Trusting a Chiropractor

>Trusting a Chiropractor

Stay the fuck away from this pseudoscience

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yeah mate fuck them, popped my dads herniated disc. he’s much better now after 7 years but still.

top tips:
>stay active
>don’t sit for long periods
>strengthen posterior chain and core
>foam roll and stretch

you will recover

What happened OP

hot desu

I work alongside 3 Chiros, they always have clients returning over and over again. Does that sound like a healthy back that constantly needs adjusting, or a back held hostage by temporary manipulations to spinal muscle tonus via GTO manipulation.

As a massage therapist, I'd rather send my complex cases to a physiotherapist or an osteopath. They get results that last when a chiro will set you up with a money losing treatment plan.

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Mhm yes, now...type that all again but this time in English please.

All of that was in English, just a little more specialized English than you are used to.

Tonus: resting tone of the muscle
GTO: Golgi Tendon Organ, relays via alpha motor neurons to the brain to ensure your muscle doesn't rip itself away from it attachments, the "put the breaks on" inhibition signal from your brain to your muscle.

Anything else need explaining?

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No, you stupid faggot. He laid it out clearly the first time.

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>the Chad chiropractor
>the Virgin massage therapist

No, thanks. We are on the same page now.

What if I told you that they keep coming back because they make no efforts to change the habits that caused the problems in the first place.

why is he allowed to call himself a doctor?

>Now to demonstrate the effect of using a 'squat plug' I'm going to insert my thumb in the rectum or 'braptronicus' as we in the medical field like to refer it to. Notice how her core is instantly braced following the insertion of the finger? I think you'll be more than convinced that the squat plug is a legitimate safery measure in resistance training.

In Oz you can't study to be a chiro anymore. Universities have quietly stopped offering the courses (but no refunds)

what if i told you that they keep coming back because the treatment is a fucking placebo?

Did you just listen to joe rogan podcast

Maybe you're the one that needs to learn English lel
Explain this then

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I have an appointment with a Chiro today, should I not go?

Act like its a massage with happy ending

Chiropractors have and always will be shady fucks. Don't skimp on your health, just go to a chartered physiotherapist instead of these absolute con-men.

How can I become one? Will I only gey qt cheerleader clients/patients?


Fucking this

Our shoulders, back, and arms evolved from tree swinging apes

Doing hanging therapy has completely changed my life

Lets see what Arnold has to say about it...

This faggots
You gonna say this is fake?

Wheres OP and his bumbois, or was he just samefagging all along

>because it’s more practical and cheaper it’s psuedo science

Lol cope

this dude got shut down for doing chiromon a baby
strong fucking lol

>Doesn't address anything in the video and brings up an extraneous point

case closed people this guy is shilling against chiro for no reason and literally has no argument

literally fake mate

obvious back-jew detected

>injured my back
>decide to try out going to the chiropractor
>get "Adjusted" but end up worse than before
>now instead of just back pain have horrific burning pain on the top of my left foot
>live in agony for 3 months till it finally heals

Chiropractors. Not even once.

Definitely not OP samefagging

team dead hang represent family. Shit fixes everything

Somebody just graduated three month upstairs massage college.

To me, even with the x-ray, I immediately thought of the left iliopsoas, messing with the spine and pelvis, which in turn messed up everything towards the head.

The amount of space in the Right sacroiliac joint was really far outside of anything I've ever seen.

2400 hr diploma with a few years under my belt in Ontario, Canada.

Utterly irrelevant. The chiropractic practice there fixed his shit. What do you have to say about that precisely?
Why is it that, if chiro doesn't work, his shit was fucked before he went in there and good when he came out?

you wrote orthopedic physician wrong

Chiropractic is literal, actual, definition-of quakery. It started as a religion cult. Why does anyone trust chiropractors.

I don't get how you fags allow some random cunt to twist your spine, it's fucking insane.

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I went to a chiropractor with my chronic headaches. After about 5-7 visits, once every week or two, they went away completely. Now I haven't been there for months and by neck and headaches are completely fine. I also got my hips adjusted, my lower and upper back and my elbows, all of which have been badly affected by heavy lifting. Safe to say, they feel better than ever and I'm doing all the stretches and excercises he showed me.
He's also helped my dad with some upper back issues he's had since his early twenties, and pretty much fixed his rounded back/hump in like three visits.
But I was just probably lucky to get a good chiro who actually cares about his clients' health and not just grabbing cash. But that's what happens here in Eastern Europe. If you are a faggot cashgrabber who doesn't do shit, you'll starve to death

This is the truth of it. There are good chiros and bad chiros, much like good and bad doctors or nurses or psychologists.

