I've been on the onion pill for 4 months now and holy shit guys I feel like gold

I've been on the onion pill for 4 months now and holy shit guys I feel like gold.

>depression gone
>lifts going up dramatically where it stalled
>aggressive and assertive around women
>constant boners, used to have ed
>skin is clearer
>hair growing back
>all forms of pain sting less
>lactic acid buildup nonexistant, doms still present
>more attention from females, related to pheremones I guess
>manboobs gone
>clearer mind
>muscles seem fuller
>can run for miles and still have enough energy to keep going

Basically creatine 5.0

I fucking love this guys. Who would've thought one little vegetable could change my entire life so dramatically. I also eat raw garlic too.

I think a lot of men nowadays out there have really high estrogen due to environmental factors. I URGE you my depressed friends, take the plunge and become an onionlad. You won't regret it. I didn't.

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Here is some proof of the estrogen reducing effects from our very own onionbrah

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Can please have more info on this,,

More resources to back up your statement and how to eat onions??

Raw, steamed, part of a curry, fried, grilled?

meanwhile here i am on 200mg test depressed as fuck

how do i help myself?

But the smell. My GF already complained about it and she didn't even know that I was eating them.

">What do onions do?
First off, this is a list of reported effects by a multitude of different Veeky Forumsizens, who has reported some amazing results. This may be anecdotal, but the consistency of the reported effects leads me to believe otherwise. To get to the point:

>Lower estradiol (estrogen) by a reported amount of 66%, this may very per individual depending on the amount of estrogen present upon beginning of consumption
>Hair regrowth due to the chemicals allicin, quertecin, and the presence of sulfur, all of which are great for hair, including facial hair
>higher sperm count, increased sexual urges and desires, nightly and morning wood
>increased assertiveness
>helps to regulate sleep schedule
>slight energy boost, similar to creatine in the gym
>slightly increased concentration

>Why don't you just use an aromatase inhibitor?
Because you will be giving money to the pharmaceutical industry run by the Jews, which includes a myriad of bad side effects, is far more expensive, requires a prescription (generally), and is unethical.
>Am I being memed?
No. Onions have been an established method on Veeky Forums for months now.
>How do I consume the onions?
The most preferred method to eat the onions has been to chop them up finely and down them with water. Remember that they cannot be cooked to experience the effects.
>Can I cook them?
No, they must be consumed raw.
>Why are there so many anti-onion people on here?
Early on in our discovery, where we tested the claim that onions increase test by 300% (not true, but instead we found something nearly as good), it was reported on by many media outlets, after that big pharma and bodybuilding supplement shills flooded the many threads on here to dissuade us from eating onions."

Good luck newfriend

>Writes DNA
What a goddamn retard

You fuck her pussy and make her know that she's your bitch. She will come to respect the smell and dominance, otherwise find another.

You'll have to eat some raw onions and garlic. You might have high estrogen, which is a leading cause of depression. I started off dicing up the onions and swallowing them like pills. Eventually I got to the point where I could eat it like an apple. Start off with red onions, they have the most quercetin.

>Quercetin can increase aromatase activity 4x at a concentration of 100uM,[66] but possesses inhibitory actions at a lower dosage (0.026uM)

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>inb4 one bald autist

give it up jew

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How much would I have to eat in one setting or throughout the day?

I'd start off eating one small raw onion a day or half a big one. Start moving that up to one a day and that should do you. If you are really hardcore you can do 2 or 3.

It really works guys! Every day that I eat an onion, $100 is transferred in to my bank account! But when I don't eat one, I get nothing! Try it for yourselves!!

How many onions a day did he eat?

All of them

1 I believe

Same. I added 90 lbs to my OHP, was promoted to CEO at work, gained 4 inches and re-grew a full head of hair after a month on the onionpill.

Fucking miracle.

The jew fears the onion.

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Unironically, been on onion pill for month
>promoted at work
>Better sleep
>morning woods
>clearer skin
I eat 2 raw onions diced in my lunch salad every day. Now increasing to eating additional 2 in the evening. I mean anons, worst that will happen you will eat raw vegetable full of nutrients. Try for yourself.

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>being a shill over a vegetable

yea, people meme hard to try to stop the onion. Ibe been on it for two months and my voice even got deeper. I don't know if it actually is or if I talk in my lower register because feeling more aggressive. but it feels cool to rumble instead of wheeze. (my voice was really airy)

I ate half an onion just half an hour ago and already I can feel tingling in my lips, slightly light headed, and it's a bit hard to breath like after a good sesh of hiit.
Is this the power of onionmaxxxing?

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>tingling in my lips, slightly light headed, and it's a bit hard to breath like after a good sesh of hiit.
>Is this the power of onionmaxxxing?

Nah that just means you're an american who cant into vegetable

I grew a third testicle and punched a grizzly in the face after just 2 onions

shit nigga i might start again. Stopped because of the stank. Has anybody commented on your body odor?

your body is adjusting to the sulfur
this is the light drizzle before the torrential rain of testosterone

How does it feel spending every moment of your waking life scouring Veeky Forums Veeky Forums for onion threads because your shill overlords told you to?

