Ny good lifting plug recommendations Veeky Forums...

ny good lifting plug recommendations Veeky Forums? I started wit pic related for my squats but have found it's starting to slip so I need something better, what do you guys use?

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It's a diet related question more than a plug related question
You can't eat much fat in your diet or your butt becomes too lubricated for a squat plug.

Maybe wear breathable underwear/pants?
Something that will help prevent a sweaty crack.

>diameter 8,5cm
Good luck with pulling that out
>prolapse alert

>tfw too shy to buy one and using an apple instead

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Is that Hugo Boss?

What's wrong with your hole? What have you done to require one?

Too shy to use Amazon or AliExpress?

Don't order that shit from Aliexpress.

>mfw had my plug pop out while squatting in front of a group of cute girls

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I any plug is better than no plug. Can’t believe I tried squatting without one for a while. Prolapse is not fun

>tfw got hemorrhoids because i squatted without a plug

don't make the same mistake, brehs

I use a lifting plug.
It increased my squat 75 pounds and it allows for better glute activation

was anyone around when that guy posted the video of him trying the 3 different sized squat plugs in his bathroom? he posted the thread to Veeky Forums but posted the actually video on /soc/ or /b/

seriously being this fucking new
summer comes earlier each year
fucking normie cunts

Will plugging help me take larger shits?

possibly but that problem may arise further up your intestine, you're problem is probably too much insoluble fiber and too little soluble fiber

lifting plugs are primarily for helping you to keep tight and prevent hernias and spinal injuries

>not stretching your plug hole enough to fit something large enough to brace your core against from the inside

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how much do you have to tip the receptionist to get her to put your plug in the warmer?

mirin the vascular musculature of that thing

you don't put it in at home and wear it to the gym??????????
how will you be thoroughly warmed up?

Nice bicep


applying a permanent epoxy binding agent to your anus is a great alternative.

He's right. I'm sorry to say, but the small plug meme is broscience. You need a full-size turbo plug like Kyriakos Grizzly would use unless your some sort of DYEL nogains manlet twink.

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why not?

Progressive overload is the name of the game in lifting and there's no reason why your plug should be any different

Get an inflatable one

bad dragon is your friend, my friend

get you a stan for your next liftan

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Honestly wtf is this meme?

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Come on bro. Inflatable is the only way to go.

Its been summer here for years now.
I just borrow one from the gym's lost and found.

>what is september 1993
the ABSOLUTE state of newfags

user, you are going to want to find a fairly large and ripe red onion. Carve it into the shape of pyramid and lodge it firmly in your rectum.
On your next deadlift, give a good squeeze, when chicks the combiniation of onion juice and your own bodily fluids running down rhe back of your leg they are gonna know you mean business.

When chicks see*

It needs to be wider in the middle. Try to get this problem sorted quicky though. When I found the right plug it worked wonders. Squats would alway it my quads too much, but with a squat plug I get much better glute activation now, which has made my squat. shoot up.

honestly just go to a local custom fitter, its worth every penny.
They will figure out what shape/size is best for you and if you go to a good one they will do a custom heat mold based on your needs/shape.