What's this muscle called?

Hi fit, /b/guy here and I just started working for McDonald's as a cashier. I'm very skinny and weak and I've gotten sore from frying French fries. I'm pointing to the post of my arm that is sore, does anybody know what this muscle is called and how to relief it?

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scholar.google.ca/scholar?start=20&q=massage versus rest alone&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5#d=gs_qabs&p=&u=#p=A6pG3O_R3dwJ

the arm

that is definitely the weenis

That's your hamstring, it raises things. Exercises like lateral raises, leg raises and calf raises will work it either directly or inadvertently.

that’s your thigh i’m pretty sure

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Just fap with your left hand sometimes and you'll be good

I don't see any muscle there

forearm muscle/pronator tores. i'm not a med fag but take Magnesium & put an ice pack on that said area.

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Extensor carpi radialis brevis. Examine how you are working and what specific actions your hands and arms are doing over a hundred times a day. It sounds like you have an RSI (repetitive stress injury)) forur common extensors of your wrist and forearm.

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Im gonna bite: it's hard to see exactly what youre pointing at bc you dont have any muscle mass nor definition.
Seems like the brachioradialis

yeah, that’s probably what it is. it makes sense considering his job.

also going for brachioradialis

get them forearm gains, OP

Thumb is in 12 o'clock position, brachioradialis would be superior to where the finger is pointing, in the pictures current orientation.

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Could be tendonitis.
Start lifting, stop going to /b/ and do some stretches for the possible tendonitis.

no, what fuckign stupid advice is this

when you hurt anything, you stop everything you are doign with that muscle and wait and see whether the pain goes away or not

Sorry I dont see any muscle there

doesnt matter which muscle it is exactly , the treatment procedure is always the same

Getting back to how to fix it, please consider the following:

First, think general specific general in terms of how your touch will approach the area of your arm you'll be working on. Start further away than the point of pain then work towards it, and when you start to feel relief or the texture of the muscle loosen work back away.

Start slow, following the muscle as it runs from the upper portion of your radius at the upper outter portion (superolateral) down to where it connects at your wrist. As you continue to work, slowly flex and extend your wrist a tiny amount, like 10 degrees and after a short time after that introduce probation and supination of the wrist while on the muscle.

After working out of the target area, use heat in the form of a hot water bottle for 5 to 10 minutes, or until the arm feels warm. Then, dunk the arm into a basin or bucket of ice water for 5 minutes. Finally, stretch your wrist carefully at arm's length, grabbing the kuckles.

Or visit a physiotherapist and do what they tell you. Ditto for massage therapist, which I am.

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Looks like the brachialis minimus wageinis to me

fucking retarded advice

if nothing is broken, doing anything can break it

if something is broken, and it can heal from alone, it will do so best if you don't apply any additional pressure to the muscle and or the nerve if that is casuing the pain

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Pretty much, yeah. Fun mental exercise with new case studies are why I browse fit.

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aka wasting your time on nonsense spammed studies with no meaning

Sorry you feel that way bud, maybe you need a massage to relax that butt hurt you got going on over there.

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it's not a feeling, it's literally the first treatment procedure every competent doctor will prescribe to you with almost every kind of pain

it's to stop everything and wait 1-2 weeks and see if the pain goes away on its own

you braindead therapists make things worse 99% of the time because you prescribe nonsense retarded exercises that exarceberate or actually cause the injury in the first place


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Does this Mc wage cuck look like he can afford to take 2 weeks off of work for an arm issue? Is it really feasible to expect the person to "stop everything" because of a minor muscle issue? When It hurts, we play with the brain via touch and how it is relayed through the nervous system.

scholar.google.ca/scholar?start=20&q=massage versus rest alone&hl=en&as_sdt=0,5#d=gs_qabs&p=&u=#p=A6pG3O_R3dwJ

Tldr, pain was reduced by a noticeable amount through touch as compared to no touch at all.

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lmfao that doesnt' change what the optimal procedure plan is anyhow you fucking mental nigger

and just because he cant chill with his arm for 2 weeks or so it doesn't mean he has to possibly destroy it f urther with some faggot exercises

the sensible choice for him would be to waer some kind of arm support or protection that reliefs that area for the time being and try to wrokw ith that

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Help me understand this "destroying further" you seem to be hung up on. Not all massage is ripping and digging. Some of it can be quite gentle. All exercise and stretching is adapted for the current tissue condition with ROM in mind and instructed to stop if there is any pain.

Hydrotherapy with hot and cold to control local blood movement so that a continuous stream of fresh blood nourishes the repairing tissue.

Splinting is great for bone breaking or ligament sprains/ breaks. Again, it's a case by case basis.

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Sorry bro, I start in the afternoons on Wednesdays, so I tend to post and reply more on this day. I like helping Veeky Forumsizens get back to lifting and becoming a better person.

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Read the sticky. Do SS+GOMAD.


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