Anybody try a Keto diet?

Anybody try this Keto diet where you don't eat many carbs and you mostly just eat meat + greens?

I am 5'11 and 180 lbs. I was 165 a few years ago and looked alright but now I look like utter shit. I have slight man tits at 180 lbs and a bit of a gut.

I wanted to try out a keto diet and see if it clears up my acne and maybe I'd drop some weight fast.

Is it just a meme? Or is it legit?

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The science behind it is solid if that's what you're asking, plenty of research done on the subject. I wanted to try it but I work a physical job so it was a shit fest for me trying to control my carb levels so I went back to convential kcal in kcal out, that being said it's definitely worth trying out I think. I read Lyle Mcdouche's book on the subject and I can recommend it, very clear and concrete.

>The science behind it is solid

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I think I'm going to give it a shot.

I started today, just woke up and ate Eggs + Bacon + Asparagus. Then the same thing for lunch.

I work a desk job and I was actually struggling to do my sales calls somewhat. I would randomly forget words and feel slightly dizzy, oddly enough. Then again I drank an entire pot of coffee, but that usually doesn't bother me.

I goofed up and ate a hamburger bun at dinner, which pretty sure that defeats the entire point of the keto diet. I'll re-start tomorrow I guess

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You want to fast bro. Same concept with keto, but the results are faster and better. There's an entire thread dedicated to it. You can ask keto questions there too. I had similar stats to yours. 5'10" 175lbs. Dropped down to 140 in a month.

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Shit you really want to be 140 at 5'10? That's what I weighed when I was like 14

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yeah, lost 10 kg+ with it with low effort, it takes a long time tho, like 4 months

you look fucking garbage and you're about to gain a ton of fat back. Have fun retard

Told my friend to do it and he surprisingly lost a ton of weight since he started in December

I've lost like 10 lbs in a month just cutting calories

I found Keto interesting because it just says to eat a ton of meat/veggies and sometimes if you have any health problems or skin issues it will clear up and all of this shit

I heard Jordan peterson (no bully) talking about it in an interview and he said it made him more energetic and all that.

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literally first result on scholar says carbs is superior for satiety

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It's a meme. Just cut calories.


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It works pretty good at fat loss, under caloric deficit of course.
It helps with hunger and seems to help burning more fat.
Worked pretty good for me, I did it for 8 weeks and carbed up once a week.

You shouldn't carb up with crap or high glycemic index stuff tho.

I wouldn't make it a lifestyle.

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First you lose alot of water weight. Then you start dropping actual pounds. It was fun, realizing that those food comas literally only happen from eating carbs, the consistent energy levels, I did notice my skin cleared up. There's nothing to lose, first few days might be hard but once you start burning ketones the cravings stop

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>I did notice my skin cleared up
I had mad dandruff and it went away a week after starting.

I would start doing keto again with 1hour of cardio right before doing the diet so the hardest part wont last more than a day.

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>those are the people giving you fitness and nutrition advises

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if you eat "transition foods" like sweet potatoes and carrots with butter you won't even notice a dip when going into ketosis

they have some carbs but nothing like white potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, oats. and combining with butter you body will use that for the remainder of the energy, then you just cut out the sweet potatoes after a couple days

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do you shave your whole body or do you just not grow any hair yet?

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Oh yes, I'm having fun. Lost all that weight in a month and have kept if off for 3 months now. I've actually gained weight since I started lifting. It's miniscule really but it's still something.
He was asking about weight loss. It's not I was handing out bulking advice.
Also forgot to mention that my pimples cleared out. Don't know if it clears out acne though, but my face is a lot smoother than before.
I'm older than I look. I just don't grow hair.

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Despite what some of the mouth breathers in this thread are saying, it does work. You just have to be pretty strict because you are either in ketosis or you arent. Most people lack the discipline.

What happens if I want to go off keto and use carbs for a bulk?? Will I put on lots of fat again

/fat/izen who is on Day 8 of Keto and I am absolutely amazed at how great I feel and how my health has improved. I thought keto was a meme but it really does work. Detox is tough mentally and physically but stick with it- it really does get better after a few days!

You will put on lots of water weight initially. Like around 5lbs of it.

Guess that's not too bad

Just do targeted keto aka carbs right before the workout.

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It works great and millions of people have had results with it over the decades. It's no different to any other calorie reduction diet, only more stable blood sugar levels and no cravings. More limited food choices though.

Keto recently is more controversial because of all the brainwashed vegan idiots online who get triggered by it. Like any other SJW they take issue with any science that contradicts their "science".

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LIFT user

I am. In that pic I weighed 136. I'm 140 now.

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I have a friend who has been doing keto for a year and has lost 80 lbs. He teaches other people how to do it properly and has had countless success stories

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If you read the sticky you would know that calories are what you should be looking at, not some specific combination of macros.

Under normal circumstances yes, but in ketosis your body prioritizes burning body fat to make up for calories noy gained in carbs. It's inefficient for the body to do this, so it only does it when carbs are not available. So you can burn fat at a much faster rate than without it. Here's 70 studies supporting it nigger

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I mainly eat veggies and meat, that includes root (starchy) veggies but not alot and spices/herbs/etc. basically raw ingredients that you cook if you want don't need to be processed like local honey is fine. Just stay away from processed food as much as possible while figuring out the calories if you're worried about it. Its better than following fad diets.

Actually research how things are processed then decide what to eat because all the "science" has contradictory studies on what is """healthy""".

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Keto is good if you want to lose a shitload of weight quickly but if you want to gain any muscle it's a terrible idea, your body needs glucose available to act as an immediately available energy source and if you want to use stored fat as that energy source instead it has to be metabolized through your liver first. This has a dual effect of being very hard on your liver first and second you're going to be tired as fuck all the time.