Tfw messed up bite

what the fuck lads, I have all 32 of my teeth and I keep them clean yet my bite is completely screwed up. Has anyone fixed their bite of doom and destruction via braces alone? I'm looking into the Damon System as it's the promising one out there.

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Go to a dentist retard


if specific orthodontist

What's this got to do with Veeky Forums, you tard?

I'm looking at all the local ones, I want one who won't insist on pulling my teeth out or some bullshit.

Why do you care about your bite?
You should'nt ever bite your teeth unless chewing food.

this is what I mean by bite.

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If they tell you they want to take off your teeth you tell them you don't want to and ask what the alternative is.
If you don't like what you hear you tell them you will think about it and contact them again and you visit another orthodontist to get a second opinion.

>i have an overbite

thanks just what i needed to start my morning more insecurities

>white teeth genes

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Your crowding looks pretty mild. It's more likely they suggest something called slenderization which it where they remove a tiny bit off the sides of some of the teeth to make them a little narrower and give them a bit of space to work with. Anyway I'd follow 's advice. Oh yeah and once you're done don't forget to wear your retainers.

Just put braces at 30. Just do it.

I'm on braces currently, fucking prepare for hell at least for the first week because you wont able to eat anything it fucking hurts real bad. then it stops and its like you don't have braces.

I have the same problem and the only solution my dentist came up with was to do some surgeries to fix up my upper teeth. Just get over it. It's not worth it.

29 yo here, just finished invisalign treatment.
My teeth still are not 100% alligned (i think the upper jaw itself is not symmetrical) but compared to what it was it (crooked missaligned etc) I now have almost a perfect smile.
I did get wires on upper and lower teeth, I personally I find them not very comfortable, and constantly afraid they are going to bedond if I bite too hard, it hasnt happened. Anyway the benefits easily outweight any negatives of that I am certain.

I use a ton of teeth product including peroxide paste and Crest whitening strips every year. I used to have yellow teeth boyo

This, dude. It sucks for the fist while but realizing how much better having non-fucked teeth is is worth it.

I like pain as long as it works, Damon Braces it is. I'll check out a few orthos and maxfac surgeons here and pick the best one to do my teeth.

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Get a dentist who is willing to use artificial grinding (not sure the English term is correct)

You can probably move your teeth into a position that is considered a "healthy" bite, right? But the only problem is that you can't hold it there due to a lifetime of natural teeth grinding. (Like how mountains and rivers are formed from water erosion).

Step 1:
Artificially grind the teeth so that they comfortably sit into place when clenched in a "healthy" position.

Step 2: If needed, jaw surgery to lengthen the lower jaw if step 1 didn't work after 3-6 months and TMJ becomes a problem (25% chance)

Braces etc will not help you. Only dentists who don't understand their job and want to suck money from you will suggest braces. They suggest braces and tooth removal to "see how it goes" no matter what the issue is. They learned in study that it is what you try first in 85% of cases and they apply it to 100% of cases without using any problem solving or new techniques.

(professional teeth puller reporting in)

>tfw one of my teeth had to be pulled as a kid due to them not coming in right so my teeth are off center AND I drank a lot of soda as a kid so the enamel is gone and brushing wont fix it

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horror story material right there
don't ignore your oral hygiene boyos