Mental illness

Mental illness.

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Only a low test beta cuck would feel intimidated and not want to fuck both.


dedication can only get you so far kiddo

She was good now shes a abomination.
Thats pretty sad.

Penis envy.

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dedication to transition to a man

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qt in both tbqh

Anavar abuse.

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Reminder that if your woman is more muscular than you, you're not truly a man.

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It's not gay as long as your muscles are bigger than hers which I'm sure they are, OP... OP? OP?!?!!!? OP????!!!!!!!!!

imagine getting mogged by a girl's physique

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You follow her on Instagram too?


Daily reminder that these females are actually small IRL, similar to DLB , its all just angles and lightning in combination of small stature and tiny limbs that exaggerate the small amount of muscle they carry. In real life they are way more fuckable than in insta pictures that make them look like a full blown tranny

Slava Galagan is a big girl. She probably weights more than you do.

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Honeslty with tits like that she should just wear swimming trunks

Let's see your tits asshole.

Not everybody is a 5ft5 manlet with an amazonian fetish like you. A similar height male with more than 5 months lifting experience would dwarf her to oblivion.
Once again its all JUST lightning , angles , pump , filters , etc etc. You don't realise how fake these people are. Pic related literally the same person , recent pic.

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Thats a chest basically. Just like your average gym bro with a gyno

Id rather a girl whos keen to lift big and push me aswell. Current gf is the opposite and would rather drink and eat fastfood.

Alright but they aren't very big either

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Beautiful tits.

I think their testosterone is higher than mine.

20y SoyBoy

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Right is a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000% improvement

If you’re intimidated by some fibers, muscular or not, go back to tumblr

>All of these GIRLS have a manlier body than me

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Prime boipucci, bois, if you don't want to hit that, than guess what, you gay, prove me wrong.
Pro-tip: you can't

>mental illness: the post


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Roiding for women should be punishable by law. Disgusting.

and yet the average male would probably beat her in an arm wrestle.

haha no

It is bro

It's the buying and selling that's illegal dipshit, you know exactly what I meant.

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She got fucking hot

They should just transition desu


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She has a better face in the after photos. There was probably a point in time where she was fitness Instagram model / wrestling chick hot

Gotta cope!

Who is this qt

It's some Korean chick I follow on instagram. That should be the way to do it, not the rest of the roided chicks in this thread with micro-dicks for clits.

jesus, i can just imagine the after-picture going back in time and tracking down their younger before-picture selves. knowing exactly where they'll be and when they'll be most vulnerable. ambushing them, dominating them, roughly forcing the sweet weak younger selves to pleasure them, then abducting them to a pocket timeline to serve the after-picture forever as their plaything, visiting increasingly perverse fantasies on the helpless avatars of their own weakness

i might have the 'tism

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You definitely do.

the best

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She' 5 '9 180lbs

Man, I love those birds.

t. low test soyboy

You'd be twice as manly if you took half the roids they take

I honestly doubt Anavar alone could get you that jacked. She probably took some test at a minimum. Or maybe she took lots of fake Anny that was actually dbol but its doubtful.

Yes you are.

she was already good looking but fucked up with roids. Should have stayed natty and became xtra hot.

Do you have any non anecdotal evidence that they're on roids?

gr8 b8 m8

All these barren wombs.

>it's now bait to ask for a source and call people out on not providing one

Change in facial structure is a clear indication of avavar usage.

Jokes on you penis envy is my fetish.


I don't understand.

Doubt its dbol, doesnt look bloated with water.


Absolute /threaded


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>go from aushwitz mode to fit
>now want to become a women

I love being mentally ill

is this the natty limit?

>left girl
>doe eyes

>right girl
>hunter eyes
the hunted became the hunter....

Those thighs on the right disgust me. Unnatural.

American women are fucking retarded.

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literally all i ask from god

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>14 yo boy with gyno

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Absolute /faggots

a bigger mental illness would be any man being attracted to the one on the right

reminder that if a woman is muscular, she's not truly a woman


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Back at you? Of the two the girl in the OP is much better

better than that sleezy whore.

but dude boobs i don't give a shit about anything else

dios mio, la creatura!!!!!

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There's no accounting for taste. But there definitely is if you wanna bang a chick that looks like a buff af dude.

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what the fuck is wrong with these females. Stop encouraging them.

She didn't have tits to begin with, she was just wearing a push up bra. New Natasha is objectively superior to old natasha.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nine times out of ten your musclefu was molested or sexually traumatized and getting swole is her say of coping with the feelings of shame and weakness that go along with it. Be warned

This is exactly why I love var girls tho. In candid photos they look normal, soft, and cute. In flexing photos look wild. Best of both worlds.

My roomie started lifting because he lost to his gf in arm rasslin.


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How much of a skeleton was he?

>not wanting to embrace your new amazon overlords

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Veeky Forums likes muscle girls because 90% of them are closet faggots so a mentally ill muscle girl is the closer thing they can get to banging a man without actually being gay. Muscle girls are as big red flags as vegans and girls with tattoos who wear chokers. Literally nothing about them scream femininity or any indication they are ready for breeding. Their clits are probably more swollen than your erect dick.
I agree OP. Muscle girls are mentally ill memes and I hope faggots get thrown off buildings they're disgusting

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Literally no ass, all quads

Went from a 6 to an 8
And went from an 8 to a 12/10
Go lift then.

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way to go bucko

incel translation:
>this girl has too much work put into herself, she now has a market value far beyond mine and she will never fuck me because she now doesnt hop into bed with skinnyfat bitches like me

Get over it faggot, not every man lifts for girls and not every girl lifts for "boys", people find a cause to suffer for and they decide to go on this path, she is as mentally ill as Ronnie Coleman is, muscles and endogenous androgens arent just a thing for men


>Actually thinking it's naturally possible for women to have more muscle mass than most highschool boy athletes

It looks like a tranny, dude