Can someone explain to me the >t. meme?

can someone explain to me the >t. meme?

what does it stand for?

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This is a reminder to not spoonfeed newfags.
Lurk more.

>t. retard

Literally just Google "t meme" you fucking retard. What a waste of trips

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Basically, the .t means (you).

For instance, if you wrote something stupid, I'll reply with .t nigger

Which means you are a nigger.

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lurk more, kill yourself, go back to r*ddit, nigger, faggot, sage

It means "Terveisin"

Lurk moar.
t. smug user

Fuck off.


This means Timmy, this is how you summon the fairy God perents of Timmy turunner, it is said they grant you one wish.
>t. qt3.15 gf
I just asked for a qt3.15 gf from them

It’s some Danish bullshit. The “t.” Is Danish shorthand for something like “with regards”, like how you’d end a letter.

It’s not a very good meme.

t. newfag

t. faggot

Finnish you stupid nigger

t. 7% Danish

You're doing it wrong.
>reddit spacing
Who'd'a thunk


t. fuckin retard

t. Jokes my friend

Why the fuck would ask this on Veeky Forums?

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>t. First green text after googling how to green text


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>a thread died for this

How do I triforce?

>7% Danish

American mutt detected