Eggpill me

>eggpill me

How does Veeky Forums cook’em?

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boiled swallowed whole.

only acceptable answer honestly


how do i get a giant egg like that?

raise giant chickens

>boiling them

just snake em right out the carton.

>Manlet making breakfast.jpg

>He buys eggwhites
>Literally throwing away the most nutritious part

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i bet user SUCKS EGGS

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Someone on Veeky Forums made me afraid of cholesterol so now I just buy cartons of egg whites that I make into egg white omelettes.

>believing Veeky Forums ever
Oh my poor poor boy

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Depends on how crunched for time I am
Hard-boiled is fine, but I prefer poached, or an omelette.
Also, I used to hate scrambled but I tried the method in vid related and it's become one of my favorite go to recipes because of how good they come out and because this method is actually quicker than hard-boiling eggs since you don't have to wait for a pot of water to boil to get cooking.

I usually go two scrambled eggs every morning. I wake up like 30mims before I leave for class so I need quick food, and it’s just so easy to make it

>Soft boiled
>done over easy
>scrambled american style
>well done scrambled
>well done with yolk popped

Usually sunny side up. I let them cook while I shave and stuff in the AM.

i eat 30 eggs per day

hard boiled in to salad
omelete in to salad
runny yolk on meat/rice

Submerge medium size eggs in enough cold water to cover them.
Turn on the burner at medium fire and let it go for 8 minutes.
Pour out hot water, pour in cold water, then extract eggs and dry them up.
Use a knife to open the top of the eggs. use a teaspoon handle to "poke" the inside of the egg and break the yolk.
Suck out the liquid inside. Eventually use the spoon to scope the edges of the shells from the inside.

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Hardboiled with some salt

Fried in a light puddle of olive oil. Cooked enough to solidify most of the yolk and get a good crispness to the outer layer, but still leaving some of it runny so that when you cut into it, some of the yolk goes into the sausage/bacon and veggies you have under the eggs on your plate.

Top tier comfy.

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who hurt you?

it's an ostrich egg. Couldn't tell you where to get them

Africa dumbass

very quick and easy

sunny side up while yoke being a little runny on a small toast with butter

Crack 12 eggs into a bowl salt and pepper, a little cold water.
Throw lots of butter in a pan.
Low heat. Toss in eggs. Cover with foil. Cook slow until top is mostly set.
Bottom will be beautifully crispy

Hahaha you dumb bitch. Almost never take advice from here

>you don't have to wait for a pot of water to boil to get cooking
boil the water first in a kettle

My grandparents have geese.
One goose egg contains 272 calories and 19,9 proteins.

I replace the water in my protein shake with 9 egg whites (6/scoop). Add 1.5 banana and some oats to get the consistency right

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