She starts giving people hugs

>She starts giving people hugs
>It's nearly your turn
>One more hug and then it's finally your turn
>Feel moist
>Dick starts wiggling, wants to rip out
>It's now your turn
>tfw bitch gives you either a handshake or a high-five instead

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it's because you're mad awkward lmao

U gitta pretend like u dont want it

It depends on the grill imho

I’m the weird HHKV brother at 30, most of my sisters friends ignore me and don’t make contact with me, unironically the hottest of her friends does and hugs and kisses me. Then again she’s a teacher and prob feels bad for me.

>the girl who gives hugs to all of her guy friends

daddy issue slut-tier nut case every single time

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Just attention whores. Basically every girl nowadays.

There are a few thots at my gym who keep saying ciao ciao to me despite me minding my own fking business...

I wouldn't fuck these whores even if they begged me.

They belong to the gas chamber... That s all i would give them

I used to high five my friends ex because i didnt want to grab her hand or hug her body. She thought its funny, i thought shes disgusting.

How do I know you're an uggo

That took alot of text to say "no girl ever touched me"

I am also a woman hating virgin user

feels bad

>let me make this awkward by handshaking him

>mfw I used to salute as a goodbye when I was 16 or so because I was to autistic to go for the hug
>not even a handshake or a nod or a wave
>motherfucking military salute
Oh the cringe was real

I can imagine some dorky skele acne ridden faggot with greasy shitty hair saluting

who hurt you roastie?

this needs a spoiler warning bud

>tfw girl wants to give me a platonic, nonsexual almost pity type of hug
>try to play it cool, don't reciprocate the hug back and push her away from me after a second.. i-i don't want pity hugs
>she tells other people i pushed her away
>i am a bigger joke now

t. autist

Skinnyfat instead of skelly due to pizza & WoW addiction, but yeah rest is pretty accurate.
No wonder I couldn't get laid till 20.

>tfw girl i like in my martial arts class turns to spaghetti when i'm near and lets me take whatever i want
feel good oog booga

This actually happened with oneitis long time back at school, I was weird as fuck back then so I dont blame her, but it did hit me hard.

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I haven't really had this happen any time I've known a girl well enough for a hug to be expected. That said, I'm not weird in a creepy way. My sperginess is seen as cute (in a non-sexual way) by girls.

Saluting is fine if you're just walking out of the office or something and want to say goodbye. Or if you spoke to someone like once at an event.

this reminds me of when i was in high school freshman year and we had to do square dancing or some bullshit for a week or two in gym class. all the qts refused to hold hands with me and just hovered their hand over/near mine.


>these are the people who think soy is the issue

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My close girl friends always hug me to say hello and goodbye.

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This thread is so sad. Friday night im lifting with an old girl friend and will probably be in 50 of her selfies. Afterwards were probably gonna go to my place and have sex and eat ice cream.

semper fidelis gamer

I have to constantly remind myself who the people are that post here. Dude, you need to get on pof or some shit and suck it up.... go get a fat, hideous girlfriend if you have to for a while so you can learn to interact with women. It's honestly the best thing you can do and all those bitches are desperate so you should be able to pull it off. I bet you were awkwardly standing there with your arms at your side waiting for a hug like a dweeb instead of sitting down looking occupied or something like you didn't care/ didn't want it.

What I'm saying is that you didn't get a hug because you're the type of guy to make a thread on Veeky Forums about not getting one and she could smell that on you somewhere. women have radars for this shit. Fix yourself, user.

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im literally crying.....

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You have to be over 18 to post here.

>5/10, even 4/10 girl in my class but with high test body
>went out with her once and hit on her friend who was inviting me out
>she was homeschooled and has a very abrasive personality and expressionless face, is overall socially off-kilter
>heard her once complaining about some guy hitting on her, which gave me pause. then again I don't know how ugly he was

Should I ask her out bros? guess I got nothing to lose other than the subsequent awkwardness

>>try to play it cool, don't reciprocate the hug back and push her away from me after a second

When i was teen our thots fucking kissed anyone. Get on this level

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fuck off Muller

Nice blog post loser


Kek I still do this (except I'm military now so it makes a little more sense)

Honestly this though. So weird how the phase in high school when I finally gave up on women and forcefully shut down my autism was when they all suddenly started being all huggy and shit. Didn’t even start lifting seriously till college. Women (or the non-autistic ones at least) are deranged in that they want to be at least a little cutesy with literally everyone who isn’t an uber autistic creep. All you have to do to be their “friend” is act plain, you don’t even have to be interesting to them at all.

Now, making them actually attracted to you is a whole nother story...

>I'm military now

Hahahahaha, faggot how do those crayons taste?

t.accepted into chair force

Too retarded to do anything else with your life?

Having fun being the ultimate slave to the Jews?

Same, are we fucked?

Of course they do, that's how normal people behave

What if she asks if you are a virgin

unless I'm doing something else
then it's just an acknowledgement because I have better things to do than pseudo-cop-a-feel time