneakers full of sand.

Fuck toe shoes. Get these:

I tried it:
>had calf/shin problems from heel striking with my old running shoes
>tried barefoot shoes, building up slowly, but still too fast I guess
>calf/shin problems went away, achilles problem now
I concluded the following:
>heel striking is bad and is only viable if you constantly buy new shoes to cushion the impact
>barefoot running is superior if you started from a young age, as a grown-up I would have to transition too slow for me to be worth it
>I now run with a mid-foot strike with normal running shoes for 2 years and this is the best way to run
My barefoot running experiment thought me to run with a mid-foot strike and I took it with me to normal running shoes. You don't have to heel strike, but it is easier to learn this running with minimalist shoes.

Unironically bought the vibrams from the sale they had last week. Even if they are bad for running, they're comfy as hell.

This is possibly one of the most retarded statements I have ever heard, both you and your coach should sit down together and seriously consider suicide.

This guy gets it. Top tier gym shoes too, since you dont need to slip off your smelly nikes for goat barefoot lifting.

When barefoot hiking up a gravely trail a couple weeks ago. Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and over time my feet would just develop better for it.

Got the idea when I saw a dude running down a pretty steep/jagged gravel trail barefoot. He said his feet weren't really super callused out like you'd think they'd be. He was also doing the trail faster than me in my faggot hiking shoes.

Unless you walk without heel striking there is no point. Also they dont look like good quality.