It's been 6 months today. 6 months

It's been 6 months today. 6 months.

Reminder that one day, we all may.
One day...

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Too soon goddamnit

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Soon to be 3 months here. We will all make it, brah.

time has sped up i swear

Today it's 4 scoops for him

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you're meant to have more scoops in honour of him dweeb,

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fastest easiest way to die?
I've lost the will, there is no light at the end of my tunnel

join the alt-right, trust me, we just had a guy give a emotional speech about how low he was before he joined, now he is an alpha chad white nationalist. it was on the daily shoah episode from chicago that came out last week around the 50:00 mark. Being involved with your folk helps depression.

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he was talking about the time since rich piana died

Remember the good times

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I know that, I'm in an alternate time zone.

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Im doubling my pin to 4ml today in honour of rich

4 scoops 4 times a day goddamnit


He meant to say alternate time-space continuum.

I'm at home with a cold feeling like shit but I'll get to the gym today no matter what.

Rich was unironically the only fitness celebrity that ever got me excited to lift. Sad he's gone. At least we still have his videos.


goddamit, keeping this bumped with sadcats

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one day we midmay