2x5 followed by 2x8

2x5 followed by 2x8
>Total reps: 26
>Greater volume than both 5x5 and 3x8
>2/5 of 5x5 intensity and strength
>2/3 of 3x8 hypertrophy

Thank me later faggots

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protip: if you do more sets you do even more reps
thank me later

I’ve also tried 3x5/2x8 but I found the intensity to high for my current routine (I’m hitting every muscle 3x a week). Probably a better bet if you’re doing ULUL or PPL. Give it a go and make great gains

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>missing the point

How about I slap on some 2x15 pump shit for dat blood flow?

He really didnt. But you did.

>"OP is DYEL and gives advice like a pro on Veeky Forums" the post

fridge mode is aesthetic as fuark

>thinks hypertrophy is 3x8
>is actually 4x8
nice try

>it’s an op give good advice but anons with 1 years under there belt think they’re more qualified to speak despit being stuck on 0.5 plate bench and only gaining 5lbs

im 190lbs, 2/3/4/5, and i unironically think this might work for (semi)beginners

Hmm less time wasted on resting between sets, sounds good!

Not bad advice desu. I think the volume is still on the low end, though - I have made massive gains recently hitting each major lift with 1x3, 5x5, and then 3x10 in the same workout, all at percentages of my 1RM. After each main lift, I do 5x10-15 on 2-3 bodybuilding exercises, focusing on whatever muscle the main lift hit that day.

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Intriguing and i'm looking to do something different in about three weeks.

...but in 5x5, it's easy to figure out what is 85% of 1rm because, at least for me, I know when I have a rep left in the tank and when I don't. When I get to 4x8-10 on the hypertrophy days (doing a modified PHUL right now) it's the 6-10 or 8-10 that gets me.

Example: I do incline dumbbell presses with 130lb (2x65) for 7 reps, 4 sets. By the end of sets 3 and 4, I am tired and struggling to put up the last rep. When I drop the weight to 120, I can output 10 reps regularly.

Which one is doing better for me? ( I am nearing the end of lifting for power and have recently started a cut. Soon, this modified PHUL program will be done and i'll move on to less power stuff and into more hypertrophy stuff. )

If you have a partner, get them to lift you up and do a negative for the final rep. If not, cheat rep and do a negative

you look good and alien-esque at the same time

something's wrong i just can't point my finger at it

mirin lats and delts, holy shit. imo your chest/abs would look better shaved but thats just me

I think you need more work on your obliques to balance your v-taper. Your abdomen is the same width as your hips, which looks odd. Might be genetics, but I think you can fix it somewhat. The rest of you looks hella good though.

Not that it matters too much but doing heavy and light of the same movement dilutes the strength gains just a little bit it adds over time. Not broscience either, I think I heard it from the JTS guys or Feigenbaum.

>that chest gap
how did you manage that lol

>dilutes the strength gains
>not bro science

>what are genetics

I've got the same thing due to my sternum's position in the ribcage, which I inherited from my father. No pic cus college right now

whah he looks better than me quick point out something you can't change

>not doing 5x5 then 3x8 for maximum volume

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