Is his body good?

Is his body good?

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Yeah, it's alright, better than most people

It's not bad, but he's pretty wide

How can be bring in his torso or is he perma fridge?

seems fine to me

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Pretty impressive transformation desu
>Pic related - Silence 2016

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his muscle mass is pretty good
his frame is fantastic, if he focused less on chest and more on shoulders+arms+neck i’d legitimately mire him

door mode

>tfw have his ribcage/chest and core but shoulders are tiny
>also 5'9
Should I just end it?

i really dont understand why Veeky Forumsizens with shitty frames/faces/height dont just lift for strength and have fun with powerlifting/oly lifting or something. eat big, lift big, and if you were to cut at the end of a long bulk once your lifts got impressive you’d look far better than you think you would.

I have pecs like him but a smaller frame, how do I fill out the outer bottom area near the arm so that my pecs arent more narrow than my waist

Because none of these things remove or even effectively mask the daily humiliation of being a subhuman.


but they alleviate it, far more than incels like you would imagine

its what women want

It looks like the kind of body that was made for function rather than for and that is hella sexy.

Ya, no. Rerolling seems like the most logical option.

then do it already and stop wasting the oxygen of productive people who dont spend their days brooding about things they cant change you absolute fucking apex soyboy holy shit
why is it a felony to mail people anthrax????

Fuck you dude. Now I'm gonna live a few extra years off of your tax money out of spite


Result of a fucked up cycle.

That and lowered his bf

He look strong.