Bulge at the gym

I find it difficult to talk to women , because everyone knows why im there , etc... how to deal with this

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I have a really noticeable bulge and it makes me self conscious

They can tell even if one hides it. They know ,everyone knows...


There are children here. Hide your dick faggot.

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how get big peenor

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>tfw grower
>tfw dick retracts even further during lifting in flaccid state

I don't have a fucking horse dick like that dude but I literally don't even think about it really. It does seem like a thing people do accidentally look at though and it's really obvious when they do because eyelevel and cock level are quite the diff.

What's the problem? Most people are probably aware that you have a penis in your shorts anyway.

Just accept it. There's nothing you can do about it anyway.

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I'm convinced women dont really feel anything much... Look at those huge dragon dildos and dont forget childbirth... Thats some shit someone doesnt forget. Now what ?

make sure you're born with the right genetics next time

>tfw have small peenor and points upward and you can really notice it poking my shorts when bench pressing


I have absolutely zero sympathy for all the incels who didn't proactively determine their desired genes, pre-birth. You literally brought this on yourselves.

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my gym is blessed with a squad of 30-40 year old men in running tights who flash their peckers at all times so really i feel like a standard has been laid and i am not very conscious about it

It's like they're not even trying.

This means you have a hypertonic pelvic floor

to be honest you as a person are just your genes

so if thats fucked up its YOU thats a fuck up

I know this feel

Yeah bro, that is why the whole school of psychology has been abolished as bro science. There is no changing what the genes say.
>t. retard
>inb4 "but psychology is a meme"

Depending on the exercise same thing happens to me. Wouldn't call myself a 'grower' strictly, varies a lot with temperature though.

I really don't see the connection between your dick shrinking and a hypertonic pelvic floor. When I begin running I actively notice that as my legs repetitively bounce my dick back and forth my dick shrinks, presumably to stop getting bounced around like a thott at a frat party.

! I think I might have this. My bladder doesnt empty fully anymore, I have to press harder when shitting/farting and my dick became small and hard when flaccid.
What do I do against this? Doctor has no idea.

Wear tighter underwear

I have the same problem lad. It's a serious issue but fixable.

Do you also have problem keeping your dick up? Like you can get hard but could also lose 20% of hardness even during intercourse?

Also do you feel like cumming quickly?

If so, high chance you have a hypertonic pelvic floor.

Do stretches they have on YouTube if you just search it. I'm on my phone now so can't provide link. Also I'm gonna set up a physio.

No I dont have any ED related problems except sometimes losing a bit of hardness.
I always felt it was a result of excessive masturbation/edging in my teenage years...


>teenage years
>not edging into your late 40s
never going to make it

As someone with a big dick, OP is full of shit. You're either not wearing fitting underwear or you're chubbing up for your pictures.

wear tight underwear

>As someone with a big dick
imgur link to proof, I'm curious

Nobody is looking at your flaccid dick you mongs.

I do :3

literally no one cares because so many old men are showing off their junk

Used to enjoy walking around flaunting my bulge and I'd say of the people in my vicinity I caught around 70+% looking at it at least once.

I have zero idea why a random stranger would glimpse at another stranger's dick. People don't just hover their eyes around the groin area randomly to check out your dick.

5 reps of 10 penile lifts worked for me bro

Live the big bulge lifestyle. I move a bench to the middle of the gym then just do dumbbell pull overs for an hour.

Look at any "eye tracking" tests done in public with random people, you will see them look at strangers crotches all the time

>I find it difficult to talk to women , because everyone knows why im there

What did he mean by this?

For what reason? I fully understand looking at a person's face but checking out a person's crotch is just weird and invasive.

>hello I just wanted to humble brag pls help solve my non existing problem

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I have the same problem, 7x6 erect but 5-6" flaccid, shower as fuck. But I don't care. I like when the girls notice the bulge and start giggling to each other.


You subconsciously see a lot more than you give your brain credit for. So when something pops out at you, like a bulging crotch from someone that either stuffed their pants; got a semi; or wore no underwear, it catches your attention.

A big dick is always concealable. You may have a lump near your crotch, but having it hang down your leg or being able to see your head printing through your pants is inexcusable and just a sign of trying to show off, weak move.

you're using semicolons incorrectly!

semicolons can be used in lists to differentiate from the commas

>tfw so depraved of female attention you get chub from slightest attention from girl and it shows in your gym pants
>bulge noticeable while benching
>girls passes you by mid set while catching a peek
>get a semi to go to toilet to tuck it away
>do diddlies
>bar drags bulge into a tighter and more visible package
>girl next to you notices and keeps catching peeks
>catch a semi and make it even worse


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>tfw turbo grower
>dick is not existant when soft, it's like I'm a ken doll

It's fun to surprise women