Welcome to the salty spitoon, how tough are ya?

Welcome to the salty spitoon, how tough are ya?

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How tough am I?
This morning I ate 300g of oats. Mixed with nothing but water.

How tough am I?
I stayed awake all night again...
My body is getting used to it
It's actually kind of bad.

>Not eating a kg of oats with a gallon of milk and enjoying the bloat like a man.

how tough am i? how tough am i???? i havent whacked off in over 48 hours!

When I was like 5 or 6 I stepped on a nail out of curiosity.

I drink my protein with water

Now that's pretty tough!

my dad called me pathetic again and i only cried a littlr bit

How tough am I?
Today is "Day 14", and I'm still waiting for her to comeback.

How tough am I?

When I broke my hand, I taped it to the bar so I could do my deadlifts.

How though am I?
I've only been lifting for a month, so not very

How tough am I?
When I punch the power bag game at the bar it doesn't even show numbers, it just reads "FUCK"

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The scale says FULL when i step on it, how tough are you?

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How tough am I?
I train my neck..

How tough am I?
I always eat my soup
... with a fork.

fuck you
actually giggled at that one

How tough am I?
Just found out that my oneitis has a bf and i just cried for 3 hours

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I cut my peepee open while praying to the göetic demons last night. Is that tough

How tough am I? Last night I saw myself in the gym mirror and only tugged my shirt off my mantits self consciously two times.

yesterday i maxed out bench without a spotter or rack safeties


I enjoy pain.

IM a fat fuck i can lift big weights no problem , muscles hide behind lard and people thinks im weak before a fight.

I always think of al pachino "im a surprise , they don't see me coming"

I deadlift without a belt

i had my toe cut off and finished moving the board before going to the hospital

I watched the little mermaid while holding my boyfriends hand without crying