Suspect this is OP samefag shilling again, but there are countless anecdotes and examples of chriopractic helping people with all sorts of ailments. Why do you care so much what people do? People do all sorts of pseudoscientific bullshit all the time, why does this one get your panties in a bunch enough that you shill against it on Veeky Forums? Did a chiropracter fuck your mother when you were a kid or something?

Problem is a bad Chiro will make you a paraplegic in 1 adjustment

A good chiro will temporarily fix your back but still scam you

Not OP

There are lots of people who say they met Jesus and that aliens abducted them and put things in their anus. Is this anecdotal evidence as well, or just random people spewing shit?
It's a problem when it's become a literal education in bullshit and fraud. We have no idea if it works and the only reason people get better is because they fix their posture and start doing stretching.
Messing with someone's spine is not to be taken lightly either and these quacks could fuck you up for life.

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You don't even have any idea what shilling is by your comment, please just leave you buzzword retard.

How often and how long should you deadhang?

I injured my facet joints in my lower back and the connecting muscles are tight now that its healed

yes, how do you tell an alpha motor neuron from a beta. Chad/virgin comic format please

I had extreme back pain after fucking something up during a deadlift. It didn't go away after five months of no squats/deadlifts so I went to a chiropractor, did a few sessions, and it went away. This cost me exactly 0 dollars because it was 75 a session all covered by insurance. If I'd gone to a 'legitimate doctor' I would have gotten an x-ray, pain pills, and a followup in a month to 'talk' about treatment, which undoubtably would have involved surgery because my spine was slightly bent. I don't know what he fixed, but it worked, and my back doesn't hurt anymore. Explain to me OP, why, if something like this happens again in the future, should I not seek an easy quick treatment that is free under even the shittiest insurance plan? If it doesn't work, who fucking cares, it takes 20 minutes in and out, and its free. Don't go back if you don't want to.

Go read that pain article by austin baraki on ss website. Your bitch ass got hit with the placebo effect

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>anecdotal evidence

You guys do realize this is not evidence enough to call something a science, right?

Why do governments allow snakeoil salesmen like chiropractors and homeopaths to operate?
You'd think considering how much the nanny state likes to protect you from yourself, they'd ban these shysters

What the fuck are you on about?
Stop talking out your ass on things you know nothing about.

No, you fucking idiot, placebo effect doesn't fix crippling back pain. I couldn't bend over for four months, if I stood in place for longer than a minute my back would stiffen up and I had to stretch it before I could walk. Not only that but I lost an inch in height. If placebo could make me gain height then everyone on this fucking board would be 6'0 minimum.

This literally isn't chiropracting
it's some sort of theraputic massage clearly by a rando pervert

Another obvious OP post. Your posting style is very obvious dude stop samefagging.

There are no clear evidence chiropractics work.
It is the definition of pseudo science.

wheres the vid. deleted?

You do realize that I didn't call it a science, right? Furthermore, just because something cannot be systematically tested for objective results doesn't mean results don't exist. It could be that the results you get are too broad in scope, or the trial group is too varied, causing a seemingly incoherent result. Brainlets like you should go read a book, all physical therapy is qualitative, not just chiropractics.

I dead hang every day, I can hold it for about 1 minute 30 - 2 minutes. Since getting wraps I do 5 minute dead hangs about twice a day

>There are no clear evidence chiropractics work
Bullshit, nobody would go if chiropractics didn't work. Their existence is proof of their results.

I could say the exact same thing about healing, acupuncture or any other alternative medicine.

It's called the fucking placebo effect, and it's the reason why we can't just ask the average Joe if shit worked on him or not.

The same can be said for aromatherapy
Just because some middle aged moms like the smell of jasmine it doesnt mean they are purging toxins

>Chruches and priests exist
>therefore God exists

Nice logic my guy

I literally posted a screenshot of the wikipedia article about chiropractics where it says there are conflicting evidence about its effectivity. And all the studies in favor of chiropractics were surprisingly done by chiropractors. No bias at all.

You could, except there is a lack of anecdotal evidence of those things working, aside from fringe reports. I guarantee you that you know someone who has had chiropractic work done and came away from it better. Like I said, you're a brainlet retard who doesn't know how statistical research works. An abundance of anecdotal evidence suggests that the research methods are faulty.