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Body odor isn't bad. Onion breath can be fixed by a number of solutions

stfu I was doing physical labour and the onionsweat was very real

>anybody has a different opinion = shill
Fucking retard

Every Fucking Time.

thats just niggersweat lad

besides, if you have a scent from doing physical labor that means you're a man and you should be proud.

>enters every single onion thread with the same exact responses, has never ate an onion in his life yet calls it a meme

You aren't fooling anybody shekelstein

Eat the other half user and report back on your gains.

Go back to /pol/ you fucking degenerate

>Opinion argument

>start eating one onion every morning
>feeling of well-being skyrockets
>decide to expand onion intake
>begin bathing in them
>start doing primal screams every morning because I feel so manly and strong
>untermensch dark hair and eyes start lightening
>begin injecting onion juice directly
>hair turns blond and spiky
>eyes become blue
>I start emitting a radiant aura
>collect the 7 magical onions to summon the onion dragon
>wish back Zyzz and Rich
all in a day's work

>onion fans are schyzoid /pol/tard

Meh I'll try it for a month.

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Sorry, was meant for

>the jew realizes that after his months of shilling he has made no difference

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Not him but whats wrong with /pol/ mate?, that board is wide awake to the troubles that ail us.

>Be 6'3 bearmode master race
>Attend a house party, drink
>Night is going well, lots of whiskey, some fine women
>Go in shed to smoke some pot with friend
>Friend knocks over some paint cans
>Spill green paint all over me
>I'm high and don't care, take shirt off
>Paint all over everything, douche bag friend throws more paint on me
>It's green paint so I feel like the Hulk
>Step back in to party
>"Look guys, it's Shrek"
>Shrug it off, still the Hulk
>Drink some more, I won't let this kill my night
>7/10 QT 3.14 on couch with me asking why I'm covered in paint, explain the story
>"Shit tough guy, should have checked yourself... before you Shrek'd yourself"
>before you Shrek'd yourself
>you shrek'd
>Fucking rage
>Reach in to fanny pack, produce three onions
>Jam onion down 7/10 throat, rip couch in half
>Party goers run in fear, catch them with explosive squat made legs
>Split several people in half with bear (get it) hands
>Savagely beat everybody else to a pulp
>Squat the entire house, deadlift the car
>Police arrive on the scene, throw more onions from fanny pack at squad cars
>Squad cars explode, entire street engulfed in roaring flame
>See 9/10 cardio bunny hotty jogging
>Snatch her up, eat her to meet my ogre macros
>Scream in a primal rage
>"Shrek.. myself..."
>Black out, wake up in bed

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what the fuck is happening itt?

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>See 9/10 cardio bunny hotty jogging
Why was she jogging late at night?

Obviously doing cardio

They are hypocrite paranoid ignorant liar that's what.

You go to /pol/ if you want to feel outraged, not if you want to have actual discusion because 3/4 of the board might as well be bots who repeats the same shit in every thread.

I'll say what exposes the very worst in the board is all the nazis larping who are idiots who fell for 70 years old nazis propaganda and refuse to search for another point of view because they believe /pol/ to be more trustworthy than whatever "jewish" source is out there.

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She was attracted to my alpha orge scent

Onions, not even once.

>that picture

You just outed yourself as JIDF Schlomo. We know that you know onions are great for reducing estrogen, which derides ALL the efforts you've made to feminize western males, and even after all your media article bs we are still here, eating onions.

Keep up with your attacks and I swear I will personally spread this shit to all the world faggot.

Do challots count

But arent you guys burgers? How do you go out at night with niggers on the prowl?

jews rule only because they act in a way honourable men despise.

Why else would you go out?

>hehe why would you need more testosterone, are you a rat or something?
>have some more GMO soy, go- guy

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This. Hitler was right. We needed to stoop to their levels to defeat them.

I find it amusing to think of all the teenagers who've fallen for this meme and gotten bullied at school for reeking awfully.

Once as a kid I ate a raw onion and I smelled so bad that this lady kicked me out of her store. I got to get some chewing gum though, so win.

>Trolls trolling trolls
And there are those retards who believe what someone here says

There has got to be a way to eat these without smelling like one...

>muh jooos

that exactly what I'm talking about you dumdum

Once I realized /pol/ acted similar to sjw and other I just quit.

>/pol/ acted similar to sjw and other
How's that brain damage coming along?

>being afraid to eat a vegetable

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>ignorant, doesn't bother to research something if it confirm it bias
>always assume their enemies are the worst possible strawmans
>most of them act like drones
>paranoid believe in a supreme conspiracy
>believe in a failes ideology

There's probably more. Notice how
agreed with me.

