Summer is two (2) months away

Summer is two (2) months away.
How's the cutting going?

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Chloe Grace Moretz looks like THAT?

Summer is already Yes she's been bulking m8.

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She looks like doggy dick

>Implying I'm not still uber skeleton

I'm still fat nigga. Where my 240+ bros at. Burly bois

>not bulking for longer
>not cutting during summer
never gonna make it


lost 11kg and 3+ inch from my waist
fat percentage somewhere between 13-16%
so its going pretty gud

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Was 95, now 87.
1.83 (6ft)
Need a little more

That hunchback holy shit

220 here, c-can I c-come?

mirin that back


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It'll take me less time than that once I start biking to work.

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Nah I'm bulking until next summer. Not gonna stop till I'm 200lbs @ 5'10

>he thinks im cutting
oh, you havent heard about the season?
i was under the impression you were aware of the season

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yeah she mogs most of fit


Help me Veeky Forums I'm 1.86cm and 107 kilos, I need to be about 85 until summer, hit me up that fat shit needs to go

>cutting during summer
>look good for 1 week in september
>back to getting fat
looks like a plan

does she row for her college?

Too skinny to cut. Would of been 149 at 10% body fat. Stupid to cut so I'm clean bulking

Dont need to cut, my new job burns like 2000 kcal a day. As long as I dont eat my ass off Im fine

i think im gonna bulk through summer honestly

its going shutup


>he fell for the cutting meme
Permabulk is the way to go. Don't lift for the low fat aeshetics, lift for the gains.

i have eaten 3 meals in march.
lost 15 kg (18kg water weight) i regain like 3 kg after eating. for a day

On an intense cut, down to 1500 kcal, and then I'll go up to 2500 for maintenance once I reach my goal before summer.

The food I eat now sucks. Trying to get all the needed nuitrition at 1.5k is hard. In contrast I ate 6.4k kcal the last day before my cut started.



think I'm about 73kg now, been fooling around with 12kg dumbbells, drinking a ton of good french milk and eating large portions

>6ft, 87lbs
A-user, that lean enough

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Perma bulking.

I never reach my goal, so I never reach the cut stage.

cutting is for emo fags

My routine has a lot of cardio in it, and my diet is more of a constant cut. I avoid a lot of junk food, use very little oil in cooking, on average I probably get more calories out than in.
Progress has been slow, started lifting six months ago, dropped maybe 2-3% bf, currently 9%, and put on 5kg (currently 78kg at 183cm)
Obviously I have visible abs and are summer ready

Who here /bulkingthroughsummer/?

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I know its shopped but that lower body with more feminine upper body would be just

I think she would kick my ass if she lifted just a bit

>tfw she has bigger biceps than you
h-heheh thank god this is a shop r-right?

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Only 20 more kg to go to no longer be obese, yay :(

Im bulking like a mad cunt

I'm still at least 10kg away from my weight goal, no way I'm gonna start losing mass.

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Lmao @ coping incels ITT
>M-muh strength
I got 2/3/4/5 and im lean year around. Dont look for excuses to be a fat sad cunt

230 pound bro here

Down about 125lbs so far, but I still got about 150lbs to go.

I know it's still a huge number for most people, but I'm aiming for another 80lbs down before my july bday. I just kicked my alcohol habit with kratom, except for the massive shits, nothing holding me back from hitting those numbers

lol dyel?
3/4/5/6 and been lifting for 7 months

Going to wait til uni finishes for the year. Gonna start my cut now, then when uni finishes in three weeks time, I'm gonna get on the Ostarine train and make me some lean fuckin gains.

Come on bro, even I know what kilograms are

is this shooped or an actual picture of her body?

Perma lean-bulking eating clean 90% of the time is the ultimate red pill.

It's fucking snowing

It's still the north pole in my part of Canada

Still need to lose 7kg but yesterday I ate a fuckload of pizza.

So, probably I'm not gonna make it this year either.