There's no clear evidence that all sorts of things 'work' or 'don't work.'

What are your fucking standards for these claims? I suspect you will selectively prioritise studies that adhere to your bias against Chiro, and make up some reason as to why studies that do legitimise Chiro are somehow not as valid.

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Oh wow did you? Let me go take a look at that fucking Wikipedia Article so I can argue on the next intellectual level with you user.

This. Chiropractic care is really common where I come from and countless people I know have said it really helped them.

>its a placebo xD
so what if it is? If a placebo works, it has the same effect as other effective treatments that help the malady. That's literally the definition of a placebo.

Pro tip to brainlets, just because something could be a placebo, doesn't mean it's bad or doesn't work. Placebo =/= bad, it isn't a synonym for 'fake' like so many low IQ people on Veeky Forums think it is

Anecdotal evidence is not science. Place bo effect is real. How can you brainlets not accept this?

Doesn't matter if 10 or 1 million people say something happened, if it cannot be proved it is not science. Look up the mandela effect for example.


I love the chiropractor. If you can go for cheap they do some machine work and massage with adjustments that really help. It won't cure you but treat it like a just maintenance it helps keep you loose and blood flowing. I definitely notice the tenseness difference when going weekly or biweekly vs not. It's not magic and it's not gonna make cripples walk but it feels good.

Oh fuck you're right, there IS a wikipedia article on Chiropractics. You've proven me wrong, good job.

Wikipedia is better than all these fucking stories of "my uncle tried this shaman thing once and it helped him, now I believe in healing".

First paragraph is 5 lines, and it says chiropractics is not supported by scientific evidence literally twice.

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Yeah you're right, cynics who've never been to a chiropractor and spend their days shitposting on a highschool paper resource repository are definitely in a better position to judge the efficacy of chiropractics than people who have been to a chiropractor with real problems and left fixed.

>nobody would go if chiropractics didn't work
Is this really how americlaps think?

I'm sorry I can't read Wikipedia because I'm not mentally disabled.


what the fuck

wtf is this?

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>suffer hearing lies and shit without complaint

You have unreasonable expectations.

>ITT: Americans with anecdotes and weird massage porn

Yeah well I can buy a carton of eggs for 76 cents here, so enjoy your taxation and expensive food you fucking faggot. Don't forget to thank your local Jewish lord for spending 2 billion dollars in taxes on that incredibly loud wind farm that doesn't even connect to the power grid.

>mass shootings
>no healthcare
>bottom tier education system
>cheap eggs

had a good kek thanks user
what is this though, is this some fetish or something

is he blowing raspberries on her stomach lmfao

>There's no clear evidence that all sorts of things 'work' or 'don't work.'

yes there is you mong
you can do proper clinical studies to see how a treatment performs compared to random placebo bullshit, and you can also look at the underlying mechanism that the treatment is based on.

in the case of chiropractics: it fails to outperform placebo in studies, which means it is pretty much useless, and the underlying mechanism is pure hogwash conjured up by retards, like acupuncture and other forms of quackery.

Read the post above this one you unironic brainlet.

>placebo effects
>keyword: effects
>you are a complete fucking brainlet if you think placebo is a synonym for nonfunctioning


I'm a computer programmer and had a fucked up back after years sitting at a computer. I'd have back pain so bad I couldn't get out of bed some mornings.

Literally a few weeks after doing dead hangs and it went away completely.

>If a placebo works, it has the same effect as other effective treatments that help the malady

no you fucking retard
holy fuck how can people be so fucking retarded all the time

for the record: the placebo effect occurs when a patient is told that he is being given real medical treatment, but in actuality he is given no medical treatment, yet he ends up feeling better from it nonetheless.

if your treatment can't outperform the placebo effect, then it is a non-treatment without any actual effects.

samefagging or legit strategy? never heard of dead hang before

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You have no idea how the placebo effect works you unironic brainlet.
The entire point of explaining the phenomenon is that it's paradoxical that the malady is cured when treatment isn't standardised. The placebo works just as well as the conventional treatment in a lot of cases.

Go back to school. You don't know what you're talking about, at all. I encourage you to use any search engine to confirm exactly what I just explained to you, you sub 100 IQ wojak-without-brain.

why does watching these kinds of videos make me feel relaxed and sleepy?

I too am curious Mr doubles