>/pol/ is one person
u smart man

Loving how all the anti /pol/ shills come out in these onion threads...
Fine, I'll take the plunge

>onions are proven to work for reducing estrogen by 60%
>jews flood Veeky Forums to dissuade Veeky Forumsizens from eating onions
>m-muh vegetables I d-don't w-want to get m-m-memed

It's a vegetable cunt. Mix it into your foods or kys

Or you could just take aromasin and not walk around all day reeking of onions

keks for the shreks

>believe in a failes ideology
What did he mean by this?

It's the general impression I was left with after months on it. Obviously not everyone is like that here just like not every SJW share the exact same traits.

Fascisms and equity/communism

1. You don't reek of onions. That's a jewish shill meme
2. Onions are cheaper and you wont be giving money to the pharma jew
3. I can smell you shekelstein

Also try olive oil mates, it reduces cortisol.

Tell me why you hate onions mate. It's been proven to lower estrogen by a wide margin. It's good for you, it's cheap, and it's a vegetable.

Nobody with half a brain that doesn't have some ulterior motive has a problem with this. Literally everything is pointing towards you being a pharma/supplement shill.

Aromasin powder is cheap as fuck from china



>It's the general impression I was left with
You realize your impression is not a fair way of gauging the several thousand individuals that post on /pol/ as it is heavily biased, very ironic considering you complained about /pol/ being biased.

Also /pol/ is just a board for political discussion where anyone can post, making it out to be a some sort of hivemind is absurd and only goes to show you don't actually visit /pol/. There are all kinds of political ideologies represented there.

Funny. Only found one source claiming it reducing estrogen by helping the liver and multiple sources (studies included) that it helps the generation of estrogen.
But that's totally a Jewish conspiracy against the onionmasterrace

I found a way to tolerably eat one raw onion a day

>1 onion (mix of white and red)
>1 tomato
>half a mango
>half a capsicum/pepper
>some chili and mint
>optional: a few cloves of garlic

Dice everything finely and mix that shit up, you’ve got yourself a high T salsa. A little lemon juice or a pinch of sugar might help to take the sting out of the onion, but it’s 99% better than eating a raw onion.

I made enough to last me a week, probably 150 calories per serve.

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What's up with the autism in this thread? We have a sample size of n=1 in support the ability of onions to significantly reduce estrogen levels. No one with half an understanding of how science works would draw any conclusions from that.

>multiple sources (studies included) that it helps the generation of estrogen
Could you link one or two of those?

Nice sourcing to your TOTALLY true studies. Oh wait, there are none.

And the ones you can cite, noted that while quercetin was estrogenic, it was 1000x less estrogen than the estradiol receptors it binded to and blocked, thereby massively decreasing estrogen.

Fuck off and stay off Jew. You'll NEVER win here.

Maybe switch the mango for an avocado and you got a nice guacamole



How the fuck did you get from guacamole to bashing me for the onion shit?

Eat a whole one and come back to us.

I ate one in one sitting and I felt it. You can seriously feel that shit. If it's a placebo than so be it but it sure is an effective one.


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You guys are really this buttmad over being told that eating vegetables is good for you

Times you almost or did reveal your power level

>Be me
>Buying onions for the 5th time this week
>mfw there are people who actually do OOAD
>twinks will settle for a measely %300 Test boost
>walk into Yoke's
>grab shopping cart with plastic car on front of it
>deadlift it to the non-organic onion section because I'm not a soyboy
>fill up cart only half way with onions cause the store said if I kept buying up all the onions they'd have to increase the prices for everyone
>and here I thought this was America
>start lunging to check out
>pass by qt onion 3.14159
>she starts to gag as I pass by
>kek she wants the dick that bad
>go to express lane because normal check out is too slow
>already been on my feet for 13 whole minutes
>fucking cardio gains goblin
>old man cashier starts counting onions
>make big chit chat cause I ain't small
>"Even in my prime user I wasn't half as strong as you haha"
>I flex my pecs at him to affirm that what he says is true
>"I wonder if these onions are how you get so strong..."
>"h-ha ha no I-I don't eat them" I manage to stutter out
>"oh, I see" the old man says and then winks at me
>he bags my onions without another word

So now I have to go to the county over for groceries which is going to have to come out of my daily onion money for the extra gas. Why the fuck do people have to be so nosy?

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>tfw gf dumped me because I smell like onion
FUCK YOU Veeky Forums

Reminder that eating cooked onions is still good for your health

My problem is with people being almost religiously retarded. Onions are great. In soup, in almost every dish. But being so fanatical about it just triggers me

>your impression ypu got after months of browsing isn't fair

Nah fuck off

>/pol/ is not an hivemind
Well you won't be banned but there's so many like-minded people here that it's basically one.

Even if you're right on an issue that /pol/ agree on and prove it people will just stop responding.

There is of course several ideologies and idea but they all share some common ground.

Is little schlomo mad?

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1 red onion

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I can categorically deny that eating an onion a day has any benefits what so ever to test

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Fucking checked
Quads of truth reveal the light of onion