I've been drinking soy for a while and i just started noticing that my pecs shouldn't be looking like this...

I've been drinking soy for a while and i just started noticing that my pecs shouldn't be looking like this. Im a boy (obviously), how do i lose this gyno*?


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> I'm a boy... obviously

Yeah... obviously....


I can easly bear all the gore in rekt threads, but not this. Fucking disgusting

How is that possible?
Do people workout right after?

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plz tell me this is reversible

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ofc its reversible you can cut it out

Im mean without surgery


for input from me ive been taking letro since september for my little bead gyno and its only halved in size

Google confirms. It's just a trap after years of hormone therapy, not a soy boy.
I repeat, soy did not do this. This is a strawman

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Jesus OP, this is a blue board.

Too late to stop or go back now.
Drink soy and become become the megamilk girl half of fit has always wanted to be,

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Blue board

genetics aren't reversible but if you put on some muscle and cut until you are lean you can mostly eliminate your bitch tits

This is the guy in OPs pics.

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I'm not even sure you can call that thing a guy anymore


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Wouldn't mind taking her to an italian restaurant if you catch my drift

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>only half
65% at least.

i do not get it

El creatura de los americanas

Mine are the same size but I was born with them
I wanna do the surgery but I don't have the money yet

what a fucking loser

damn i hate to task but can you post?

sage this thread and dont reply to bait guys

The soy caused it to chop it's dick off

i geddit
subtle kek

pls explain

>I've been drinking soy for a while
how much and for how long?

5 years

(s)he's cute. would smash each others buttholes

Just bring that show on the road user. You can do cabaret or be a lounge singer or something.


but how much per day?

i recommend 1g soy per lb of body weight if you want to get sweet tit gainz

thanks, I will hand this information over to my sister who has small boobs

>can confirm
Also dropping testicle and penis size at about 4g per week. Pelvis is looking shredded brahs

Obviously hrt.

I thought this shitty meme had gone away.

Post butt.

Oh I though it had something to do with the restaurant being italian.

Just become a trap

I think it's the sausage and meatballs, obviously an amerifat