User what are your hobbies?

user what are your hobbies?
>I-I lift heavy weights...
You do have other hobbies right, user?

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Give me back my onions you bitch

Is that a bag of onions you're holding, m'lady?
Could I bother you for one? No, thank you, I'll take it raw ;)

>Those onions you have there? Trash. Why don't you try the ones I grew in my garden? I used my own diluted urine to fertilize the soil.

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b-books I g-guess...

What's the point of this picture?

I like watching perverted japanese cartoons while fantasizing that I'm the main character.

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I just asked a girl who confirmed wants my d to come over this weekend, so fuckin nervous lads cant even go near my phone plz help me be a man, also shes 18, a slut and like the hottest gril I know
>tfw trying to get over ex

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pls I'm dying

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>With heavy weights means barely his own weight.


I'm a writer and I enjoy travelling and meeting new people.

No matter what you do, in less than a hundred years you'll be dead and no-one will remember any of your mistakes. So you might as well relax.

I enjoy making paintings of obese horses.

Reminder that smoking weed is not a hobby

don't put all that pressure on yourself my dude

Seriously, whats with all this Hobby bullshit?

How come "cooking" and "lifting" don't count as hobbies - those two + my job already take up all the time in my day

>can't go near my phone
Nigga stop texting her frequently

in the words of the angry video game nerd: "fuck it, it will all be dust one day anyway"

imagine coming back as a ghost and having to remember every time you dropped spaghetti for all eternity

imagine reincarnation also exists and people only do it to forget about their spaghetti past

Chewing gum and fucking bitches, and I'm all out of bitches. You have any gum on you?

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Yes, Becky. In fact lifting is just supplemental to kickboxing and historical fencing for me. I also enjoy reading philosophical literature and visual arts, if you meant something non-physical

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Number 1 has to be /out/ing, absolutely love it and it's perfect combo with Veeky Forums. I also do judo twice a week and thinking about taking up boxing.

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Sounds like a serious case of wagecucking, what do you do on the weekends? "Unwind"?

I watch anime, I play video games, I browse Vietnamese Ass-Blasting Forums, I collect 1/200 airplane models, and I like traveling
>now fuck off

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those are without a doubt oranges you fucking retards

*snatches back my bag of onions that I cross bread with oranges so I get vitamin C, a sweet taste, and test*
Fuck off m’lady

Ah yes, oranjees. Onions of the trees.

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Some anons here like to imagine that they’ll eventually get into manly survivalist type hobbies like wood working and stuff. Mainly they’re just here shitposting though.

I grapple with and hit my buddies in the face, I send small pieces of lead downrange at high velocity, I tinker with internal combustion engines, and I kill and eat lesser species. Good times.

Pretty based, user. Would have beers and grilled venison with you.

Sailing, hunting, boxing, working on houses I do it as a side job but mostly do it because I enjoy it and only work 2 days a week as a fireman (24 hour shifts). Most of the rest of my time is spent with my wife and 3 kids, we go camping, hiking, teaching my older 2 how to do some basic woodwork and building skills (4 and 6 years old)

based if true

the fucking dream man