4/5/6/7 and lifting for 3 months.

my man

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242 brah
195 cm

I am cutting since last summer. How do I do?

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Did cutting turn you into an arab?

Cutting starts the first of May.

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Same weight as me same goal as me, 1800 calories 40/40/20 will see me at around 88 by 17th August.


Cut looks effective. Depending on your goal, I would start bulking if I were you.

>implying that isn't what the ideal woman actually looks like

I'm down from 330 to 298. #SoCut

Seconded. If I can see snow on the ground, I'm not gonna even start to think about cutting.

Pretty good m8. Actually ended up gaining a bit of strength on my cut. At about 13%, shooting for 10%.

>tfw your mom is built like this and your dad is 6'3"
Feels good not being a framelet

this is probably my last chance summer. im 25

Not shooped, she has a very unfortunately shaped body.

She's just...makes people put more weight in the "lot of famous women in hollywood are in fact transexuals" thing.

>just lift bro, girls will flock to you

skipping this years cut because i was sick for a month and lost a lot of weight
feels bad man, but then again i wasn't planning a vacation this year either so i wont really me missing out on mires

My arms are getting super vascular and my torso is unchanged


9/10/11/12 and have been lifting since last Thursday

Did you get a face transplant as well or something?

>cut down 18 pounds
>lovehandles are still the same size

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if only lol

You did well, need to start bulking now.

Pretty good. Had some minor stalling for couple weeks but after readjusting calories progressing again. Started at 83 kg 10 weeks ago and now am at 75,5 kg. All while making slow strength gains due to smart programming.

>tfw starting to see ab outlines since forever

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want... food.. hungry...

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Why is your head so fucking big

Down to 114 kgs from 120, aiming for 110 (205cm tall). Taken about 5 weeks, but I had a week of total overeating and gained about 0,5 kg. I started my cut again but less intense so I hopefully can stand it.
Now at 2400 kcal and 200g protein daily.

Anyone know a good TDEE calculator? I've tried a few and the estimates vary by 1000 kcal.

>TDEE calculator

I've gotten wildly different results from various calculators. For me, I think the lower numbers are more accurate. But, since I was cutting for the first time and somewhat unsure, i started with the highest number and cut at 500 cals/day. I did lose a little weight. But when I got a DXA scan and more accurate bf% number, I used that in a couple of calcs. Plus, I didn't lie: I think I'm more "sedentary" than "active" even though I work out 3-4x/week. So I lowered my "estimated TDEE" a bit and, therefore, my caloric goal. Now I'm losing even more weight while building some muscle (noobgains, but I'll take it).

Everyone's different, and the calcs are pretty inaccurate. Use them to get a guess, then monitor yourself for a couple of months and tweak your estimate as needed. There's really no other way to do it unless you want to live in a lab and be hooked up to machines.

Imagine being so rich but can't get surgery to fix her shit body lol she must be so bitter at life

Why do you look so sad

Great job man. Now you just need to start lifting.

I cannot force my smile but I can smile when I am with people.

Cutting has never worked for me but then again I haven't lifted for long.

I dieted trying to remove my lovehandles and belly but my arms got so stick thin that I stopped.

>doing cuts

I just leanbulk like I've been doing for years

started already kid


Started lifting in late jan. Always been skinny, recently realised I was skinnyfat. Put on 4kg since then. Squat 2pl8, bench 1pl8 by next week hopefully.

Lmao im bulking until may

here brah

>Start bulking
The fuck is wrong with you brainlets? Man had just lost all that weight and you gonna tell him to bulk? It's the last thing he needs. Start actually lifting and continue on a steady diet.

how on earth

3 litres of soda, 2 pizzas and regular food on top?

That's a weird way to write "staying small".

sorry fit fags
i happen to LOVE my soft flabby male body
soylent for breakfast and lunch is DELICIOUS
if you cant accept that people dont want to STINK
like ASS all days from eating onions...
well your just delusional
and there is NOTHING more beta than that

It's slower but I don't mind. I'm in no rush, I'm enjoying my journey