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Join the OFFICIAL vegan Veeky Forums discord!
Committed towards a healthy vegan lifestyle. You don't necessarily have to be a vegan for ethical reasons, but just a vegan or have an interest in veganism!

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Wow fuck off with this cancer and die. Red meat protein and fats is best protein and fats.

Carbs give you better, faster power than fat. Protein is not needed from meat. Meat has no vitamins in it. Refined oils neither. Nor dairy - just acne hormones.

Fuck off. Go listen to Shawn Baker and be enlightened.

meat has most minerals

so do rocks

>Meat has no vitamins in it

This is so wrong it fucking hurts

mfw eating rocks
this you can live on a meat only diet but cant on a vegetable only

implying a dead carcass composed of primarily water, fat, and scattered proteins is going to have all the vitamins and minerals you need to live healthily

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>it's another back and forth shitposting about veganism thread

>this you can live on a meat only diet but cant on a vegetable only
Most of human history was spent surviving on vegetables and nuts. Do you really believe your ancestors could walk up to a cow and milk it? No, there were no domesticated cows and you would have gotten a broken rib from touching its utters. There were not as many opportunities to get meat anyways - there was no meat industry and cows were precious and rare - and meat was unsanitized and you'd probably just get infected by eating it.

It literally does have all the vitamins and minerals required if you eat the organs

Almost nobody eats liver etc. though. It's all just chicken thighs/breat and beef. Kinda fair point though, problem being organs often being extremely high in fat soluable vitamins which is dangerous. It doesn't work if you get 2000% A to get your K intake.

animal protein is carcinogenic and the meat is polluted

For anyone interested,

Vegans of Veeky Forums


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>server is about vegans and buttsex
This is why veganism gets a bad reputation, kill your self.

literally ruins your skin

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>Committed towards a healthy vegan lifestyle
LOL what a laugh that is!

Here's an eye-opener for you retarded Vegan idiots: If you had all had your way, all down through Human history? YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE RIGHT NOW. Neither would most of the people you know.

Why, you ask?

Because you would have prevented medical science from using animals for research and testing.
>Oh, they can't give their CONSENT to be used that way, so you're not allowed, LOL!

Therefore medical science would NEVER have progressed past the Witch-Doctor stage.
Therefore common childhood illnesses would have KILLED YOU, along with most of the people you know -- assuming, that is, that your mother would have survived childbirth.

Even then the likelihood of your having survived to adulthood would be low, because again: No medical science to speak of, because animal testing would be OUTLAWED.

Your 'moral choice' would have doomed our civilization to being halted at the subsistence/agrarian level.

At the very least you wouldn't have most all of the modern conveniences you take for granted: no electricity, no computers, no internet. Why? Because many of the people responsible for their invention would NEVER HAVE LIVED.

Hell, the people who DID live, in your Vegan world, would be small, underdeveloped, and dramatically lower intelligence; little more than the animals they're supposedly 'saving'.

In fact the world's population would likely be a fraction of what it is now. There'd be little to no world travel, therefore you wouldn't even know people who live more than, say, 100 miles from you.

Your so-called 'moral choice' is stupid, anti-human, anti-civilization. It's little more than a CULT, and as such should be OUTLAWED.

..and now, since your brain is addled by malnutrition, you'll scoff at and wave off everything that's been pointed out, because your brain can't comprehend it, not anymore, because you've starved it for the nutrients it needs to function properly.

>Because you would have prevented medical science from using animals for research and testing.
>Oh, they can't give their CONSENT to be used that way, so you're not allowed, LOL!
Im vegan for health reasons. I don't care what happens to them in a lab.
You'll probably end up in a lab too, fat fuck.

>reddit spacing


I REALLY like the WAY you post user you totally BELONG on this SITE.

>Im vegan for health reasons. I don't care what happens to them in a lab
LOL you don't even understand what 'Vegan' means then, you fucking mongoloid!
At BEST you're Strict Vegetarian, then.
>t. retards that go around using words they don't understand
I see your STRICT VEGETARIAN diet has already affected your brain. Go eat a steak, retard.

>can't be bothered to try to comprehend
Typical brainlets.
Go throw yourselves into a woodchipper and become mulch, that's the best thing you can "do for the Earth".

keep calm bro

Calm? LOL, I'm LAUGHING my ass off at the stupidity of some people!

Let me distill it down for you brainlets:
>If Veganism existed 10,000 years ago, Human Civilization would NEVER HAVE DEVELOPED
That's right: we'd still be tribes scratching in the dirt for whatever is edible, 16 hours a day. No agriculture, no civilization. We'd be just animals.
THAT is why Veganism is stupid. GIVE UP.

yeah Jamie pull that article up a sec

spergout: the post

Wow fuck off with pseudo science and read some PubMed studies.


Went on to the discord and all I heard were a bunch of indistinguishable high pitch boyish sounding voices, so this isnthe power of veganism? No thanks.

You triggered vegan? You triggered that every day I bite into a big red juicey piece of flesh that once belonged to a living creature?

plz teach me to be as alpha as you


I'm not vegan and I love meat but I can see that veganism is better for you IF you make sure you're getting all the vitamins you need. Most vegans are deficient in a ton of shit

Post pictures of yourself and give us your stats. SBD, your running PRs, or pull-ups/ push-ups PRs or whatever the fuck you are doing. Let’s see the vegan diet in action.

Okay, it's not 10,000 years ago. It's the modern day.