Hey user, you look pretty beefy mind if you give me a spot while I bench

>hey user, you look pretty beefy mind if you give me a spot while I bench

What do you do/fit/?

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this thread seems pretty gay, its not a coincidence that youre a reddit spacing retard either.

spot him
mirin hard btw

Not the reddit fag, but space between greentext and normal is fine.

>because i fucking said so

I question my own strength sometimes but would probably go for it. I have a gym bro who's about 220 and competes so he asks me to spot him or help him out since he's seen me lift and tells me how good the lifts look. I get paranoid but the reassurance from him is all that matters. We're gonna make it.

>dang, mirin ha--
>no underwear

What a fuckin creep.

Spot him

why do i want to feminize big guys like this so badly? take care of his skin, get rid of his calluses, shave his beard and body hair, cage his giant beast cock and make him wear girls clothing... then have a cute big guy to cuddle and dote on

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y-you too

you're sick

why do you say that bro? aint wrong for bears to have a cute side

Why am I not surprised you watch anime

Because you are a mentally ill anime nonce?

nothin wrong with anime bro stfu

>you will never be as thicc as aleksandr schukin
Why even live

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>user thrust harder

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Nice tiny dick faggot

why the fuck niggas think every bulge a nigga gotta be 10" flaccid he srsly has a normal benis size especially since hes prolly got warrior dick from workin out

this nigga is swole as fuck

what kinda program would he roll on?

seconded. how do you get thicc like this?

Had a giant fuckin Russian guy ask me to spot him for his bench PR attempt. I was like ok. Then he loads up the fuckin bar with a shit tonne of weight and I'm looking at it thinking "I fuckin hope he can lift that because im p sure I can't row 200kg". He was a strong bastard and got to live.

He's doing a gallon of test a day

When will you faggots that the bear mode aesthetic is what gays like.

Aesthetics for women is literally just low bodyfat, wide shoulders relative to waist and height. That's fucking it.

faggots realize*

>He lifts for women
Never gonna make it

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